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It"s no coincidence that Fox News" rise has relegated CNN to 2nd or third place in ratings.

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Before Fox News was created, that is owner, Rupert Murdoch, had been "at odds"with CNN"s founder Ted Turner for years. He want to beat and also discredit CNN.

So, in a way, Fox News was forged the end of enmity for CNN.

CNN started operating in the 1980s, v an aim of "making news the star."


CNN correspondent Peter Arnett reports on a civilian wait raid sanctuary that was allegedly destroyed by allied bombs top top February 13, 1991 in Baghdad, Iraq. CNN / Getty

CNN to be an college without overt politics bias.

In 1991, it proved what it can do through its singular live coverage the the Gulf War. It reported from within Baghdad after every the various other media organizations had actually left.

Fox News to be the newcomer, having launched in 1996.


CEO Rupert Murdoch speak in 1996. Allan Tannenbaum/The LIFE pictures Collection via Getty

It positioned itself together the network "for the unrepresented, because that the outsiders," according to terrycloth McDermott in the Columbia Journalism Review. McDermott additionally wrote, "There is a strain of resentment, the put-upon-ness that pervades nearly everything Fox put on the air."

The future that the new network to be taken serious from the beginning. In the at an early stage years, it was investing about $80 million each year on procedure costs.

But in 2000, it was still operating v such loose production values that one of its reporters was caught picking his nose on camera.

But since 2002, it's to be the highest-rated cable news channel in America.


Rupert Murdoch shakes hands v Roger Ailes after specify name Ailes the head of Fox News, new York, new York, January 30, 1996. Allan Tannenbaum / Getty

Its increase was because of chief executive roger Ailes, and also his producers, that knew exactly how to develop simple narratives and also deliver them effectively.

Its tagline to be "Fair & Balanced."

CNN has constantly had a large editorial staff. In 2010, it had actually 4,000 employees, the most out of any kind of of that is competitors.

Newsroom in ~ CNN human being Headquarters. LightRocket / Getty

That allowed it to cover an ext original news 보다 Fox.

But its difficulty — a far-reaching one by 2010 — was that while major breaking news noted ratings boosts, it wasn"t enough to keep viewers coming ago on a continuous basis.

Fox News to be the opposite.

Chairman i get it Ailes and also anchor Shepard blacksmith from "Fox News" speak throughout the 2006 Summer Television doubters Association push Tour for the FOX Broadcasting firm Frederick M. Brown / Getty

It had about a 3rd as numerous reporters and also editors. And also other than an often-overlooked straight-shooting newsroom front by Shepard Smith, its good strength was in opinion journalism.

It was an ext of a talk-show network 보다 a news network, and also it flourished by filling a void of conservative media coverage.

CNN had the ability to be on the ground, reporting. But its commentary felt forced. Its toughness was in news.

Anderson Cooper SnapStream

While Fox News's really reporting, according to Mike Hoyt, a previous editor the Columbia Journalism Review, was "a tiny island in a huge sea of really conservative commentary."

In February 2010, Fox amped increase the feud when it lashed the end at CNN's claim that claimed it to be the most trusted name in news.

News Corp.'s headquarters is shown, Monday, Feb. 1, 2010 in new York. note Lennihan / AP

A poll conducted by the independent survey firm Public plan Polling uncovered Fox News to be trusted by an ext than 50%, while CNN was sitting top top 39%.

Fox News ran a full-page ad in The Washington Post and The wall Street Journal, which said "The many Trusted surname In News," taunting CNN.

That was CNN's worst month in its recent history.

Larry King speaks during Larry King Live: disaster in the Gulf Telethon hosted at CNN LA top top June 21, 2010 in Los Angeles, California. WireImage / Getty

The network finished fine behind Fox News and also MSNBC. The slump continued into March. The anchors weren"t law well. In particular, Larry King, a 25-year stalwart, had lost almost half of his viewers in a year.

He to be failing to complete with MSNBC"s Rachel Maddow and Fox News" Sean Hannity. However management claimed nothing would change.

In may 2012, CNN report its worst ratings in a decade.

2012 file photo reflects moderator and CNN correspondent man King speak to a crowd prior to a debate. Ross D. Franklin / AP

Joe Coscarelli wrote for the brand-new York Magazine, "CNN may have actually been the initial cable network, however it"s just not increase to date with a time when news breaks mainly online and talking heads are for reinforcing currently ingrained belief systems.

Time Warner chief executive Jeffrey Bewkes finally referred to as for changes. Yet one unnamed employee, echoing a usual sentiment within the company, told The new York Times, "I can"t number out what the master plan is."

CNN's i can not qualify to compete was synthetic up Fox News' Tamara Holder.

Moderator Anderson Cooper, the CNN, look at on before a democratic presidential primary conflict at the university of Michigan-Flint, Sunday, march 6, 2016, in Flint, Mich. Carlos Osorio / AP

She said the Columbia Journalism testimonial that when CNN star anchor Anderson Cooper to be a an excellent reporter, he to be boring.

"Would you clock an old guy talk rationally around a topic? gambling you"d fairly watch two hot chicks who are smart and who disagree yell at every other," she said

Holder was referring come a segment battled on Fox News for seven minutes, in between liberal journalist Kirsten Powers and anchor Megyn Kelly, end alleged voter intimidation.

Megyn Kelly and Kirsten powers on Fox News Robert McLean / Youtube

It ended up merely being a fight to it is in heard, not to to convince anyone the a point of view. It was additionally seen together the suggest where Kelly"s job bloomed in ~ Fox News.

In mid-2012, CNN to be experiencing one of its worst slumps ever.

CNN news anchor wolf Blitzer CNN

Scott Collins wrote for the Los Angeles Times that the network was in a "seemingly unstoppable downward spiral."

News anchor wolf Blitzer said Collins the thought human being would come earlier to watch throughout the presidential election. However it wasn"t enough. Return CNN finished 2012 with 670,000 viewers, rise from the 2010 short of 564,000 viewers, the still wasn"t enough.

Fox News ongoing to rise. It perfect 2012 v an average of 2 million prime-time viewers.

Sean Hannity litter balls come the live audience in in between segments throughout the taping that the Fox News Channel's "Hannity." john Amis / AP

In 2008, former Fox News angry president invoice Shine stated that if Barack Obama ended up being president, Fox News would end up being the voice of the opposition.

And that"s the path it took. Barack Obama"s reelection and the political climate helped Fox News grow.

In January 2013, the former head the NBC Universal, Jeff Zucker, came to be president the CNN Worldwide. It's hard to miss the irony.

Jeff Zucker. attracted Angerer/Getty photos

Zucker ran MSNBC, which came to be something the a left-wing alternate to Fox News"s programming, albeit through a much smaller audience.

The polarization was a vital reason why CNN, lodged in the middle, was getting drowned out.

But according to Cooper, Zucker to be "the first president to actually watch CNN."

Anderson Cooper arrives at the 2011 CNN Heroes: one All-Star Tribute held at The Shrine Auditorium top top December 11, 2011 in Los Angeles, California. JB Lacroix/WireImage

Source: New York Magazine

Zucker wanted to revamp CNN from a worn down news station right into something entertaining.

CNN president Jeff Zucker, in the network regulate room. invoice O"Leary/The Washington short article / Getty

He wanted to unshackle the network from "war, famine, pestilence, and politics," then-CNN anchor Piers Morgan told Politico.

He want to break up CNN's daytime programming, i m sorry ran with each other as an unlimited breaking news cycle.

chris Cuomo. CNN

One of his very first changes to be to publication a struggling morning show and bringing on kris Cuomo, a brash young anchor and also the younger brother of new York governor"s, Andrew Cuomo. He likewise hired Washington correspondent and anchor Jake Tapper.

It was Zucker that brought earlier the tagline "this is CNN" as he tried to strengthen the network's identity.

Jeff Zucker, Chairman, WarnerMedia News and Sports and also President, CNN global listens Paul Sancya / AP

Sources: brand-new York Magazine, AP

He wasn't fear to break from the brand, either.

Anthony Bourdain shares a enjoy the meal in the Greek Isles illustration of the seventh season of "Parts Unknown." CNN

Zucker eliminated some that CNN"s 9 p.m. Talk mirrors to make space for a collection of non-fiction shows. He want to replicate the success the a weekly travel program CNN aired, i beg your pardon was hosted by celebrity chief Anthony Bourdain.

Kate Bolden, a CNN host told AP, "There to be a genuine sense of power when Jeff came in — a new energy, a resurrection."

Things were an altering for Fox News in 2013, too.

Megyn Kelly, organize of Fox News Channel's "The Kelly Files," it s okay a make-up touch-up throughout rehearsals for the debut of her brand-new prime-time show, in new York, Friday, Oct. 4, 2013. Richard attracted / AP

The network had its an initial lineup overhaul because 2002, beginning with Megyn Kelly debuting her show "The Kelly File." The transforms were seen as Fox News softening that commentary-driven programming. Kelly was placed in Sean Hannity"s 9 p.m. Slot, and Shepard was moved to a 3 p.m. Show and also made chef news anchor.

One of the factors for this readjust was that Ailes to be concerned about its aging demographic.

Megyn Kelly Jemal Countess/Getty pictures

He to be banking ~ above Kelly ending up being a member the the next generation that Fox News anchors. But not anyone agreed, and conservatives were worried Fox News was coming to be too moderate.

In 2014, commentators noticed Fox News was likewise putting more left-wing experts on air.

James Carville and also Tucker Carlson to visit Politicon 2018 at Los Angeles Convention facility on October 21, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. rich Polk/Getty because that Politicon

People prefer attorney Tamara Holder and former bill Clinton strategist James Carville were frequent guests. But since they were always outnumbered, it looked prefer Fox News merely wanted to develop fireworks ~ above air fairly than press a an ext diverse array of opinions.

Another authorize was previous vice presidential candidate buy it Palin's autumn from favor.

buy it Palin. Screenshot / CNN

In 2013, she obtained a sizable pay-cut, going indigenous $1 million a year between 2009 and also 2012, come $250,000 a year.

Then, in 2015, she contract wasn"t renewed.

There to be a few reasons why Fox News dropped Palin. She was no much longer as well-known as she had been, but additionally the politics climate had changed. It was a authorize that the network to be edging a little closer to the center.

Palin walk on to start her own media organization.

sarah Palin. Scott Olson/Getty images

In 2014, Palin started "The buy it Palin channel." her aim to be to administer a straight link between her and also her supporters, through "no have to please the powers-that-be," NBC News reported.

Palin wasn"t the just one trying to produce a substitute to Fox News. Nor was she the first. A range of choices were beginning the right-wing media space, consisting of Blaze, released by previous Fox News hold Glen Beck, One America News Network i beg your pardon was released in in 2013, and also Breitbart News, and CRTV.

But none of these alternatives were large enough come pose a feasible danger to Fox News. While various other mainstream alternatives were wake up to take it the network on, because entering the competition to be expensive. No other company in the industry had actually the same sources as Rupert Murdoch"s empire.

Another feasible reason was that public companies didn"t want the conflict of creating conservative news.

Across the divide, regardless of Zucker's changes, CNN's viewers were down to 515,000 in the primetime slot in 2014. Also if it to be sitting higher than MSNBC that was even less 보다 its 2010 short of 564,000.

CNN correspondent Kyung Lah speaks on camera at Pearce Airbase in Bullsbrook, 35 kms phibìc of Perth on in march 25, 2014, during media coverage that the air and sea find for Malaysia Airlines trip MH370. Greg wood / AFP / Getty

According to Mediaite, CNN"s ratings were reduced than ever before before.

Although, one story the network yes, really honed in on to be the loss of Malaysia Airlines trip 370. CNN"s coverage even briefly thrust it previous Fox News for a couple of hours. But CNN was likewise criticized because that exploiting the story, specifically anchor Don Lemon"s use of a toy plane to illustrate a point.

In 2015, CNN's news judgment was mocked for choosing to cover the White home Correspondent's dinner over protests because that Freddie Gray, a black guy who died while being organized by police.

civilization crowd right into the hallways together they leaving their pre-parties to walk to the ballroom because that the White residence Correspondents' combination dinner in Washington April 25, 2015. Jonathon ernst / Reuters

It was likewise — and also not for the critical time — criticize for providing so much attention to then-Republican candidate Donald Trump.

In 2015, Fox News witnessed a glimmer that the future when Megyn Kelly grilled Trump over his past sexist comments. Trump responded by refusing come go ago on Fox News.

Megyn Kelly Fox News

He showed how much strength he had actually over the network as soon as he refuse to provide in.

Ailes was forced to side v Trump end Kelly, and Ailes had to call him and apologize.

Fox News' management also reportedly eliminated a story around Trump's alleged affair v porn star Stormy Daniels, since Murdoch want Trump come win.

Rupert Murdoch. AP Photo/Julio Cortez

The story the the alleged affairwas later damaged by the wall Street Journal, another part of Murdoch"s media empire.

Then in 2016, trump card was elected president.

trump card in the Oval Office. Chip Somodevilla/Getty pictures

It to be a tectonic minute for both networks.

For CNN, that spurred soul-searching about the network"s wall-to-wall coverage of the president and also whether it excluded details political voices.

For Fox News, it expected the network"s audience — and also conservative base — would certainly be tethered to Trump because that at the very least four an ext years.

For CNN, Trump listed a emphasis for every one of its break news talent.

Republican presidential candidate, Donald trumped participates in a CNN town hall through Anderson Cooper in the historical Riverside Theatre, Tuesday, in march 29, 2016, in Milwaukee. Charles Rex Arbogast / AP

Although Trump refuse to give CNN an interview, denouncing it together "fake news," 2016 was CNN"s most lucrative year ever. Its daytime audience rose by 50%, and also its prime-time audience through 70%.

Yet CNN was greatly criticized for being one of the an initial major news outlets to give Trump a platform.

CNN chairman Jeff Zucker at an occasion in brand-new York in 2014 plunder Kim/Getty images

After the won, Zucker apologized for airing so plenty of of his rallies in the lead as much as the election.

"We"re no pro-Trump and also we"re no anti-Trump — we"re pro-truth," he claimed to the Los Angeles Times. "And I recognize that pro-truth in this day and also age can come off together anti-Trump."

For Fox, it started as a mutually-beneficial relationship.

trump card on Fox news. Courtesy that FOX News Channel"s Justice v Judge Jeanine

For the first two years of Trump"s term, the network intensified his presidency. And Trump tweeted out Fox"s coverage, producing a feedback loop that saturated right-wing media.

Trump publicly talked about how frequently he watched Fox News, and also he to be happy to appear on it. By march 2019, that had appeared on Fox News 44 times.

Fox News and also Trump appeared to it is in intertwined, and any insurance claim that it wasn't "mainstream media" was hard to swallow, considering the popularity and its placing close come the president.

television personality Sean Hannity, right, speaks as President Donald trumped listens during a project rally Monday, Nov. 5, 2018, in Cape Girardeau, Mo. Jeff Roberson/AP picture

Going into the election, 19% of American voters dubbed Fox News their main news source, follow to Pew Research. CNN was second, at 8%.

And ~ the election, in 2017, the White house briefing room placed Fox News" correspondent in the front row, sitting between CBS News and NBC News, which renders it complicated hard to argue the it wasn"t mainstream.

Nicole Hemmer, an assistant professor that Presidential studies at the university of Virginia"s müller Center, said The brand-new Yorker it to be the closest America has concerned having state TV.

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While woman Mayer, that wrote The new Yorker piece, showed in an examination that while the wasn"t state television, Fox News was progressively pulling trump challengers from the airwaves.

The comparison wasn"t promoted anchor Sean Hannity. At one point, the was supposedly speaking come Trump every night, keeping interactions open, and also their connection close. Hannity also speak top top his behalf at a project rally, and the Washington short article called Hannity "the deputy chef of staff."