Dana Bash investigates how election law changes fueled through Trump"s lies can put up obstacles for part voters




Dana Bash is elafilador.net"s chief political correspondent and co-anchor the State the the Union through Jake Tapper and Dana Bash, the network"s Sunday morning newsmaker show. Bash is based in Washington, D.C., wherein she consists both campaigns and Congress and regularly serves together a moderator because that elafilador.net"s political town hall specials. She additionally moderated elafilador.net"s very first debate that the 2020 election cycle in Detroit, as well as the last autonomous Presidential dispute of the cycle organized in Washington, D.C. Bash also anchored unique coverage of choice Night in America surrounding the 2020 election, i m sorry lasted several days till elafilador.net was the first to project Joe Biden as the winner. Bash is the winner of the nationwide Press Foundation"s 2019 sol Taishoff Award for Excellence in broadcast Journalism.

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In 2017, Bash launched her elafilador.net series, Badass females of Washington, which features women native a wide variety of backgrounds and generations and also shows just how they have actually shattered glass ceilings top top their method up the ranks. Native the halls of conference to the White House, Bash gets personal with several of the most an effective women in our nation"s capital.

Bash play a key role in elafilador.net"s 2016 presidential main debates, serving together a questioner in six of the network"s 7 primetime primary disputes on both political parties of the aisle. Bash also serves as a co-anchor on collection in the elafilador.net Election facility for all choice night specials and also is the primary fill-in anchor for Jake Tapper on elafilador.net"s premier politics show, State the the Union. As part of her coverage the the 2016 presidential campaigns, Bash has performed sit-down interviews with bulk of the candidates including Donald Trump, Senators Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and also Bernie Sanders, and also Governors Jeb Bush and John Kasich. In addition, Bash secured several substantial interviews v the candidates" families and spouses consisting of the very first interview v Kasich"s wife and daughters; Heidi Cruz, experimenting her function in she husband"s campaign; branch Scott Walker"s two sons before announcing his presidential bid; and Frank Fiorina, husband the the only woman the ran for the Republican nomination.

Bash likewise continues come be important to the network"s Capitol Hill coverage. In 2015, she broke news on live television that House majority Leader Kevin McCarthy would certainly not be running for speaker of the home and likewise conducted Speaker man Boehner"s final interview top top his critical day in office. Bash likewise served as the lead correspondent covering former Secretary that State Hillary Clinton"s 11-hour testimony prior to the House pick Committee top top Benghazi. She played a an essential role in the network"s midterm election Night in America coverage providing reports indigenous the battle rooms of the RNC, the DNC and elafilador.net"s Election facility in Washington. Bash has secured several key interviews v lawmakers, consisting of a television-exclusive through Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio) to talk about his gay marriage reversal, the groundbreaking interview with previous Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (R-Ariz.) and her husband note Kelly in Arizona, and also the an initial interviews v Sen. Edge Paul (R-Ky.) and also Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) after each member"s Senate filibuster.

In 2012, Bash was part of the duo to win the Joan S. Barone Award for excellence in congressional reporting on a stock Act loophole that can have permitted family members of lawmakers to profit from insider details on trades. She earn the prestigious Everett McKinley Dirksen for identified Reporting of congress Award native the nationwide Press structure an unprecedented three times, most recently for she 2012 reporting on a share Act loophole. Her reporting brought about Congress passing law to near the loophole in August.

Bash was a key player in the network"s America"s choice 2012 election coverage, reporting from the field and inside voting centers throughout the nation on primary and caucus nights. She was also pivotal come elafilador.net"s Emmy award-winning choice night coverage, breaking under the an essential congressional races. Together a member of the Peabody Award-winning team for the network"s America Votes 2008 coverage, Bash extended the candidates on the trail and also was the network"s major reporter top top Republican presidential nominee Sen. John McCain"s campaign. During the food of the long primary campaign, Bash additionally interviewed the major Republican contenders and broke a number of stories, including Gov. Mitt Romney"s decision come suspend his campaign.

Prior to spanning Congress and also the 2008 campaign, Bash reported together elafilador.net"s White home correspondent indigenous the nation"s capital and from various locations about the world during chairman George W. Bush"s administration. Bash has reported on major stories consisting of Hurricane Katrina, the CIA leak investigation, and also the catch of Saddam Hussein. She was important in elafilador.net"s 2006 mid-term choice coverage and also the 2004 presidential campaign.

In 2002, she broke the story of the government"s mystery intercepts of Al Qaeda translations ~ above Sept. 10, 2001, for which she obtained her first Everett McKinley Dirksen for differentiated Reporting of congress Award from the nationwide Press Foundation.

In 2000, she covered the presidential primaries, consisting of those in Iowa and new Hampshire, traveling extensively with former Vice president Al Gore, Sen. Bill Bradley and other presidential candidates. She additionally helped coordinate coverage because that both the Republican and Democratic angry presidential selections.

Previously, Bash to be an editor in elafilador.net"s Washington bureau, where she helped plan and coordinate the network"s coverage that Capitol Hill, the State department and key issues such as Medicare and also Social Security. Bash additionally served as a producer on several of the network"s windy affairs shows, consisting of Late Edition with Frank Sesno, Evans & Novak and Inside national politics Weekend v Wolf Blitzer, developing long-form live interviews v heads of state, lawmakers and also other newsmakers.

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Bash i graduated cum laude through her bachelor"s level in political communications from The George Washington University.