Charley proud will obtain the 2020 Willie Nelson Lifetime achievement Award in ~ the 54th yearly CMA Awards, on Nov. 11.

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Charley pride will obtain the 2020 Willie Nelson Lifetime success Award in ~ the 54th annual CMA Awards, ~ above Nov. 11.

The trailblazing artist — who has scored 29 No. 1s on‘s Hot nation Songs chart — complies with such recipients together Kenny Rogers (2013), Johnny Cash (2015), Dolly Parton (2016), Kris Kristofferson (2019) and, of course, Nelsonhimself (2012).


The nation Music association bestows the compensation on one artist who has reached the greatest levels in country music together a performer and also humanitarian.

“Charley proud is the epitome of a trailblazer,” says Sarah Trahern, CMA CEO. “Few other artists have grown country music’s affluent heritage and led come the advance of country music about the human being like Charley. His distinctive voice has developed a timeless heritage that continues to echo v the country ar today. We might not be more excited to respect Charley with among CMA’s highest accolades.”

Though a number of African-American artists had actually made strides in nation music before, consisting of such pioneers as DeFord Bailey, pride was country music’s very first Black superstar, scoring such standards as “Is anyone Goin’ to san Antone” (1970), “Kiss one Angel great Mornin’” (1971) and “All I need to Offer friend (Is Me)” (1969).


Pride was named CMA entertainer of the year in 1971 and was the an initial Black guy to co-host the CMA Awards in 1975, with Glen Campbell. The three-time Grammy winner to be inducted right into the cool Ole Opry in 1993 and also the nation Music room of call in 2000.

The 54th annual CMA Awards, organized by Reba McEntire and Darius Rucker, will certainly air Nov. 11 on abc at 8 p.m. ET.

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