The White home said the shutdown was responsible for the president's decision come cater the occasion with a spread out that featured more than 300 burgers.

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President trump greeted the nationwide college football champion Clemson team to the White house with a spread out of "great American food" Monday, including 300 burgers.Chris Kleponis / swimming pool via EPA
WASHINGTON — president Donald Trump welcomed the NCAA champion Clemson many tigers football team to the White home Monday through a shutdown smorgasbord of quick food offerings he referred to as "great American food," consisting of piles that pizza and also fries and more than 300 burgers.

“Because of the shutdown, together you know, we have actually the great Clemson team v us, so us went out and also ordered American rapid food paid because that by me,” the president said in the east Room, standing behind a table loaded with offerings from McDonald’s, Wendy’s, burgess King and Dominos offered on silver platters, behind a gilded candelabra.

The president"s decision to spring for the occasion came because much the the residence staff at the White house is furloughed during the shutdown, White residence press secretary buy it Sanders claimed in a statement before the event began.

WATCH: president Trump held the Clemson many tigers at the White residence to storage their nationwide championship. The president detailed the team v a fast-food feast, which he stated he paid because that himself.

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Ahead the the event, Trump said reporters he thought the choice would be a success since the team featured "very big people that choose eating."

The president praised the on-the-field exploits the the team. "To the athletes today, who have eaten an ext than everyone ever: You inspire America. You yes, really have," he said later on in east Room.

In attendance were the south Carolina congressional delegation, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, acting Attorney basic Matthew Whitaker, exhilaration Secretary that Defense beat Shanahan, exhilaration Chief of employee Mick Mulvaney, Clemson college President James Clements, and also the soccer team, coaches and also guests.

After the speech, the chairman ushered the team and also coaches right into the Oval Office because that photos.

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The event marked the team’s second White home visit in three years due to the fact that it winner the championship in the 2016 season. It also significant the very first sports team visit to the White residence post-championship victory because President trumped abruptly canceled the Philadelphia Eagles" reserved June visit amid his criticism the NFL players who determined to kneel during the nationwide anthem to protest police brutality versus people that color.