Navy Cmdr. Man Michael Neuhart II, center, and his defense lawyer Kerry Armstrong listen together the prosecution questions a witness ~ above the stand in this document image native Nov. 2017. (Nelvin C. Cepeda/San Diego Union-Tribune/TNS)

A navy commander who faced a rape charge stemming native a drunken night in 2016 that resulted in three civilian criminal trials and a court-martial has accepted a plea transaction to lesser charges the will store him in the brig because that a year.

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The situation landed in the army court mechanism after 3 failed attempts in mountain Diego exceptional courts to convict Cmdr. Man Michael Neuhart ~ above civilian criminal charges.

Neuhart, 42, pleaded guilty to charges that assault and behavior unbecoming of one officer top top Aug. 26 prior to a navy judge in mountain Diego, claimed Brian O’Rourke, spokesman for Navy region Southwest.

Neuhart pleaded not guilty to other charges against him, consisting of rape, breaking into a home, indecent intuitive recording and fleeing apprehension, according to a charge sheet initially filed in January.

He to be sentenced to one year confinement in ~ Naval Consolidated Brig Miramar in san Diego, a forfeiture of $1,000 in pay every month for six months and a letter of reprimand, O’Rourke said.

As component of the deal, Neuhart’s pay will certainly not be diminished so lengthy as he proceeds to fulfill his compelled allotment of family support payments. However, Neuhart could still face dismissal indigenous the Navy. His fate in the company will be figured out by a plank of inquiry, O’Rourke said.

This is the finish of a legal fight that began following a 2016 event in i m sorry a junior officer who served with Neuhart on Guam accused him of trying come rape her in her home in the Valencia Park neighborhood of san Diego, the mountain Diego Union-Tribune report in 2018. The junior officer in the instance was not named.

At the time, Neuhart to be commander that Andersen Air force Base’s Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 25.

The very first two criminal cases versus Neuhart ended in a mistrial — and, when preparing for the third trial, the mountain Diego district Attorney’s office reduce the charges against Neuhart in June 2018, the Union-Tribune reported. The navy then optioned to court-martial him.

Neuhart was removed from his command that the helicopter squadron top top Guam and also was put on administrative duties in san Diego during the trials.

Evidence presented in the civilian trials consisted of security camera clip from a downtown san Diego hotel mirroring Neuhart and the junior officer drinking together and also occasionally hugging and kissing if the commander was in town because that a conference, the Union-Tribune reported.

The two took a paid ride to the small officer’s house, and also later she request him come leave, the file reported. Neuhart then set his cellphone toward the ago door of the home to record himself knocking and telling her to let that in the house. In testimony, Neuhart claimed he did this to defend himself native a rape allegation, the file reported. A neighbor dubbed the police and also as Neuhart ran native the house, the fell, broke his leg and was arrested.

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Neuhart i was delegated in august 2000 with the ROTC regime at Ohio State University and also has flown SH-60F Seahawk, HH-60H wrap Hawk and also MH-60S Seahawk helicopters, according to his main Navy biography.