In July 2007, Krispy Kreme doughnuts were accessible adjacent come Subway ~ above the edge of Davis and Collier boulevards in eastern Naples. Day-to-day News file

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Q: Is there a Krispy Kreme in naples or Bonita Springs? You referred to Krispy Kreme in today’s paper.

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— Bruni Collins, Bonita Springs

A: Krispy Kreme newly was pointed out in a national Coffee work feature, however the firm does not have actually a doughnut store in Southwest Florida.

Known for its melt-in-your mouth glazed doughnuts and also its “Hot Now” lights once a new batch is ready, the nearest Krispy Kreme save is an ext than 90 miles across Florida in Tamarac, near fort Lauderdale. The company, headquartered in Winston-Salem, N.C., due to the fact that 1937, has much more than 880 shops in more than 20 countries.

Naples has had actually only satellite locations for Krispy Kreme, an interpretation the doughnuts are baked elsewhere and shipped here.

Ron Klein the Naples ended up being an instant fan that Krispy Kreme doughnuts years earlier when he sampled them throughout a drive through south Carolina.

“I said, ‘These room great. Why don’t we have them in Naples?’” Klein said.

So, Klein do it occur in 2000. He called Krispy Kreme and had doughnuts shipped early on every day from the nationwide chain’s Tampa bakery to The Bagel Place, a deli-bakery he previously owned in the edge of Park shore Plaza.

“They were yielded every morning fresh,” that said. “We sold them. We did well v them. Civilization would come in and buy a half dozen or a dozen. They were an excellent doughnuts, lock were.”

Klein stated the commitment with Krispy Kreme was the he had to buy at the very least 60 dozen doughnuts a work from the wholesaler, feature them in your own display case and he can not sell day-old doughnuts.

“Whatever I had left over I might not sell. I can not sell next-day doughnuts,” he said. “I ate a lot of doughnuts.”

Although the neighborhood shop featured a few Krispy Kreme varieties, the original glazed sold choose hotcakes and usually were gone before noon. The shop was initially successful together the exclusive regional purveyor that Krispy Kreme baked goods, however the sector soon ended up being fragmented, Klein said.

“Then, they started to put them in Sam’s or Costco and also selling them in gas stations. The really just killed my industry to a degree,” that said. “I said, you know what, forget it. Ns just obtained out of it.”

Until a few years ago, Krispy Kreme doughnuts to be co-branded locally with Subway’s nontraditional stores beginning in 2007, and also could it is in purchased at locations such as the gas terminal stores top top the edge of Davis and also Collier Boulevards in eastern Naples, stated Joe Candito the Subway Southwest regional Development Inc. Candito stated the doughnuts arrived from Tampa around 5 a.m. Daily.

“To my knowledge, there to be never any freestanding Krispy Kreme shop or inline shop in this area,” that said.

Krispy Kreme doughnuts likewise were obtainable locally in ExxonMobil’s top top the run convenience stores till they to be converted come 7-Eleven shop a few years ago.

“I don’t think anybody has them anymore in town,” Klein said. “I don’t know why there’s not a Krispy Kreme in naples again. If i was younger I might do it, however not anymore.”


Q: Is there a Baskin-Robbins in Naples?

— Sydney, Naples

A: until a couple of years ago, Baskin-Robbins had actually three places sharing space with Dunkin’ Donuts shop in phibìc Naples. The ice cream chain’s keep in Lehigh acre is the only one still operating in Collier or Lee counties.

Baskin-Robbins and Dunkin’ Donuts, both own by Massachusetts-based Dunkin’ Brands, once mutual retail an are in Uptown center on Immokalee Road, throughout from Gulf coastline High school off Immokalee Road, and in Mission Square turn off Pine Ridge Road. However instead the operating two different principles at one location, Gulf coastline Donuts decided to “just try to focus really tough on one of them,” said Keith Roman, the neighborhood franchisee’s district manager.

“Operationally, they didn’t execute well,” roman inn said. “And, operationally, it to be too difficult to manage the ide in one location.”

Baskin-Robbins, once well-known for the “31 flavors” slogan and its totally free samples on tiny pink spoons, remains the world’s biggest chain of ice cream cream specialty shops. A local store could eventually open independently, yet probably no again as part of Dunkin’ Donuts.

“As much as us doing it, i don’t view it ever before happening,” roman inn said.

Long man Silver’s

Q: Is there still a long John Silver’s in the area?

— Bob B., eastern Naples

A: The nearest place for lengthy John Silver’s shares a building with Taco Bell close to the corner of early american Boulevard and Six Mile Cypress Parkway in fort Myers.

The critical Collier County ar for the Kentucky-based seafood restaurant chain closeup of the door in 2011 after operation for much more than 30 years on U.S. 41 east in east Naples. Long John Silver’s likewise had a north Naples location from around 1984 to 1994 where Loving Hut vegan restaurant is now on pine tree Ridge Road close to its intersection v U.S. 41 North.

The aforementioned Fort Myers location is the just one left in Lee County.

The firm doesn’t have actually plans to reopen areas in this area, follow to this firm spokeswoman Charissa Acree.

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“Right now, there is no franchise news we have the right to share because that the naples market. I’ll be certain to store you updated if that ever transforms in the future,” Acree said.

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