No. 3 Notre Dame gone into Saturday"s college Football Playoff semi-final matchup v a current reputation of fall in big postseason games. They walk nothing to change that reputation versus No. 2 Clemson in the cotton Bowl.

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Clemson absolutely dominated Notre Dame, beating the Fighting Irish 30-3 to advance to the 2019 university Football Playoff national Championship Game. Clemson will play either No. 1 Alabama or No. 4 Oklahoma ~ above Jan. 7 in ~ Levi"s Stadium.

Notre Dame and also Clemson were actually tied at 3-3 ~ the an initial quarter, though the last took end from that allude on. Clemson score 27 unanswered point out the remainder of the game, including 20 alone in the second quarter prior to pulling your starters early on in the 4th quarter.

Clemson choose up more an initial downs (26-17), full yards (538-248), pass yards (327-160), rushing yards (211-88) and forced an ext turnovers (2-1) than Notre Dame. Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence (27-39, 327 yards, three touchdowns and no interceptions) also out-played Notre Dame quarterback Ian book (17-34, 160 yards, no touchdowns and also one interception). 

For Notre Dame, the loss is much more of the very same in terms of losing big in the "big" postseason games. The Fighting Irish finished the BCS era 0-4 in BCS bowl games, shedding the 2001 and 2006 Fiesta Bowl, the 2007 sugar Bowl and the 2013 BCS nationwide Championship Game.

Saturday"s loss come Clemson dropped Notre Dame"s document in brand-new Year"s Six games to 0-2, as the Fighting Irish also lost the 2016 Fiesta Bowl. A look at the scores of those games, respectively:

2001 Fiesta BowlOregon State 41, Notre Dame 9
2006 Fiesta BowlOhio State 34, Notre Dame 20
2007 street BowlLSU 41, Notre Dame 14
2013 BCS nationwide Championship GameAlabama 42, Notre Dame 14
2016 Fiesta BowlOhio State 44, Notre Dame 28
2018 cotton BowlClemson 30, Notre Dame 3

Clemson boosted to 14-0 v Saturday"s victory, therefore the stamin of Notre Dame"s opposition need to not it is in understated. Clemson likewise is coming off a blowout lose in the 2017 CFP; No. 4 Alabama win No. 1 Clemson 24-6 in the Sugar bowl en course to to win the 2018 CFP nationwide Championship.

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Regardless, the fact that Notre Dame is currently winless in their last 6 "big" postseason games is tho a disappointment, particularly considering the they walk 12-0 in the 2018 regular season.