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The Clintons comment on their university initiative in 2014. Samantha Sais/Reuters

What room the Clinton charities?

We start with what organizations comprise the network the Clinton charities.

First increase is the Clinton family members Foundation, which was collection up in 2001 as a private structure to straight the family’s own personal giving but doesn’t interact in any type of charitable tasks of that is own.

It acts like any other private structure in that the family members makes donations to it, and also the company (over time) disburses accumulation to operating public charities.

From 2010 to 2014, the Clintons offered US$10.2 million the their income to the family members Foundation, which disbursed $9.8 million come charities over the very same period. Of that, $2.86 million (29 percent) go to initiatives tied come the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation, the key operating publicly charity they founded in 1998. The remaining $6.96 million visited a selection of charities, both local and national, aimed in ~ varied reasons ranging from education and learning to health care to the environment.

The Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton foundation is basically the “parent” company of assorted initiatives and also offshoots, a few of which have been (at times) legally unique from however remain controlled by the parent. This team of organizations, which consists of the Clinton global Initiative (CGI), Clinton Health access Initiative (CHAI) and the Clinton Giustra enterprise Partnership (CGEP), is collectively called “The Clinton Foundation.”

The plenty of different initiatives reflects the large and regularly shifting objectives of the organization, i m sorry we discuss next.


Chelsea Clinton, the foundation’s vice chair, receive a gift indigenous a Haitian girl throughout a 2015 trip. Andres Martinez Casares/Reuters

So what walk the Clinton structure do?

The tasks of the Clinton foundation are a resource of plenty of misconceptions, which is understandable provided the wide variety of them.

For starters, it’s necessary to anxiety that the Clinton foundation (unlike the family members Foundation) is an operation public charity, which method (1) the relies greatly on donations indigenous the general public, and (2) it does not generally act come disburse accumulation to other charities but rather engages in direct “on-the-ground” services.

The first point is noteworthy since the Clintons’ an individual giving of about $2.86 million come the structure accounted for simply 0.4 percent that its $807 million in contributions from 2010 come 2014.

Other funders include individuals (Gateway cofounder Theodore W. Waitt and also former Formula One champion Michael Schumacher), structures (Gates and Rockefeller), enterprise (Coca-Cola and also Barclays) and also even foreign governments (Norway, Australia and also Saudi Arabia).


bill Gates and also his structure are amongst the Clinton Foundation’s best donors. Brendan McDermid/Reuteres

It’s also important because soliciting donations from so numerous other individuals and also entities – few of whom had an individual connections with the Clintons or attention in State Department company – is what has fueled numerous criticisms levied in ~ the organization.

The 2nd point matters since some rival politicians have actually used the low portion of donations or grants that it provides to other charities as evidence it spends tiny on charity works. In this case, however, the lion’s share of the organization’s regimen spending is because that on-the-ground efforts. Research study I carried out with a colleague demonstrates the this have the right to actually be an indicator that greater effectiveness than sponsor alone.

Some the the foundation’s most notable activities – and also where much of that is money is spent – space run by the three organizations I discussed earlier.

The Clinton Health accessibility Initiative has actually long been the biggest of the organization’s initiatives and is currently run together a different legal entity. While the structure currently retains manage by appointing a bulk of the board, the charity vowed top top Sept. 14 to finish this link and separate CHAI fully if Clinton wins in November.

CHAI has functioned to certain discounted pharmaceuticals and other provides for distribution, and also increase avenues for health care in end 70 countries, consisting of India, southern Africa, Vietnam and also Zimbabwe.

The Clinton an international Initiative to represent both the most innovative and most controversial regime of the organization. CGI serves to complement individuals and also organizations ready to invest in tasks aimed toward crucial public goals with charities and also businesses seeking resources for your enterprises. Examples include capital loans to disabled veteran entrepreneurs and providing money for clinics in tiny villages in China.

In a sense, CGI serves a role similar to Uber’s in giving a communication to facilitate a mutually helpful match. In this case, the complement is aimed in ~ securing accumulation to attain social goals. Favor Uber, the method has the potential come accelerate task (as evidenced by hundreds of millions the dollars in CGI commitments in 2015 alone). Likewise like Uber, the company has challenged the challenge of vetting the next it matches (as confirmed by concerns about funding being secured for a for-profit enterprise operation by girlfriend of the Clintons).

Clinton Giustra companies Partnership likewise brings both praise and criticism because that its distinctive approach. With resources from Canadian billionaire open minded Giustra and also partnerships through Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim, CGEP to represent a hybrid design that provides capital to enterprises, numerous of which are for-profit, that look for to accomplish Clinton structure goals.

Blurring the boundaries in between for-profit and also nonprofit activities, CGEP is front of the curve in seeking brand-new ways to achieve social an excellent (the Chan Zuckerberg plan is another notable newcomer come this arena). Yet, the approach, both in terms of its resources sources and also its capital uses, also subjects the organization to criticism.

The Clinton Foundation’s various other on-the-ground initiatives run the gamut from helping institutions develop and also deliver healthy and balanced food selections (Alliance because that a healthy Generation) and providing farming and economic aid in underdeveloped nations (Clinton breakthrough Initiative) to sustaining the Clinton Presidential center in Arkansas.

Along through CHAI, numerous of the foundation’s other campaigns will most likely be be crazy off or removed if Clinton is elected president.


bill Clinton has typically been the foundation’s public face. Brendan McDermid/Reuters

How does the Clinton structure spend its money?

The last area of usual misunderstanding is exactly how the organization’s funds room spent.

To resolve this concern best, the ar to walk is your audited jae won statements, i beg your pardon consolidate the tasks of all the entities that consist of the Clinton Foundation.

As a suggest of context, take into consideration the organization size. In 2014, the Clinton foundation had costs of $250 million, which place it smaller sized than the venerable peer the Carter facility at $332 million but much bigger than the Donald J. Trump card Foundation, which spent $597,000 in its most recent year.

As for whereby those accumulation went, the first thing to keep in mind is what that doesn’t invest a most money on: overhead. In its most recent audited financials, the Clinton foundation reported spending 87.2 percent ~ above programs and also services, which way 12.8 percent is going to “overhead” – administrative and fundraising costs. While no the can be fried arbiter the effectiveness, such a number is well above the 65 percent come 75 percent variety of regimen spending often said as a rule-of-thumb.

The Clinton Health accessibility Initiative alone account for virtually two-thirds that all routine spending, or $143 million. That’s maybe no surprise given an international health has been a longstanding emphasis of the organization. The rest goes to the an international Initiative (11 percent), the Giustra companies Partnership (3 percent) and also a selection of other projects.

This tells united state where the money go in regards to the split amongst different goals, however another crucial question is what is the money supplied for specifically. If some might think that on-the-ground activities means supplies and cash aid, charity organizations additionally spend much of your money on labor, meetings and also travel. The Clinton foundation is no exception, through labor, meetings and travel accounting for 37 percent, 12 percent and also 8 percent of routine spending, respectively.

Evaluating a charity

So wherein does this leave us?

Clearly the Clinton foundation is a complex organization the does a wide selection of charity activities, is sponsor by many individuals and organizations and also spends the majority of that money ~ above the programs and also initiatives that accomplish its goals. The said, its options over where to invest money on the floor are open to criticism over whether donor sources are being used to their ideal potential. It’s a difficult question that financial explanation aren’t in-depth enough to administer (and is really something the all charities grapple v internally).

Still, being focused on emerging relationships through funders and also partner governments, giving on-the-ground training and also assistance and convening meetings of funding providers imply labor, travel, and meeting expenses should be key components of any type of charity. And in the regard, the Clinton Foundation’s spending looks like you may expect that to offered its methods and goals.

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These room all points worth bearing in psychic the next time you check out a headline about the Clinton Foundation.