The Catholic Diocese the Cleveland short articles notices and related short articles in one ongoing initiative to communicate developments pertinent come the defense of children.

Read Bishop Perez"s letter come the faithful concerning an update to information concerning efforts to safeguard children.(June 21, 2019)

Click below for the clergy list (June 21, 2019)

The Diocese the Cleveland is committed to publicly identifying those clerics who have actually sexually abused youngsters within the diocese. The Diocese of Cleveland well-known the prestige of publishing information relating to priest sex abuse long earlier and, in 2002, it an initial began come publish the surname of those clerics eliminated from ministry together a result of sexual abuse that a minor. These postings, which room updated anytime a cleric is eliminated from ministry as a result of sex-related abuse that a minor, have the right to be uncovered below.

View the update list as of June 21, 2019.

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Report Abuse

To report any type of past or existing suspected inappropriate behavior toward kids by priests, deacons, religious, put ecclesial ministers, or personnel connected with the Church, please call the Diocesan solution Service at: (216) 334-2999 or response_services

Kathleen McComb

Victim aid CoordinatorResponse Services: (216) 334-29991404 east 9th StreetCleveland, oh 44114

Sharon M. Minson

Director1404 eastern Ninth StreetCleveland, Ohio 44114(216) 696-6525 ext. 1157

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Phone: 216-696-6525

Toll Free: 1-800-869-6525

Address: 1404 east 9th Street, Cleveland, oh 44114

Child & Youth Protection

Our promise come protect, our pledge to heal.

To report an abuse, please contact local regulation enforcement and:

Kathleen McComb, Victim aid Coordinator

Response solutions – 216-334-2999

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