The Cavaliers would surely prefer to trade Kevin Love, and also five teams have emerged as potential suitors.

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July 1, 2021Brad BerremanCleveland CavaliersComments turn off on 5 groups interested in trade for Cavaliers’ Kevin Love
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Practically from the minute he signed a four-year, $120 million contract extension in 2018, Kevin Love looked favor a poor fit because that what would become a rebuilding Cleveland Cavaliers’ squad. After an injury-plagued season that witnessed him play simply 25 games, and also create an on the floor step once, the two sides seem ready to part ways.

According come Sam Amico of Hoops Wire, together the Cavaliers make an effort to move him, 5 teams have emerged as possible suitors for Love.

AmicoHoops "Per sources, potential Love suitors encompass the Pelicans, 76ers, Heat, Clippers and Trail Blazers."

— NBA main (

The brand-new Orleans Pelicans might look to make some moves this offseason, as they shot to build approximately Zion Williamson and also make sure he stays around long-term.

The Philadelphia 76ers might entertain uses for Ben Simmons, together Daryl Morey looks to shake things up over there too.

The Miami Heat can never it is in ruled out of a major move as lengthy as pat Riley is the team’s lead executive.

The Los Angeles Clippers could acquire Love and also make their own “Big 3”. Yet as lengthy as Kawhi Leonard stays, they lack assets to execute anything major this offseason.

The Portland follow Blazers have actually been a long-rumored potential suitor for Love. The has additionally openly professed his desire to go back to where that considers home, and also play v Damian Lillard. Together Portland tries to keep Lillard around, adding Love has to be ~ above the radar.

Of course the primary concern for any kind of team v interest in Love is his salary. To take it on, and match that in a trade. However the Pelicans, trail Blazers, Heat and 76ers every have big salaries they might send ago to Cleveland. Tacking on other players/a young player(s)/draft picks would certainly be a organic requirement. Even the Clippers can send a package of football player to the Cavaliers for Love. Cleveland might entertain a deal prefer that, since they could subsequently swap those players the end to competing for other assets.

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Love is not lengthy for a Cavaliers’ uniform. It’s simply a matter of where he goes, and the mechanics the the deal. But it looks favor there won’t it is in a lack of suitors.