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Says after ~ leaving the White House, Hillary Clinton "was compelled to return an approximated $200,000 in White residence china, furniture and also artwork that she had actually stolen."


An old complaint around Hillary Clinton, stemming from her days as very first lady, is do a comeback throughout her operation for the presidency.

When the Clintons left Washington in 2001 at the end of President bill Clinton’s second term, they take it a most things v them. The problem was, they took some points they should have left behind.

A conservative website called Radix News post this graphic on its facebook page:

"After leave the White House, Hillary was compelled to return an estimated $200,000 in White home china, furniture and also artwork the she had stolen."


There is a grain of truth to this claim, yet we discovered multiple difficulties -- the lot is off, and "stolen" is one inaccurate native to explain Clinton’s actions. Also, regardless of the graphic"s use of words "force," it’s necessary to note that regulation enforcement did no come into play in this episode.

When Bill and Hillary left town

Federal rule strictly limit gifts for virtually every member the the executive, management branch, but the exceptions incorporate the president and vice president. They might accept gifts, due to the demands of protocol and also etiquette. There space some limits, yet for the most part, if you desire to present your appreciation for the occupant that the White House, girlfriend can. This courtesy extends to the entire very first family -- and, importantly for this fact-check, if they desire to save those gifts when they leave, they can.

The president must report gifts over a particular value; during most the the Clinton years, the amount was $250, though now it is $350. When Bill Clinton perfect his term, he it is registered a last disclosure kind that provided roughly $190,000 in gifts.

Clinton’s itemized list captured the eye that the Washington Post and listed plenty the fodder because that the curious. People gave the president a remarkable quantity of golf clubs. Movie star Sylvester Stallone gave him a pair the boxing gloves. Filmmaker Steven Spielberg sent him china. And one Steve Mittman from new York offered him two sofas, an easy chair and also ottoman worth $19,900.

The problem was, Mittman and a few others included on the list stated they never intended their gifts to walk to the Clintons. They thought they to be donating to the White residence itself as component a significant remodeling project in 1993.

This is where the inquiries of provenance get muddy. Some presents are intended because that the government, and must remain in the government’s hands, if some room intended for the human being living in the White House. However it’s not constantly as basic as "this is mine" and also "that is Uncle Sam’s."

Within about two mainly of the publishing of the Post article, public criticism escalated, and also the Clintons announced the they would certainly pay the government nearly $86,000 because that items the were actually government property. A couple of days ~ that, they additionally returned around $48,000 precious of furniture (including the sofas, chair and ottoman indigenous Mittman).

Add the up and also the government got back $134,000 the end of the $190,000 the Clinton’s had declared as gifts. However as one indication the how hard it is to identify ownership, the national Park Service, which oversees the White home property, later returned a chair and an ottoman to the Clintons.

The house investigates

The residence Committee on government Reform looked right into the fracas end the Clintons’ gifts. When its report never ever accused the former an initial family the criminal wrongdoing, it listed shortcomings in how gifts were processed, saying there was no independent assessment of gifts and that some had actually likely to be undervalued.

For example, lawmakers were hesitant of the approximated value that $240 for a man Quincy Adams-signed original land approve from 1826. There was additionally a large Coach leather travel bag, i beg your pardon the White House estimated at $200 however which investigators uncovered priced in ~ $498 come $698, and a Tiffany necklace valued in ~ $150 but that Tiffany"s valued in ~ $450 come $1,000.

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There were instances of a twisted file trail in which the nationwide Park organization thanked donors for particular items but never formally added them come the long-term White residence collection, which supposed the Clintons might take them for themselves or for the Clinton Library.