College football programs all across the nation are trying come get back to job-related with spontaneous workouts, including Clemson which witnessed its players go back to campus earlier on June 8.

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However, the number of confirmed instances of COVID-19 have popped up every, consisting of 23 situations at Clemson, the highest variety of confirmed instances of those institutions who have reported their testing. The results have actually caused some issue if there will be a college football season this fall.

Right now, every little thing is still on course v the season set to begin on Sept. 3 because that Clemson. On Monday, SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey told affluent Eisen ~ above the Rich Eisen Show that they—the strength 5 Conferences—will have actually a much better idea if lock will have actually a football season by late-July.

The SEC Commissioner feel by having voluntary workouts and then groups able to perform some organized tasks before autumn camp begins on Aug. 7, will offer them every a far better outlook ~ above what the landscape will certainly look like.

“We’ll have three or four weeks — on the 13th the July is once a little bit more practice can begin. Ns think us deserve the chance to see exactly how that progresses,” Sankey said.

As for now, everyone pushes forward and continues to see exactly how things go, together they prepare because that the 2020 football season.

With that said, what will certainly the 2020 season watch like? just how much has or will the COVID-19 pandemic affect the season and who is contending or not completing for the national championship?

According come Athlon Magazine, they feeling the same 4 teams that have been to college Football Playoff more than anyone is best in the mix again come be completing for one more CFP figure in 2020.

Right now, the preseason publishing predicts Alabama will play Ohio State in one semifinal game at the rose Bowl, while Clemson is headed back to new Orleans to play Oklahoma in the Sugar key in the other semifinal.

Clemson and Alabama have both been to the CFP five times, while Oklahoma has showed up in the playoff 4 times. Ohio State has been three times.

Clemson is 0-2 all-time in the street Bowl, and it is likewise the scene of the crime wherein LSU to win the many tigers in last year’s nationwide championship game. Clemson shed to Alabama in the 2018 CFP in ~ the sugar Bowl. The many tigers last victory in new Orleans came throughout the 1981 season as soon as Clemson beat Tulane, 13-5, in mainly 2 that the continual season.

However, Athlon favors the tigers in this matchup versus the Sooners and also has Clemson relocating on to play Alabama, again, in the national championship game. Athlon provided Clemson as its No. 1 ranked team this preseason.

Clemson and also Alabama have meet 4 times in the CFP era, including three time in the nationwide championship game. The Crimson birds beat Clemson, 45-40, in the 2016 CFP nationwide Championship, before the many tigers came back a year later in the 2017 CFP nationwide Championship and beat Alabama.

The 2 heavyweights met again in the 2019 CFP national Championship, this time the tigers manhandled the Crimson Tide, 44-16.

After what has been a crazy off-season and all the questions neighboring the 2020 season, ending the year with another Clemson-Alabama nationwide championship would not be a bad thing.

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