No. 2 Clemson and also No. 3 Ohio State room meeting as soon as again in the college Football Playoff semifinals top top Friday evening, and heading right into the 4th quarter, the Buckeyes are blowing the end the tigers 42-21 in ~ the 2021 Sugar key in new Orleans.

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For Ohio State, this is a opportunity at redemption together the Buckeyes look come avenge the lose in critical year"s semifinals to the Tigers. Ohio State led 16-0 in the very first half prior to Clemson stormed ago to success 29-23. The Buckeyes room looking to advance to their an initial national title game due to the fact that the 2014 season.

For Clemson, a win over the Buckeyes would average a 5th CFP national Championship in six years. It"s to be an exceptional run for Dabo Swinney and the Tigers and has come v expectations of not just winning top top Saturday night, however dominating. Can the tigers pull off the feat and also head to Miami because that the title video game or will the Buckeyes traction the upset and get revenge for last season? Let"s take a closer look in ~ the storylines to follow for this semifinal matchup.

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Game: Sugar bowl -- college Football Playoff semifinalDate: Friday, Jan. 1 | Time: 8 p.m. ETLocation: Mercedes-Benz Superdome -- brand-new Orleans, LouisianaTV: ESPN | Live stream: fuboTV (Try because that free)


Clemson: The Clemson program has actually reached a suggest where you practically feel like you can ignore it throughout the continuous season due to the fact that you know it"s going to success the ACC and also make the college Football Playoff. Well, there was a tiny bit that doubt this year due to Notre Dame"s presence in the conference, yet even when the Fighting ireland beat Clemson 47-40, you still thought they would need to do the a second time. That conference went much better for the Tigers together they win the irish 34-10 v Trevor Lawrence back behind center. Currently they"re earlier in the playoff because that the sixth time (tied with Alabama because that the most appearances) in the seven-year background and space looking to victory their seventh playoff game. Doing for this reason would placed the tigers in the title game for the fifth time.

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Ohio State: It to be a weird season because that Ohio State, also by the strange criter of university football in 2020 together a whole. First, the Buckeyes had actually their season postponed by the huge Ten, only for the conference to carry out a 180 on the decision. Then after getting off to a warm start, the Buckeyes" season to be delayed again once their game against Maryland was canceled due to COVID-19 concerns with the Terrapins. Lock came back and struggled against a optimal 10 Indiana team yet won. The next week your game against Illinois was canceled due to the fact that of a COVID-19 outbreak ~ above the Buckeyes. Again they went back for a game -- a 52-12 blowout of Michigan State -- prior to the regular-season finale against Michigan was canceled due to COVID-19. It was a stop and also start season the made it an overwhelming for the Buckeyes to get into a rhythm. Currently they get in the playoff having actually played just six games and facing a Clemson team that"s to be a pains in your rear.

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I"m not certain why Clemson coach Dabo Swinney has been so ready to administer Ohio State through bulletin board product the last few weeks, however he"s no shy around it. Swinney is adamant about his id that Ohio State shouldn"t have been selected for the university Football Playoff because it just played 6 games. Now, we all recognize that if had actually it to be Clemson who had actually been minimal to only six games, Swinney would certainly not be suggesting his team didn"t belong. Still, it doesn"t average he"s wrong. That is valuable for the Buckeyes come only have to play 6 games, however I don"t think it"s enough of an advantage that they success this game. When Clemson has actually Lawrence, it has actually looked prefer the juggernaut we all intended it to be. Ohio State looked wonderful in its first three games but has to be inconsistent because with Justin Fields especially struggling to find his confidence. Unless areas reverts come his upstream form, it"s tough to imagine the Buckeyes maintaining this video game within a touchdown. Pick: Clemson -7.5 | Clemson 31, Ohio State 21