Clifford the big Red Dog has been delighting kids for years. This arsenal was exit by Scholastic in honor of the pooch"s 50th birthday in 2013. Scholastic

American illustrator Norman Bridwell, best-known for creating Clifford the huge Red Dog, to be born on this day in 1928.

Clifford was born practically 35 years later, to write the BBC, through the 1963 publication of Clifford the huge Red Dog. Prior to that, Bridwell was functioning as a advertising artist and trying to get into children’s publishing with limited success.

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The lovable giant dog and also his faithful owner Emily Elizabeth have actually gone under in kid-lit history, yet when his very first book entailing Clifford came to be a success Bridwell thought it was a fluke. “I said to mine wife, ‘Now don’t counting on there being any kind of more. This one is just a fluke. I don’t understand if there will be another one,’” Bridwell said, follow to the BBC.

But there were many more. Clifford became an international star, write Emily Langer because that The Washington Post, ~ above par with Curious George or Babar. Generations of children responded to his unique charm and also when Bridwell sadly passed far in 2014, the left yet another two books in the Clifford collection to it is in published.

“He’s a love dog,” she quotes Bridwell as telling the School Library Journal. “He do the efforts to execute the right thing. That has an excellent intentions, yet his size renders him clumsy, for this reason he reasons damage. And then he is forgiven. All children would prefer that—to be forgiven because that the mistakes they make.”

Norma Bridwell, the illustrator’s wife, said that the secret of Clifford’s charm was Norman, that wrote the books and also drawing them. Follow to the BBC, she claimed that the big red dog and her husband common a many traits, return Norman didn’t identify the similarity.

“Clifford make the efforts to do the ideal thing, Norman do the efforts to execute the best thing, and he makes a chaos of it,” she said. “But he is the many lovable grown-up man. He’s simply a quite guy.”

Clifford’s original name was “Tiny,” however Norma Bridwell claimed that wouldn’t do. In the end, Norman named Clifford after ~ his wife’s imaginary friend from childhood, and Clifford’s owner after ~ his and also Norma’s daughter. Your son additionally appeared in one of the books.

Maybe among the things Bridwell gained the many right was Clifford’s iconic color. He’s not “Clifford the huge Dog.” he is “Clifford the big Red Dog,” and that makes a world of difference. Yet even that was one accident the sorts, Langer reports.

“Many readers over the year wondered why Clifford to be red,” she writes.

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“The answer, Mr. Bridwell explained, was merely that a jug of red paint was top top his workdesk when the sat under to make his an initial drawing.”