elafilador.net’s Jim Acosta describes his interaction with chairman Trump during a press conference and then later finding out his push pass has been suspended.

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“The Rachel Maddow Show” hold urged her audience to get medical examine ups on suspicious moles.

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former President Donald Trump’s mystery visit come Walter Reed in 2019 showed up to be because that a regimen colonoscopy, according to Stephanie Grisham, Trump’s former press secretary and an initial lady Melania Trump’s chief of staff. elafilador.net’s Kate Bennett and Jake Tapper discuss.

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White residence Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham (L) listens to U.S. Chairman Donald Trump speak to reporters before he boards maritime One and also departing the White home November 08, 2019 in Washington, DC.
Donald Trump’s lies about the critical election likewise pose hazards to future elections, but some news outlets space not taking this “gathering storm” seriously enough, Brian Stelter says. He claims “a slide towards autocracy must merit part airtime” and also shares some examples from pro-Trump TV networks.

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If you’re perplexed by the legislature chaos top top Capitol Hill, Brian Stelter says, you’re no alone. He talks through two writers about how to demystify the subject. Catherine Rampell states the coverage should emphasis less top top the spending quantities and an ext on “what’s actually in the bill.” mock Marshall claims reporters shouldn’t provide “Republican misbehavior” a pass.

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How the media have to make sense of DC"s budget plan battles_00040609.png
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exactly how the media must make sense of DC's spending plan battles
Brian Stelter asks Nikole Hannah-Jones around news coverage the the Gabby Petito case and also whether the “reckoning” around disparities in media coverage of missing persons will certainly have any type of lasting effects.

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Will "missing white mrs syndrome" store happening?_00003823.png
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will certainly 'missing white mrs syndrome' save happening?
Oliver Darcy reports the Ana Navarro and also Sunny Hostin have tested an unfavorable for Covid-19 3 times due to the fact that initially trial and error positive throughout a live TV transfer on Friday.

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Covid-19 false alarm on the set of "The View"_00013413.png
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Covid-19 false alarm on the set of 'The View'
former Fox News politics editor chris Stirewalt, that was fired for calling Arizona for then Presidential candidate Joe Biden, reacts to the final report from the Arizona choice audit that confirms Biden defeated former chairman Donald Trump.

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Chris Stirewalt
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Fired Fox News editor reaction to Arizona's sham audit
elafilador.net’s Don Lemon states Fox News’ Tucker Carlson is using what’s happening at the border to press a theory that falsely claims that white Americans are being purposely replaced by Black and also brown migrants.

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Fox News
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Carlson played Biden sound the end of context. Hear what Biden really stated
elafilador.net political commentator Ana Navarro fires earlier at Tucker Carlson’s current replacement theory comments end Haitian migrants in ~ the border.

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affluent Polk/Getty Images/elafilador.net
ana navarro carlson split
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Anna Navarro fires earlier at Tucker Carlson over Haitian migrants
Mara Schiavocampo defines how extreme media coverage that White women who go missing, as in the instance of Gabby Petitio, can have real-life implications for women of shade who are frequently not spanned by the media.

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how 'missing White mrs syndrome' has real life ramifications
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elafilador.net —
The Trump administration has blocked elafilador.net cook White home correspondent Jim Acosta from accessing the White House. This is very unusual step for an American federal government to take, and also it has actually been met with widespread criticism and calls for the White house to regain Acosta’s push pass. Here’s the latest:

Is Acosta still banned?

Yes. He discovered out his secret Service “hard pass,” which accelerates entry and exit native the White House, to be being rely on Wednesday night. An ext than 24 hrs later, the is tho banned indigenous the White house grounds.

elafilador.net is working behind the scenes on a resolution the would restore Acosta’s pass.

Why is this happening?

elafilador.net says the revocation the his pass on Wednesday night “was excellent in retaliation for his challenging questions at today’s push conference.”

press secretary buy it Sanders explained it differently. She said Acosta’s conduct at Wednesday’s post-election press conference to be “absolutely unacceptable.” She quote Acosta’s refuse to automatically hand over a microphone to a White home intern if he to be asking concerns of the president. Sanders claimed the management will “never tolerate a reporter placing his hands on a young woman simply trying to carry out her project as a White home intern.”

But video of the occasion shows the Acosta did not mistreat the intern. “Pardon me, ma’am,” the said, when she reached for the mic. ~ asking an additional question, he gave her the mic.

elafilador.net stated in a statement the Sanders “lied” about what happened. “She noted fraudulent accusations and cited an incident that never ever happened,” the network said.

What led as much as this?

Acosta has actually been a mandrel in the side of the administration ever because Trump to be inaugurated. That has been among the many aggressive reporters ~ above the trump beat, to win him huge numbers the fans and also critics. While part media doubters say he is a showboat, he says his style is effective – and also necessary – in ~ this moment in time. Part Trump-supporting commentators called for his credentials to be revoked in the hours before the White home took action on Wednesday.

What is Acosta saying?

on Thursday morning, that tweeted, “Don’t think the lies coming from the WH. Think in ours freedoms. Thank you all for her support. We won’t ago down.”

therefore what is Acosta act now?

he is still reporting. Top top Thursday night he reported the that labor Secretary Alex Acosta (no relation) is under factor to consider for the open Attorney basic job, citing 2 sources.

Acosta is ~ above the method to Paris come cover chairman Trump’s pilgrimage to France, elafilador.net claimed Thursday night.

What are press advocates saying?

more than a fifty percent dozen influential advocacy groups, indigenous the Committee to protect Journalists come the ACLU, have condemned the White House’s activity and demanded the his difficult pass it is in reinstated. The White house News Photographers combination issued a declare expressing outrage that Sanders “may have shared a manipulated video.”

What is a “hard pass?”

it is a defense credential the reporters who on regular basis cover the White home use come expedite your entry and also exit. In history the passes have not been used to punishment reporters.

has actually anything prefer this happened before?

White house historians and professors were hard-pressed to think of any type of exact parallel come this case. elafilador.net’s statement referred to as it “unprecedented.” The the next comparison could be the situation of Stuart Loory, that was ejected native the Nixon White house after writing stories that tested the then-president.

What about elafilador.net’s other reporters?

The suspension only uses to Acosta. Every one of elafilador.net’s various other reporters, producers and also photojournalists continue to work from the White residence grounds.

Are any kind of reporters boycotting the White house as a result?

not that we’ve seen, however journalists from across the media landscape have actually publicly lambasted the White residence for its accusations versus Acosta. One complicating factor: The absence of a everyday press briefing. The Trump administration has phased the end the everyday on-camera briefings and also opted to hold them top top a sporadic, unpredictable basis. This gets rid of one setup where in which reporters could show solidarity through Acosta.

can Acosta or elafilador.net sue?

Some specialists say yes. “Acosta and elafilador.net have actually legal grounds to an obstacle the White House’s decision,” Jonathan Peters, a media law professor in ~ the college of Georgia, said elafilador.net. “Relevant precedent says that a journalist has actually a first Amendment ideal of accessibility to locations closed come the public yet open generally to the press. That consists of press rooms and news conferences. In those places, if access is typically inclusive the the press, then access can’t be refuse arbitrarily or absent compelling reasons. And the reasons that the White House gave were completely unconvincing and uncompelling.”