The indigenous “frugal” and “high fashion” rarely go together. Other than when she talking about the consignment shopping step in The Palm Beaches.

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Among the affluent enclaves that Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Jupiter, Palm Beach, Wellington and also West Palm Beach, deal-seeking shoppers have access to a people of cost-effective couture.

Bargain boutiques boast a multitude of elite brand names: Adolfo, Chanel, Coach, Fendi, Gucci, Hermes, Lacroix, luigi Vuitton, Oscar de la Renta, Pierre Cardin, Pucci, Yves Saint Laurent and more.

There are many worthwhile consignment shop throughout The Palm Beaches providing gently supplied designer clothes, shoes and also accessories at a portion of their initial retail price.

One the the resale pioneers in The Palm Beaches is Lisa distinct of Serendipity High Fashion Consignment Boutique of Boca Raton. For over 17 years, Serendipity has made name-brand fashions affordable through a great selection the designer clothes, in addition to an impressive selection of deluxe handbags. 


In Delray Beach, the “re-chic boutique” Frugal Fashionista Shop selling designer clothes, bags and accessories “at an excellent prices.” The shop’s website attributes a routinely updated blog that articles the latest arrivals so you can shop online before visiting the store.

West Palm Beach offers a must-see shop called Dina C’s Fab & Funky Consignment Boutique. Owner Dina Capehart stocks numerous different items and also isn’t bashful around stepping exterior the box.


“My true enthusiasm is finding piece that wake up me,” Capehart explains. “From Hollywood glamour to mode to bohemian. Welcome to my civilization of feather, fringe, funky hats, and tiaras too.”

In enhancement to posting new arrivals on her website, Capehart showcases items that space “gone however not forgotten.” This section allows you look at few of the prized items that have passed through the store, native Prada handbags come Chanel gowns to Yves Saint Laurent pumps.

The consignment step in The Palm Beaches also includes an option for men. Man cavern Consignment proves what’s good for the goose is also great for the gander. Man cavern features fine clothing, electronics, sporting goods, man-cave memorabilia and also “man furniture” at its keep in Jupiter.

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With all this high fashion easily accessible at exceptional prices, now’s the moment to arrangement a consignment shopping getaway come The Palm Beaches. A couple of stops in ~ our cheap boutiques and also you deserve to dress come the nines without dropping too plenty of dimes.

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