This image blaming former President bill Clinton for North Korea's nuclear regime started showing up mid increasing tensions in between the country and the united States.

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A famous meme dispersing through Twitter blames former President invoice Clinton for no just permitting North Korea to build nuclear weapons, however fostering your program much more than two years ago.

"Bill Clinton offered North Korea $5 billion and two atom reactors in 1994, basically giving them nukes," check out the picture we an initial noticed on Aug. 9, 2017.

It included an image that confirmed Clinton seated alongside late North korean leader Kim Jong Il. It’s worth noting that the photograph is in reality from Aug. 4, 2009, as soon as Clinton traveled to Pyongyang come negotiate the relax of 2 American journalists. Kim Jong Il passed away two year later.


The meme popped increase after revelations that Kim Jong Un’s regime had actually potentially developed miniaturized nuclear devices capable of fitting inside intercontinental ballistic missiles.

The center of this insurance claim — the Clinton negotiated a address North Korea that included two reactors — is based on a actual agreement. Yet there are significant problems through the assertion the Clinton payment the nation $5 billion, "essentially offering them nukes."

The i agree Framework

While president, Clinton go broker a attend to North Korea, amid revelations the the nation was building a full-scale handling facility to develop plutonium.

North Korea had kicked international inspectors out that the nation in 1993, announcing that is intention to pull the end of the treaty on the Non-Proliferation of nuclear Weapons, one international commitment North Korea had actually joined in 1985.

By then, the phibìc Koreans had separated enough plutonium from spent fuel native a reactor it had constructed while Clinton was branch of Arkansas to develop a pair of nuclear weapons, follow to Joshua Pollack, a an elderly research associate at the James Martin center for Nonproliferation studies at the Middlebury institute of global Studies in ~ Monterey.

In October 1994, Clinton arranged a resolve incoming leader Kim Jong Il, whose father Kim Il Sung had died in July.

North Korea would need to take its current reactor offline and stop construction of two other reactors they stated were because that electricity.

In exchange, the United states would aid the country construct two so-called light-water nuclear reactors to develop power for the country. The light-water reactors would certainly make the harder because that North Korea to develop weapons-grade material. Those reactors were estimated to cost around $4 billion, and would be sponsor by south Korea, Japan, and possibly Germany, Russia and also the unified States, the Washington Post reported.

In addition, the United says would help carry out heavy fuel oil to phibìc Korea, which would need to halt plan to develop nuclear weapons and submit to international inspections. The would need to surrender spent nuclear fuel as soon as the brand-new reactors were built.

The deal, which did not call for congressional approval, was described as the i agreeed Framework. Clinton compliment it together a path to easing sanctions and also normalizing diplomatic relations.

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"This commitment will help attain a longstanding and an essential American objective — an end to the risk of atom proliferation ~ above the oriental Peninsula," Clinton said of the deal.