Cody Alan — Host

2013, 2010 national On-Air Personality that the Year, Academy of nation Music Awards

Cody Alan is the Host and also Executive Producer of radio shows: CMT after ~ MidNite, CMT Radio Live and CMT all Access. Cody is additionally Host top top TV the CMT’s signature music show, Hot 20 Countdown, and also Host of #1 Music and also a Movie.

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Cody’s radio shows space broadcast on stations across America and originate indigenous Nashville. Cody’s wit, energy and also charm shine with huge star guests and live interaction with listeners. Cody brings pan unprecedented access to every things present in nation music and also entertainment in an environment that’s genuine, unpredictable and also fun. Dierks Bentley says, “Cody’s show always feels fresh and current. Cody cares about country music’s past and also future, and has always worked to do his reflects exciting, interesting and personal.”

Recently called of one “Nashville’s many Beautiful People”, catch Cody on Hot 20 Countdown ~ above Saturday and Sunday mornings in ~ 11am ET/10am CT. On weekends, record Cody hosting #1 Music and a Movie on CMT. Cody was also recently the main voice the the CMT Music Awards.

Cody is a respected veteran personality, producer and also programmer in the broadcast industry, named the 2013 and also 2010 national On-Air Personality that the Year by the Academy of nation Music. After gigs in south Carolina, Georgia and also Florida, Cody made it come the significant leagues at age 23 once he landing in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. Follow me the way, Cody has received many national awards including DJ of the Year from nation Radio Broadcasters, and also National On waiting Personality the the Year at the ACMs. Cody has actually been honored at the cool Ole Opry, featured in USA Today and GQ Magazine, and has been a contributor ~ above E!News, CNN HLN, nation Weekly and in world Country. Together well, Cody was named Radio and Records Music director of the Year five times, while Billboard magazine and also the Radio Music Awards honored him with the yearly title together well.

When no on radio or TV, Cody loves working out, running, watching fact shows, superhero movies, hear to all kinds the music, relaxing in the mountains, eat Mexican food and also spending time with family and friends.

Dingo — Producer

Dingo is the Supervising Producer for CMT after ~ Midnite v Cody Alan and also CMT Radio Live with Cody Alan. Dingo oversees all the day come day operations, every little thing from planning the everyday on wait rundown, to overseeing the writing, to controlling Cody’s interviews, to making last decisions on i m sorry guests and content show up on the shows.

Originally native Australia, Dingo spent the last 15 years living in the an excellent State the Texas before making the move to the CMT world Headquarters in Nashville. Professionally, Dingo has hosted his very own morning show, been a Program and also Music Director, command a #1 rated morning radio show and produced miscellaneous Syndicated programs both weekday and also weekend shows heard top top radio stations around America. Dingo to be a starting member that radio station, “The Wolf”, in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, to win 2 ACM awards while at CMT and also CMA and also Marconi Awards at various other stops. Dingo has proudly operated alongside Cody for almost two decades.

Personally, Dingo is the father of three boys and also has to be married to his wife since 2004. Over there are usually two things Dingo talks about when not working…. Hawaii and the great State the Texas.

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Currently music girlfriend will find Dingo hearne to contains anything Island related and Pat Green, Billy Joel and also the occasional Elvis song.