Ever because the Centers for disease Control and Prevention recommended that we start wearing protective challenge coverings in public, confront masks have end up being a component of everyday life for many of us. And with put in order concerns around the Delta variant, now’s as an excellent a time as any to discover a mask that mirrors a little bit of your personality.

It’s reasonably easy to do your very own mask, yet if that’s no your jam, yes sir no dearth the homemade and retailer-produced towel face masks to buy ideal now. And thankfully, they’re no all somber and monotone. They have the right to come extended in flowers, sequins or nice much any kind of print you have the right to imagine.

Disney has tons of choices featuring her favorite characters, higher-end fashion brands space making them and also Etsy provides countless alternatives too. Which come choose? us rounded up several of our favorites because that every imaginable personality to aid you find the best one for you. And also if no one of these strike your fancy, inspect out our travel guide on confront masks that provide back, face masks for kids and also how come clean your challenge mask too.

for the utilitarian

Adidas face Covers, 3-Pack ($20; adidas.com)

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coming in black, blue and white, these basic masks are basic to wear and can pair with almost any outfit.

The 100% Human face Masks, 5-Pack ($10, initially $25; everlane.com)


The 100% Human challenge Masks, 5-Pack
Wear-with-anything mainstays, this masks are reusable; plus, Everlane is donating 10% of all face mask sales to the ACLU.

Kishubaby 100% Organic cotton Muslin confront Mask v Pocket because that Filter ($18; etsy.com)


Kishubaby 100% Organic noodle Muslin face Mask with Pocket because that Filter
easily accessible in a wide selection of beloved colors favor rust, olive, mustard and also more, this masks are built with six layers the fabric and also come v a bag to hold a filter.

Baggu towel Mask set ($32; baggu.com)


Baggu fabric Mask Set
obtain a collection of three gorgeous and super-colorful masks that attribute a nose wire and also tie earlier for a perfect fit.

Etee necessary Cotton confront Masks (starting in ~ $8.34; etsy.com)


Etee 2 essential Cotton challenge Masks
In enhancement to having actually two layers and also a pocket for a filter, for every stimulate placed, Etee is donating a mask to a neighborhood in need.

Goodboy x Sock an elaborate ($24, originally $33; trygoodboy.com)


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Goodboy x sock Fancy
have a furry best friend you love to enhance with? check out this high-quality mask and dog bandana set, i m sorry is available in sweet print options like peaches and also a dark green chevron.

because that the plant-flora-inspired

Cecelia Rosslee climbed Gold Floral challenge Mask ($12.60, initially $14; etsy.com)