Turning turn off subtitles on Samsung TVs is a to walk in the park, and also you can do the on all modern models from the oriental manufacturer. The best thing is the the very same steps apply to both smart models and also regular TVs.

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For inscription options, the “Caption Settings” menu gives you 3 different choices to tweak the subtitles to your preference: “Digital inscription Options,” “Caption Mode,” and “Separate closed Caption.”Digital caption Options allows you to change the figure of the subtitles, including font size, color, style, and background color.Caption Mode allows you pick a preferred inscription language, yet broadcasters identify what’s available.Separate close up door Caption screens the subtitles in a different area ~ above the display screen for much easier reading.

Step 1

Make sure you’re on the Samsung’s house screen, climate grab her remote and also navigate to settings using the directional pad. Then, select General and select the availability menu.


Subtitle Options

The inscription Settings menu provides you three different alternatives to tweak the subtitles to your preferences.

Digital caption Options

This menu enables you to change the figure of the subtitles. Friend can select a various font size, color, style, and change the background color. Because that the many comfortable viewing experience, it’s best to stick through white font top top a black background and adjust the font size.

Caption Mode

Here you gain to pick a preferred caption language, however there’s a catch. Broadcasters identify the easily accessible languages. It’s recipient to keep this alternative on Default, but most station will encompass Spanish subtitles if that’s what you need.

Separate close up door Caption

The subtitles are shown in a various area ~ above the screen for less complicated reading. If you’re offered to the default place at the bottom facility of the screen, this option can feel a little bit strange. Yet it could assist for some users.

Expert trick to rotate Off Subtitles on a Samsung TV

“Accessibility Shortcuts” are available with most newer Samsung TVs. This menu attributes the alternatives you use the most, make them much easier to use.


Press the “Mute” button on the remote and hold it because that a while to acquire the “Accessibility Shortcuts” menu.Navigate to and also select the “Caption” option to turn it off. Remember the the small dot is green when the subtitles are on.

Can’t rotate Off Subtitles on Samsung TV—What to Do?

If the subtitles don’t go away after you disable lock on the TV, rotate them off utilizing a third-party service.

Most set-top boxes for satellite and cable TV incorporate subtitles, and the settings influence the display screen preferences. So, first, determine the resource of the transfer that features the persistent subtitles.

Subtitles vs. Closed Captions

People regularly use the state closed captions and subtitles interchangeably, however there is a difference.

By design, subtitles room for those who mute the TV, don’t recognize the resource language, or can’t use audio. Closed captions (CC) also include background noise descriptions, sound effects, tune lyrics, and more. CCs are generally for people with hearing impairment due to the fact that they connect most the the audio come the viewer.

Displaying closeup of the door captions or subtitles relies on the source, and also your Samsung TV will present them accordingly. The course, the resource settings also permit you to adjust font style, size, and also other settings.

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Subtitles are easy to revolve on or off, and also you don’t need to go through unlimited menus to uncover them. Have to your Samsung TV become unresponsive, girlfriend only should power-cycle it, and also the concern should it is in gone.