Fans wait to check out Clifford the large Red Dog do his large screen debut will have to wait. Slated to it is in the next live-action movie star, the lover dog won’t have the opportunity to stomp with Manhattan this September. Paramount pictures has determined to hold-up the film’s release indefinitely due to the delta variant.

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Darby Camp and Jack Whitehall in ‘Clifford the huge Red Dog’ | Courtesy great Pictures

‘Clifford the big Red Dog’ traction from Paramount’s relax schedule

Originally reserved for a Sept. 17 release, the Clifford the huge Red Dog live-action flick is pushed earlier indefinitely. Paramount images delayed it due to involves over rising instances of the delta variant, and also now there is no indigenous on a brand-new release date.

According come Deadline, the film to be also collection to premiere at the Toronto worldwide Film Festival, but was gotten rid of from the roster. Though it was screened in ~ CinemaCon, the unclear as soon as the studio will certainly drop the film.

Paramount common the official trailer in June with Clifford intended to it is in success among children and also adults. Clifford’s make his means into the animated world and video games, however this movie marks his very first foray into the live-action realm.

According to the logline for the movie, Clifford the big Red Dog is a tale that takes him from puppyhood into a heroic adventure:

When middle-schooler Emily Elizabeth (Darby Camp) meets a magical animal rescuer (John Cleese) who presents her a little, red puppy, she never ever anticipated waking up to uncover a large ten-foot hound in her small new York City apartment. When her single mom (Sienna Guillory) is away for business, Emily and also her fun however impulsive uncle Casey (Jack Whitehall) set out on one adventure the will store you top top the edge-of-your-seat together our heroes take a bite the end of the large Apple. Based on the lovely Scholastic publication character, Clifford will teach the civilization how come love big!

Paramount Pictures’ various other live-action releases encompass Sonic the Hedgehog and an upcoming Dungeons and also Dragons project. Live-action Clifford the large Red Dog at first started the end at Universal yet landed in Paramount’s hand in 2016 v plans to distribution the movie worldwide.

September was one-of-a-kind to ‘Clifford’ creator Norman Bridwell

Clifford the big Red Dog is loved by millions, however the character’s backstory sometimes mystifies fans. What each other is he? Why is red? exactly how did he obtain his name? Creator Norman Bridwell offered up explanations for every these questions and more, consisting of one about Clifford’s birthday.

Bridwell once participated in a kid-led Q&A v Scholastic and answered a question around the dog’s true birthday.

“When I gained a speak to from Scholastic, it was the 5th of September, and also I think about that his birthday. But because teachers have actually a lot walk on the time that year, Scholastic argued that his birthday be February 15th because it’s my birthday and also it’s a good time to have actually a party. So you can celebrate that in September or February,” he said.

As much as Clifford’s color, Bridwell stated he dipped his brush in glowing red since he believed it’d be fun versus the blue and also green backdrop. While he additionally divulged just how Clifford came to be so big, the movie will illustrate the magic behind the mystery.

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Watch ‘Clifford’s Really huge Movie’ in the meantime

In 2004, Clifford appeared in his an initial animated feature, Clifford’s Really large Movie, which took him on an ill-advised jaunt to a carnival. Emotion guilty around food costs, he runs away from home to join the carnival with hopes to victory a life time supply that food. Fans can stream the movie and also Clifford’s TV collection on Amazon Prime. Remain tuned because that updates indigenous Paramount pictures on once Clifford the huge Red Dog hits theaters.