Who’s the peak country video artist of all time? as with most points in life, that counts on who you ask. If you go by the CMT Music Awards, it’s Carrie Underwood in a walk. Yet if you go by Country…


Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood speak onstage at the 51st annual CMA Awards at the Bridgestone Arena top top Nov. 8, 2017 in Nashville.Rick Diamond/Getty Images

Who’s the peak country video clip artist of all time? as with most points in life, that depends on that you ask. If you walk by the CMT Music Awards, it’s Carrie Underwood in a walk. The star has actually won video clip of the year at that display seven times — and also is nominated again this year. This year’s installment, to be co-hosted by Kane Brown, Ashley McBryde and actress buy it Hyland, airs Wednesday.

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But if you go by nation Music association Awards or the Academy of nation Music Awards, it’s Brad Paisley, Underwood’s one-time duet friend (on 2011’s “Remind Me”) and also 11-time co-host ~ above the CMA Awards.

Paisley has won the CMA Award because that music video of the year 4 times and also the ACM compensation in that classification five times. Paisley’s ACM win complete includes the all-star “Forever Country”; the ACM generously offered awards to every 30 artists that participated in that video.

Let’s watch closer at the music video clip category in all three of this shows.


CMT Music Awards (show originated in 2002)

Underwood won video of the year with “Before the Cheats” (2007), “Cowboy Casanova” (2010), “Good Girl” (2012), “Blown far (2013), “See girlfriend Again” (2014), “Something in the Water” (2015) and also “Cry Pretty” (2019). She could win her eighth compensation in the classification with “Drinking Alone.”

Taylor Swift and also Keith Urban space in second place at the show, with 3 wins each. Swift won for “Our Song” (2008), “Love Story” (2009) and also “Mine” (2011). Metropolitan won because that “Days go By” (2005), “Better Life” (2006) and also “Blue Ain’t your Color” (2017). Urban has a opportunity to success his 4th award this year for the nominated “Polaroid.”

Toby Keith won twice in the category.


CMA Awards (category added in 1985)

Paisley won music video of the year through “I’m Gonna miss out on Her (The Fishin’ Song)” (2002), “Whiskey Lullaby (a collab v Alison Krauss, 2004), “Online” (2007) and “Waitin’ ~ above a Woman” (featuring Andy Griffith, 2008).

Hank Williams, Jr. Is in second place at the show, with three wins. The won for “All mine Rowdy Friends space Comin’ end Tonight” (1985), “My surname Is Bocephus” (1987) and also “There’s a Tear in mine Beer” (a collab v his late father, country legend Hank Williams, 1989).

Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, Dixie Chicks, Keith and also Swift space in third place, through two wins each.

Miranda Lambert and Chris Stapleton have actually a chance to win their second award in the group at this year’s awards, which will be organized on Nov. 11. Lambert is nominated with “Bluebird”; Stapleton v “Second One come Know.”

ACM Awards (category included in 1984)

Paisley won video of the year with “Whiskey Lullaby” (2004), “When I obtain Where I’m Going” (a collab v Dolly Parton, 2005), “Online” (2007), “Waitin’ top top a Woman” (2008) and “Forever Country” (2016).

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Faith Hill is in second place with four wins – “It’s your Love” (a collab with Tim McGraw, 1997), “This Kiss “(1998), “Breathe” (1999) and “Forever Country” (2016).

Reba McEntire, Williams Jr., Brooks, McGraw and also Lambert each winner three. The totals because that McEntire, McGraw and also Lambert incorporate “Forever Country.”