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At the united state election held on 8 November 2016, Donald Trump won the Electoral college by 306 Electoral Votes (EVs), come 232 EVs because that Hillary Clinton. If this appears a convincing victory, trump card won 4 states by 1.2% or less: Florida (29 EVs), Pennsylvania (20 EVs), Wisconsin (10 EVs) and also Michigan (16 EVs). Had actually these claims been winner by Clinton, she would have won the Electoral college by a 307-231 margin.

The final Electoral university map native ElectoralVote is at the top of this article. Numbers listed below state two-letter abbreviations are the state’s EVs. Red represents Republicans (Trump), and blue democracy (Clinton).

Dark blue and red claims were winner by at least 10%, irradiate blue and also red says by 5-9%, and states v a blue or red border through 0-4%. States that were winner by Barack Obama in 2012, yet flipped to Trump in 2016 room Florida, Iowa, Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Maine is purple together it separation its EVs, v Trump win the rural 2nd Congressional District, if Clinton winner the state; hence, Clinton winner 3 Maine EVs, come 1 because that Trump. A few states have to be much better on the map for Clinton given final results. Thus, Arizona need to be white with a red border, Colorado light blue, and both Texas and Iowa irradiate red.

Clinton winner the all at once popular poll by 65.84 million votes, come 62.98 million for Trump, a difference of 2.86 million. Clinton’s raw poll was down only slightly from Obama’s 65.92 million in 2012, while Trump to be over 2 million over Mitt Romney’s vote.

In percent terms, Clinton winner 48.1%, come Trump’s 46.0%, a 2.1% well-known vote win, contrasted with Obama’s 3.9% win over Romney. Libertarian Gary Johnson winner 3.3% and also Green Jill Stein 1.1%.

This is the 5th time the well-known vote winner has not winner the Presidency; the other occasions to be 1824, 1876, 1888 and 2000. Clinton’s famous vote percentage margin is the biggest for a loser due to the fact that 1876, and also the 1876 choice was heavily disputed.

This spreadsheet by chef Political Report analyst David Waserman offers details on the well-known vote, both nationally and also for every state, including the swing indigenous the 2012 election.

Turnout at this choice was 60.0% of eligible voters, up from 58.6% in 2012. This appears low, however we are talking about eligible voters, no registered or enrolled voters. Peter Brent says 82% of default Australians actors a formal vote at the current Federal election, and this is under compulsory voting.

At this election, Wisconsin (Trump by 0.8%) to be the tipping-point state. Had actually Clinton winner Michigan (Trump by 0.2%) and Pennsylvania (Trump through 0.7%), she would certainly still have actually lost the Electoral college by 270-268. The discrepancy in between the renowned vote and tipping-point state was for this reason 2.9% in favour that Trump, the best it has been since 1948.

Education level major reason for renowned vote/Electoral university split

The discrepancy between the popular vote and Electoral College to be caused mostly by solid swings to Clinton in the two most populous states, California and also Texas, but large swings to Trump in the midwest. Clinton’s benefit in California and Texas brought about zero additional EVs, if Trump’s large gains in the midwest hugely benefited that in the Electoral College, together he won five midwestern states that had previously been won by Obama, and also thus gained all those states’ EVs.

Education level was the biggest element in explaining the swings, with higher educated voters likely to swing come Clinton, and lower educated voters to Trump. The claims Trump obtained had a greater proportion that non-University education whites than nationally. United state analyst Nate Silver shows that education level, not income, defined the swings. Also in counties with much more black or spain voters than whites, the relationship between education level and swing come Trump applied.

In the midwest, the proportion of non-University educated whites is greater than nationally, and there are couple of Hispanics. Blacks vote heavily for Democrats, but their turnout was down as Obama was not the candidate. Hispanic turnout was greater than in 2012, and this boosted Clinton’s position in Texas, Arizona and California, which also have many university-educated whites. However, none of these claims flipped.

While spain turnout to be up in Florida, trump card compensated by winning non-University educated white skin - man crushingly, and this offered him a 1.2% margin in that state, compared with Obama’s 0.9% 2012 margin. For this reason a relatively small totter was sufficient to upper and lower reversal 29 EVs to Trump.

A crucial factor in Trump’s success was that voters who did not prefer either candidate (18% of the full according to exit polls) selected trump by 47-30 over Clinton. Had these voters split reasonably evenly, Clinton would have won as her favourable rating gone beyond Trump’s by five points.

The FBI’s controversial decision to reopen its investigation into Clinton’s emails 11 days prior to the election probably added to this voters’ choices. Together Trump won the Electoral college by 0.8%, this decision can relatively be blamed for swinging the election to Trump.

Why walk non-University educated whites desert the Democrats?

Donald Trump to be an anti-establishment candidate, while Hillary Clinton had actually been involved in national politics for at least the last 25 years. Back Clinton had actually some ethical problems, her problems were minor compared with Trump’s often blatant misogyny, racism and also outright lies. Had the us political facility not to be so unpopular, Clinton would have probably won decisively.

One factor the establishment was unpopular is the influence of money in politics. Plenty of voters viewed that establishment politicians were no on your side, but rather ~ above the next of lobbying groups. Trump card exploited this stress with his drain the Swamp rhetoric.

Another reason for the establishment’s unpopularity is gridlock. In the 2010 midterm elections, republic gained manage of the US residence by a 242-193 margin, and have hosted it comfortably since. That has because been complicated for Obama and Congress to agree ~ above even an easy things, together as increasing the blame limit. This fed right into anti-establishment sentiment since the government was no “getting things done”.

Democrats were deceived by the 2012 leave polls, whereby Obama won all at once by 4 points, despite losing whites 59-39. New York Times analyst Nate Cohn wrote well before the election that there were many much more white voters than the 2012 leave polls had showed.

As the Democrats thought Obama had won in spite of being crushed through whites, lock neglected an ext populist plans in favour of policies that appealed come inner cities and also minorities. The result is shown below: Obama won countless overwhelmingly white counties in the north-east and also midwest the Trump demolished Clinton in.

Credit goes come Trump because that sticking with his right-wing populism when many pundits, including countless Republicans, believed he should have moderated to success the election. If Trump had moderated, the uneducated whites may have actually seen him as just another politician, and they would probably not have voted because that Trump in the exact same numbers.

Many ~ above the left think that Bernie Sanders would have actually beaten Trump had actually he been the autonomous nominee. When Sanders’ left-wing populism appealed to few of the same voters together Trump, Sanders to be a self-described autonomous socialist, and this would have offered Trump lot ammunition to paint him as a Communist. In the democratic primaries, Sanders’ “honeymoon” in Russia, once Russia to be still the USSR, walk not become an issue. Trump and also his cohorts would have made this a huge issue in the basic election.

What wake up now

The Electoral College an outcome is not quite final. Candidates in each state appoint slates of potential electors. The statewide winner then has their slate appointed as electors. On 19 December, the electors cast their votes.

Past elections have actually sometimes had actually “faithless” electors who do not vote for the candidate to who they room pledged. Countless electors space appointed by the party organisation, no the candidates. As countless established republic dislike Trump, that is possible he will lose a few electors, however there is no possibility he will shed 37 or an ext of his 306 EVs - he demands only 270 electors because that a bulk of the Electoral College.

On 6 January 2017, the Electoral Votes are tabulated in Congress. Top top 20 January at 12 noon us Eastern (4am Melbourne time 21 January), Donald Trump will certainly be inaugurated together the 45th president of the unified States.

Congressional elections

Elections because that both chambers that the us Congress (the nationwide legislative body) are organized every 2 years. Once not hosted concurrently v a Presidential election, these elections are called “midterm” elections. There are 100 Senators, who have six year terms and also represent totality states; one-third the the Senate is chosen every two years. House districts are apportioned on a populace basis, and also the 435 residence members serve only two year terms.

Prior to this election, the Republicans hosted a 54-46 majority in the united state Senate. Of the 34 Senators up at this election, Republicans held 24 and also Democrats 10. This was a huge opportunity for the democrats to make countless gains, but they only gained two seats. The democracy gained brand-new Hampshire and also Illinois, and held Nevada, but they narrowly shed Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and also Missouri. The republicans will host a 52-48 majority in the brand-new Senate.

The Senate is the an ext powerful chamber, as its consent is forced for Cabinet-level and judicial appointments. A filibuster can often be used to block legislation, and also can only be conquer by a 3/5 majority (60 votes).

With 48 Senators, the Democrats could stall regulation in the Senate utilizing the filibuster. However, the filibuster is component of the Senate’s rules, and also a bulk can readjust those rules. The Republicans might abolish the filibuster.

The united state Supreme Court is the greatest court. Meeting of supreme Court judges requires a filibuster-proof majority. Adhering to the death of conservative righteousness Antonin Scalia in February 2016, a supreme Court seat has been vacant, and the Court has been split 4-4 left-right. Trump’s nominee will give the appropriate a 5-4 majority, and approving this appointment will certainly be a flashpoint in the Senate.

In the House, the republic will hold a 241-194 majority, under from a 247-188 majority following the 2014 midterm elections. The Republicans winner the 2014 House well-known vote by 51.2-45.5, a 5.7% margin. Follow to David Wasserman, Republicans won the 2016 House famous vote by 49.1-48.0, a 1.1% margin.

The November 2018 midterm elections space an chance for democrats to wrest ago control that the House and also Senate after two years of Trump. They most likely need at the very least a 5-point well-known vote margin to take the House.

In the Senate, Democrats are in peril of walking backwards, together they space defending 25 that the 33 seat up for election in 2018, to 8 Republican defences. 5 Democrats up in 2018 room in states Trump won by dual digit margins, and also only one Republican is in a state Clinton won.

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A note on united state swings: ferris wheel in the US room the distinction in margin, quite than the autumn or obtain in one party’s vote, and are thus double Australian swings. Because that example, if one party wins a chair 52-48 at one election, climate loses the 51-49 in ~ the next election, us would describe it as a 3 point swing, when the us would explain it together a 6 suggest swing (from to win by 4 to losing by 2).