In-N-Out, the stratospherically renowned West coast burger chain, right now operates restaurants in just seven states: its home state that California, as well as Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Texas, Oregon, and, as of 2020, Colorado. Lot to the chagrin of East coastline residents—and in particular, brand-new Yorkers—the chain has actually zero presence on the east Seaboard. And also by every accounts, In-N-Out wouldn"t have it any other way.

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There"s definitely no absence of demand for those legend burgers past the West Coast. Rumors the In-N-Out setup up shop in major cities ~ above the eastern Coast, especially brand-new York City, have actually been flying for decades and also the excitement they generate virtually always gets the end of hand. Once an anonymous April stupid Day prankster advertised In-N-Out store openings in the big Apple in 2010, seemingly half of the city required to Twitter to celebrate the notice (and then jointly mourn the loss).

New Yorkers had their wishes dashed again in 2019, once a stray but totally preserved dual Double—one of the chain"s famed burgers—was uncovered on a random street in Queens, bring about a flurry of wishful reasoning on society media. Yet the burger was traced back to a teens who had actually flown the specimen v her from California.

So why won"t the chain just offer in and open one East shore location? The reason has to do with, together one Harvard business School alumnus put it, the perfect alignment that In-N-Out"s service model and also operating model. (Yes, In-N-Out"s absence is gift pondered even in Cambridge.)

Clues to the chain"s operation model have the right to be found right top top its website, whereby it provides a promise the "never freezing, prepackaging, or microwaving food." As damaged down by Business Insider, this commitment to freshness way that all In-N-Out restaurants must be located within 300 mile of one In-N-Out meat circulation center. Together of 2018, over there were just two such distribution centers in existence: one in California, and the other in Texas.

As because that the business model, In-N-Out is wholly own by its starting members, the Snyder family, and also does not sell the kind of franchising avenues that would enable for the brand to broaden into east territories. "The only reason we would is for money, and also I wouldn"t execute it," present president Lynsi Snyder explained in an interview with CBS.

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Ultimately, the chain"s appointment to utilizing fresh meat and its refusal to begin franchising method that, for the time being, the Double-Double is most likely to continue to be out the reach because that those located east of Texas. Because that more, check out There"s brand-new Legal Drama about McDonald"s Soft offer Machines, and don"t forget to authorize up for our newsletter to gain the latest restaurant news delivered straight to her inbox.