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Are you trying to find Buddy Holly Crash website Directions? situated at 22728 Gull Avenue clear Lake, Iowa, off a gravel road and also in the center of corn fields, you’ll uncover the Buddy Holly Crash Site, a memorial that marks the spot whereby Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and JP “The large Bopper” Richardson died in a plane crash on February 3, 1959.

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Buddy Holly Crash site Directions from clean Lake, Iowa

I made decision to check out this memorial ~ a recent expedition with the north Iowa Bloggers come Chicago. When our airplane landed safely at the Mason City Airport, the very same airport that Ritchie Valens’ plane took turn off from, i googled up the address and drive the 15 minute to the shrine.

The girlfriend Holly Crash site Address

22728 Gull way in clear Lake, Iowa

But you’ll need more than the address to uncover the spot for this reason keep reading for insider information on recognize the write-up where the ok fated plan went down in 1959.

To obtain to the Buddy Holly Crash website from clean Lake, Iowa, you have actually two choices. You have the right to hop ~ above I-35 and also head north, or you deserve to head north on north 8th Street (which turns right into Grouse Avenue). If you take I-35, departure on 300th street and also head West, then rotate North on Grouse Ave.


You’re searching for 310th Street off Grouse, a gravel road that jogs to the right. rotate on 310th Street, then revolve North ~ above Gull Avenue. Now start looking for the glasses that will certainly be on the left side of the road. They’re basic to miss, as they aren’t that big!

I knew come look because that these glasses – i beg your pardon you’d think would have actually been pretty obvious, yet i still missed the spot and had to revolve around. Once I witnessed the pictures of the glasses top top the net I thought they were lot bigger and also taller 보다 they in reality are.

Park your auto on the side of the road and also get the end by the glasses. Now you begin walking v the fields! The only reason I began walking was due to the fact that Sara from Travel v Sara said me I’d need to walk rather a methods down the ar to view the yes, really memorial site. Nothing near the glasses indicated I essential to to walk or also where ns was. I texted my husband a snapshot of my automobile on the side of the gravel road and joked with them that ns was at the friend Holly Crash website in instance I didn’t return. It was a little of a hike down a worn route to gain to the really crash site and also memorial and also a couple times prior to I acquired to the shrine, I thought about turning around!


This is what I discovered at the memorial: guitar picks, quarters, a cigarette, and also a little shrine honoring the 3 musicians who lost their lives that cold, fateful day in February. According to a really interesting article by Katherine Rodeghier in the totally free 2016 official Clear Lake Visitor’s guide (which you have the right to request here), girlfriend Holly hired the airplane to take him and his band mates Waylon Jennings and Tommy Allsup come Fargo ~ the heat went out on their tourism bus. Ritchie Valens winner a coin toss through Tommy Allsup and took his seat. JP Richardson apparently had the flu, for this reason Jennings offered him his seat. Reportedly Holly and Jennings joked through each other, Holly hope the bus would certainly freeze up and also Jennings hoping the plan would crash, a comment he stated haunted that badly.

I honestly never ever heard the tune American Pie by Don McLean until I visited college. Or if ns did, I sure don’t remember. However I have vivid memory of dancing come American Pie at the university parties ns frequented with my friends and this track was constantly a staple. ~ visiting the crash site shrine, ns listen to this song with a various mindset. Next time you acquired to Clear Lake, Iowa, you’ll desire to head the end there too. It’s a surreal experience for sure.


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Have you to be to clear Lake or the buddy Holly Crash Site? I’d love to hear. And also many thanks to the Clear Lake, Iowa Area room of Commerce for organizing our trip to Chicago.

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