Here are rapid answers to common questions about flying right into Washington, D.C. My wife and I have been providing advice on the finest airports in Washington, D.C. Because that years. Us can help you sweet the pros and also cons of making use of DCA, BWI, or Dulles worldwide airport. Uncover out what airport in the higher Washington, D.C. Area is best for you.

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DCA vs. BWI vs. Dulles


Generally speaking when you compare Reagan national (DCA) vs. Dulles vs. BWI many travelers will prefer to flying right into DCA because it is the closest to the nationwide Mall, Arlington, and also downtown Washington, D.C. Often travelers will find that flying right into Washington, D.C. V Dulles or BWI is cheaper. If you’re flying to one of two people of those airports store in mental it will take on average an hour to obtain into Washington, D.C.

How plenty of Airports are close to Washington, D.C.?

There room three airports close come Washington, D.C. Its usual for travelers to make use of DCA, Dulles and BWI when flying right into Washington, D.C. Dulles and also BWI room in the higher Washington, D.C. Area and take about an hour come commute right into downtown D.C.

What is the closestly Airport come Washington, D.C.?

The the next airport is DCA, likewise called Reagan nationwide Airport. That is a 20 minute journey on the metro from DCA come downtown or the nationwide Mall. Without website traffic driving come downtown from DCA is around 20 minutes.

What is the main Airport in Washington, D.C?

Most travelers will take into consideration DCA to it is in the major airport about Washington, D.C.. Dulles will certainly be connected with the subway in the near future, yet is easily easily accessible to Washington, D.C. By bus. Dulles would certainly be taken into consideration the secondary airport. BWI is mainly Baltimore’s airport.

Where room D.C. Airports Located?

DCA is situated in Arlington, VA just across the river form downtown D.C. BWI is located 45 minutes north of Washington, D.C. And connected to D.C. By the MARC. Dulles is in the west suburbs of D.C. In Virginia.

Best D.C. Airport


What is the ideal Washington, D.C. Airport?

DCA is the ideal airport for flying into Washington, D.C. Assuming plane tickets space equal in ~ all 3 airports. If you’re continuing to be in Northeastern D.C. Suburbs flying into Baltimore/Washington worldwide Airport (BWI) is much more convenient. Because that travelers that will be continuing to be in west Virginia suburbs Dulles global Airport (IAD) is the finest option.

What airport is Closest come the nationwide Mall?

Reagan national Airport is closest to the national Mall. The is a 20 minute commute from the nationwide Mall to DCA, and it takes around 20 minutes to drive.

Which Airports fly Internationally?

BWI and also Dulles offer and also receive global flights. Reagan national Airport, due to its short runway size, only offers residential flights and flights to Canada and the Caribbean.

What airport is Closest to Downtown?

Reagan national Airport is the the next airport come downtown Washington, D.C.. It is a 20 minute drive on the subway to downtown D.C. From DCA. Without traffic it would take around 20 minutes to drive.

What airport is Closest to the White House?

Reagan national Airport is the closest airport to the White House. That is a 20 minute drive on the metro to the White House. Without traffic it would take around 25 minutes to drive.

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What airport is Closest come Arlington, VA?

Reagan nationwide Airport is the closestly airport Arlington, VA. The airplane is situated in Arlington, VA. The Pentagon is 2 subway stops far from DCA and only 10 minutes via a cab or car.