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Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks during a campaign rally in Detroit top top Nov. 4, 2016. (AP)


Hillary Clinton’s comments about Jill Stein and Tulsi Gabbard inspired a raft of Facebook posts that revitalized misleading claims about Clinton’s partnership with Russia. 

One short article published Oct. 21 and also shared more than 1,300 times states the following:

"Does anyone else uncover it strange: The very same woman who paid for a Russian dossier to win an election; who husband made $500k because that a Russian speech; Who offered 20% of united state Uranium come Russia; Whose structure received $150M from Russia; Keeps calling others Russian assets?"

The short article was flagged as part of Facebook’s efforts to combat false news and also misinformation on its News Feed. (Read more about our partnership v Facebook.)

As evidence, the short article cited Charlie Kirk, founder of the conservative nonprofit transforming Point USA. We found an Oct. 20 tweet indigenous Kirk that makes the same cases as the post. It to be retweeted an ext than 26,000 times.

(Screenshot from Facebook) has investigated four of these cases in the past.

We summary our result to deal with each that the post’s claims. The short article contains a hints of truth, but it paints one inaccurate picture of Clinton’s ties come Russia.

This contains an facet of truth, yet it isn’t the complete picture.

The dossier the the Facebook short article is referencing was written by former British spy Christopher Steele around President Donald Trump’s ties to Russia. Numerous of the details included in the dossier were salacious but unverified. It to be not created by Russian officials, as the Facebook post seems come claim.

In September 2018, we fact-checked a claim from Rep. Note Meadows, R-N.C., about the dossier, combination GPS (the opposition research study firm that produced it) and also how the Clinton project was involved. We discovered that combination GPS to be hired to occupational on behalf of the Clinton campaign, yet the for sure was currently investigating Trump in ~ the time.

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Fusion general practitioners was originally hired by the Washington free Beacon, a conservative media website. The democratic National Committee, with its law firm Perkins Coie and also for the benefit of the Clinton campaign, rental the opposition research firm to collect info after Trump winner the Republican nomination. Then, blend GPS hired Steele to produce memos ~ above Trump’s ties to Russia.

This is accurate. The source of the claim is the 2015 book "Clinton Cash" by author and also political consultant Peter Schweizer. During an April 2015 interview around the book on Fox News Sunday, he stated something that captured our eye: "Of the 13 (Bill) Clinton speeches the fetched $500,000 or more, only two emerged during the year his wife was not secretary of state."