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Video clip taken native the continuous protests in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota show a CNN crew member being hit in the head through a bottle of water.

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A 2nd video reportedly mirrors protesters chasing people linked with CNN away from a police precinct, pelting their automobile with eggs and also other food together they depart.

The an initial video confirmed a mrs urging an additional protester to act peacefully towards the CNN crew member. Then, an open plastic water bottle spills fluid as it bounces off of the crew member"s head. It sent him staggering backward and falling ~ above the ground.

After standing ago up, surrounding protesters summoned a street medic while the male remained dazed. Various other protesters jeered and also mocked the guy for fallout’s over.

"It"s all good. No worries," the crew member said when questioned about his well-being following the attack. "All good," he recurring while smiling.

Protesters just chased the entire CNN crew far from the police precinct.

— Nic Rowan (

In a 2nd video—also post by Washington Examiner reporter Nic Rowan—protesters supposedly chased the CNN crew away. In the video, world yell, "Get the f*ck the end of here!" together the males walk directly to your vehicle.

When another man walks increase to among the crew members, brandishing a tiny item in his hand, the crew member puts increase one hand and also says, "We"re leaving. Us don"t want any kind of trouble."

Eggs break against the men"s driver"s next door and home window as they depart.


Video taken from the Daunte wright protests in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota reportedly mirrors a CNN crew member being hit in the head v a water bottle and then fleeing after being chased away by protesters. In this photo, people linked with the protests was standing on a police cruiser as protesters require to the streets.Stephen Maturen/GettyThe protests have been in response to the lethal police shooting of Daunte Wright. Light is a 20-year-old fatally shoot on April 11 by Brooklyn facility police officer, Kim Potter.

In a Monday push conference, now-former Brooklyn facility Police chief Tim Gannon said Potter hadn"t intended on shoot Wright. Gannon play an unedited clip that bodycam footage showing Wright"s murder.

In the clip, Potter yelled "Taser!" together Wright struggled to escape the police officers trying come arrest him. After Potter shot her weapon, she said, "Holy shit, i shot him," together Wright sped off in a car.

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Gannon resigned two days ~ Wright"s death. Potter also resigned. She will be charged through second-degree manslaughter. The fee carries a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison and also a $20,000 fine.

Daunte Wright"s father, Aubrey Wright, has said that can"t expropriate the explanation the his child was fatally shot by mistake. The deceased man"s aunt, Naisha Wright, has actually said the Potter have to "pay for what she did."

Activists have actually said that Daunte Wright"s murder reflects that the device of regulation enforcement in the United states is "irreparably broken."