Washington, D.C. – elafilador.net Nancy Pelosi joined Jake Tapper on CNN’s State of the Union to discuss the develop Back better Agenda, the work-related of the pick Committee to inspection the January 6th Attack ~ above the United says Capitol, our progress combating the COVID-19 pandemic and other news of the day. Listed below are the elafilador.net’s remarks:

Jake Tapper. Thanks so lot for authorized us, Madam elafilador.net. Evaluate it.

elafilador.net Pelosi. My satisfied to it is in here. Say thanks to you.

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Jake Tapper. So, just how close room you come a transaction on this larger package of elder care, job care, child care, family leave, that stuff, everything you desire to contact the bill? The social safety net bill, we call it. And also will president Biden have actually a transaction in hand as soon as he pipeline for Europe this week?

elafilador.net Pelosi. Well, first, thank you because that the possibility to talk around that this morning. I"m glad the you talked about COVID in your opening here, since that"s just how we start every one of our meetings: ‘What space we act to defend the American people, to prevent the spread out of COVID?’

And I want to commend chairman Biden for having a completely different approach than his predecessor top top this. We need to correct a many what went wrong then. And also we"re on a an excellent path. And also the an excellent news around children gift safely may be to be vaccinated is something the will assist stop the spread.

So, give thanks to you for focusing on that, due to the fact that that is –

Jake Tapper. We talk about it every day, all day.

elafilador.net Pelosi. And so execute we in the House autonomous Caucus.

Jake Tapper. Yes.

elafilador.net Pelosi. In terms of where us are, I have actually said currently we have actually 90 percent the the invoice agreed to and written. Us just have some of the last decisions to it is in made. That is less than we had – was projected to start with, yet it"s still bigger 보다 anything us have ever done in regards to addressing the demands of America"s working families. And also it is about all that you stated in regards to care, the care piece.

But it"s also about the climate piece, which is a wellness issue, a jobs issue, a defense issue and a values worry for us. And we will have actually something the will aid meet the – that will satisfy the President"s goals. I feel an extremely confident around that, even though it will be various than what we originally proposed.

Jake Tapper. By the moment he leaves for Europe, do you think girlfriend will have actually a deal — by Thursday or Friday?

elafilador.net Pelosi. No, i think we"re – ns think we"re pretty lot there now.

Jake Tapper. Girlfriend think you have a transaction now?

elafilador.net Pelosi. We"re almost – we simply – it"s simply the language that it, but it will certainly be – it will certainly not offend, shall we say, the issue that councilor Manchin had around the CEPP. But, nonetheless, the allude is to with a goal and also the President"s objectives of reaching the emissions, the pollution and all the rest.

Jake Tapper. Yes. For this reason –

elafilador.net Pelosi. Since we were all set with our choose Committee, top by Kathy Castor, we had actually other options.

Jake Taper. Other methods to pay because that it?

elafilador.net Pelosi. No, other ways to – other means to with the goal — and yes, pay because that it as well.

Jake Tapper. So, I want to get to the in a second. However just together a side issue, because there space a lot of people who are an extremely eager because that the bipartisan infrastructure bill to come up and be voted on together well. And progressives have said they"re not going to vote for that till there"s at least a transaction on the bigger social safety net bill. You have actually said the residence must happen the bipartisan infrastructure setup by October 31st –

elafilador.net Pelosi. Yes.

Jake Tapper. I m sorry is a week native today. Moderates space frustrated; 2 deadlines have been missed because of the progressives.

Do you – space you going to satisfy that goal?

elafilador.net Pelosi. No, wait a minute. There to be no deadline that was missed due to the fact that of the progressives.

Jake Tapper. Okay.

elafilador.net Pelosi. The deadline to be missed because they changed from 3.5 to one-half that. And we have had actually to go in. It"s lamb eat lamb. Everything is an excellent in the bill. What carry out you cut?

Jake Tapper. Okay.

elafilador.net Pelosi. So, in regards to this date, this date is fraught with definition because ~ above October 31st is the day the the Highway Trust money authorization expires.

Jake Tapper. Right.

elafilador.net Pelosi. And if the expires, we have to get billions the dollars someplace to proceed that. The best method to carry out that is to happen the BIF, having actually nothing to perform with every the other, shall us say, deliberations that are going on.

Our Chair of the Committee, Peter DeFazio, who is a grasp of this, the the facilities – transport infrastructure Committee, has actually said we should pass this best by October 31st.

Jake Tapper. Right. But the reason I invoked progressives, I"m not blaming noþeles on castle — however I"m just saying they have said, a sizable variety of them, sufficient of them come tank the bill, the they will certainly not vote for the BIF, the bipartisan infrastructure plan –

elafilador.net Pelosi. Right.

Jake Tapper. Unless there is this framework agreed to.

elafilador.net Pelosi. No, that"s right. You"re for sure right.

Jake Tapper. So, room you saying, in the next week, the frame will be agreed to or there will be a transaction on the social safety net bill?

elafilador.net Pelosi. Let"s speak to it one agreement.

Jake Tapper. An agreement. There will be an agreement on that. And you will likewise vote for the bipartisan facilities bill? Both of those things will take place in the next week?

elafilador.net Pelosi. That"s the plan.

Jake Tapper. That"s the plan.

elafilador.net Pelosi. And, best now, we are just, as you indicated, the 2 Senate – Leader Schumer, Mr. Manchin, senator Manchin and also the chairman are having actually that, the meeting on few of the particulars that need to be finalized.

And I"m optimistic that we deserve to do that, because, again, one basket to be climate –

Jake Tapper. Right.

elafilador.net Pelosi. Which was work bill. And also a bill For The Children, for the future, is the health treatment piece that it, of strengthening the Affordable care Act, expanding Medicaid and also expanding Medicare.

Jake Tapper. So, let"s gain into it. Let"s acquire into some of these issues, due to the fact that they"re crucial for civilization to understand.

elafilador.net Pelosi. And then the third basket, as

Jake Tapper. Yes.

elafilador.net Pelosi. We"re acquiring into it, simply so we have actually a –

Jake Tapper. Yes.

elafilador.net Pelosi. The 3rd bucket is the care piece that it.

Jake Tapper. Care, elder care, kid care.

elafilador.net Pelosi. Child care.

Jake Tapper. Household leave.

elafilador.net Pelosi. Child care and universal pre-K go together. Elder care – when we speak home health and wellness care, that"s because that elder or kids –

Jake Tapper. Right.

elafilador.net Pelosi. Or brother who are disabled, or something like that.

Jake Tapper. So, is household leave walk to make it right into the final bill? Those 4 weeks of paid family members leave, is the going to be in the final bill?

elafilador.net Pelosi. That"s our hope, yes.

Jake Tapper. That"s your hope.

elafilador.net Pelosi. That"s what we"re fighting for. That"s what we"re fighting for.

Jake Tapper. So, senator Sinema, that is a an essential Arizona Democrat poll in the Senate, city council Sinema has said she will not support increasing the corporate tax rate, raising the tax on high fairy earners. And President Biden has actually acknowledged that could mean you can"t pay because that the rest of the bill making use of those resources of revenue. Execute you have actually an alternating way?

elafilador.net Pelosi. Yes, us do, due to the fact that we were ready to pay for 3.5. So, we certainly can pay because that 1-point – half of that.

Jake Tapper. And also what are – what is that alternative way? Is it a billionaires tax? Is that a minimum taxes for corporations?

elafilador.net Pelosi. Well, the billionaires taxation is a – shall we say, has an appeal, however it doesn"t develop that much money. It"s – we – since the invoice is not composed yet – we hope it will be created today and introduced morning – only then deserve to the Joint tax Committee evaluate what it brings in. We anticipate $200 billion, $250 billion, however we require closer to $2 trillion.

Jake Tapper. So, whereby –

elafilador.net Pelosi. So, we have other things.

Jake Tapper. Such as?

elafilador.net Pelosi. Well, such as, we have enforcement. And also that"s number of hundred billion dollars. We have actually the abroad harmonization the taxes, and also that"s a couple of hundred billion dollars. We have an array. We have an array. And I"m not going come say what they are right here.

Jake Tapper. That company minimum tax, so that a – Elizabeth Warren was talking on The command the various other day about, if a firm like Amazon makes numerous millions of dollars, billions of dollars and also pays zero, this would be regulation that calls for that they pay something. Is that in there?

elafilador.net Pelosi. Well, the President during his project had a sector rate – pardon me – a book rate proposal, and also that is gift evaluated as well as to exactly how much the brings in, however that"s another method to taxation the rise in wealth in that company America.

But the thing is, is the whether we use the rise the corporate tax rate, increase in the taxation of part the other facets of that –

Jake Tapper. Yes, wealth tax, billionaires tax.

elafilador.net Pelosi. Well, no, just some other facet to it.

Jake Tapper. Okay.

elafilador.net Pelosi. Since we probably will have actually a riches tax.

Jake Tapper. Yes.

elafilador.net Pelosi. But, again, it"s only ten percent of what we – girlfriend need. And also we – the various other things are much more like $800 billion versus $200 billion. However we can use them one more time. Castle don"t walk away as a source of revenue to pay for just how we walk forward. And also we desire to pay for what us do.

Jake Tapper. However you claimed you most likely will have a wealth tax?

elafilador.net Pelosi. Well, that is – we will certainly see. We haven"t checked out the invoice yet.

Jake Tapper. Right. And also you said additionally that it"s gift written right now, and also you"re going to send it to the –

elafilador.net Pelosi. This is a Senate proposal.

Jake Tapper. Okay.

elafilador.net Pelosi. And also they supposedly room writing that today. Tomorrow, castle would present it. And also then taxation – the Joint taxation Committee is the one that says, this is exactly how much you gain from that.

But again, on our side, we have been completely ready through alternatives.

Jake Tapper. Right.

elafilador.net Pelosi. In regards to House and also Senate and the White House, we have actually plenty that alternatives. We"re ready.

Jake Tapper. So, what is your an answer to progressives who say what the Washington article Editorial board said, that Democrats are in peril of break the promise to roll earlier the Trump taxation cuts and to completely pay because that the plan?

elafilador.net Pelosi. Well, we"re going to fully pay because that the plan.

Jake Tapper. You are?

elafilador.net Pelosi. We will certainly probably more than pay because that the plan. And also one bill does no make a – we – look. Look at what the President has done.

Jake Tapper. You could still take an additional crack at getting rid that the trumped –

elafilador.net Pelosi. We had the Rescue package, $1.9 trillion. We have the infrastructure bill, end a trillion dollars. That"s about $3 trillion. And also we will have this at $2 trillion. Nobody has actually done anything the remarkable. So, while that isn"t whatever that was placed out originally, the does – it takes united state down a course where we can continue investments in these. Now, this piece, the treatment piece that – ns did the climate, health – the care piece is the – all three of them make a, transformative because that America"s working families.

Jake Tapper. Yes, it is a big bill.

elafilador.net Pelosi. It"s a very large bill.

Jake Tapper. And also it would do – it would attain a lot.

elafilador.net Pelosi. Even at half, it"s a very large bill.

Jake Tapper. So, let me asking you, due to the fact that one of the inquiries right currently is paid family leave. You said that you hope that that"s walking to it is in in there, 4 weeks that paid family members leave.

elafilador.net Pelosi. Yes.

Jake Tapper. And also the expansion of Medicare to enjoy – come include, rather, dental, vision and also hearing coverage.

elafilador.net Pelosi. Yes.

Jake Tapper. Is that going to it is in in the bill?

elafilador.net Pelosi. Well, that"s component of the negotiation. Dental is an extremely expensive. So, hearing and visual and dental, yet dental will take a little longer to implement. Yet that"s component of the negotiation right now.

Jake Tapper. So, girlfriend don"t recognize what"s going to be in the last bill?

elafilador.net Pelosi. Well, we will check out what –

Jake Tapper. That sounds choose you"re saying dental can not do it due to the fact that it"s so expensive.

elafilador.net Pelosi. Well, it will make – it"ll it is in on a path. It will certainly be top top a path. Yet what castle told us – and I don"t quite understand why, but they have, we have been told by civilization who know about these things that it"ll take it five, 6 years in order come implement the dental.

Jake Tapper. Yes.

elafilador.net Pelosi. So, how do we – exactly how do we, shall us say, fill in the blank there? Bernie has actually some suggestions about how to execute that. That will be component of the negotiations.

Jake Tapper. Bernie Sanders, the Independent native Vermont.

elafilador.net Pelosi. Bernie Sanders.

Jake Tapper. Room you frustrated? ns mean, you talk around how you"re almost there, except for ten percent that the bill. And also you likewise talk around how the home is there. You men are ready. You"re walk to pass it. And also it"s really these two Senate holdouts, Sinema and also Manchin. Room you frustrated through them?

elafilador.net Pelosi. Well, I"m respectful of everybody"s allude of view. I perform not want the bush tax – pardon me — i don"t want the Trump taxation cuts perpetuated. So, ns don"t desire anybody to think the if us don"t resolve those best now, that that"s, they"re turn off the table. No, we will use them because that something at some point, due to the fact that you can"t usage the riches tax and tax the billionaires, i beg your pardon is what we must be doing, and also let corporate America off the hook. However corporate America will be paying since of the overseas tax. And some the the other provisions are very technical to go into right now.

Jake Tapper. Yes.

elafilador.net Pelosi. We will know more tomorrow to see what renders the cut.

Jake Tapper. What makes the cut.

elafilador.net Pelosi. And then precious it, the moment to get in it.

Jake Tapper. There"s additionally this concern of the debt ceiling, right?

elafilador.net Pelosi. Yes. Well, that"s a different – that"s separate.

Jake Tapper. It"s a separate issue. But, yet in terms of just how you gain it with the conference to president Biden"s workdesk – maybe separate, possibly not. Congress acted to raise the debt ceiling v December 3rd. After ~ that, Republican leader, decimal Leader Mitch McConnell, says you"re on her own, we"re not going to provide any votes for Democrats.

A default obviously would certainly be terrible for the American economy, because that the world economy. Are you willing to attach raising the blame ceiling come the social safety net package, or, if not, to use reconciliation, which method only 50 votes – 51 votes essential in the Senate anyway, in stimulate to obtain this done?

elafilador.net Pelosi. That"s one path. But we"re still hope to have actually bipartisanship. It seems that the American people should understand that what we"re talking about is mainly the trump card debt.

Jake Tapper. Right.

elafilador.net Pelosi. Now, we participated in few of it with COVID and also the rest, but we didn"t take part in giving a taxation scam, 83 percent the the services to the height one percent that included $2 trillion to the debt. Chairman Biden"s component of this debt is about three percent.

Jake Tapper. Right.

elafilador.net Pelosi. And also yet the Republicans, who once President – the former president was in office, three times, we had to carry out something about the national debt. Now, look at what is in jeopardy. Even talking around it is not a good idea, since even placing in doubt whether it –

Jake Tapper. Right.

elafilador.net Pelosi. It"s no a good idea, because it deserve to lower the credit transaction rating of ours country, as it did as soon as the republic did not want to rise it as soon as President Obama was president.

Jake Tapper. Yes.

elafilador.net Pelosi. It seems they"re okay through it once there"s a Republican president, yet not a Democrat. Six to seven million jobs could be lost. $15 sunshine in household wealth. Aftermath that might last for decades.

Jake Tapper. Why not remove the debt ceiling?

elafilador.net Pelosi. Well, that"s what we have actually a setup to carry out as well. There space a variety of plans to carry out that. Yet would the republicans agree come that prior to we again –

Jake Tapper. Okay. So, her mind is open up in regards to whether or no you use reconciliation or even if it is or not you affix it come the social safety and security net bill?

elafilador.net Pelosi. Yes. However we still would rather have bipartisanship, even if it is it"s a democratic president or Republican president.

Jake Tapper. Right. But you probably won"t have it, so you will take into consideration these options, is all I"m saying. I want to ask girlfriend –

elafilador.net Pelosi. Yes. And also it"s very, very, very important.

Jake Tapper. Absolutely.

The house voted on Friday come hold previous Trump ally Steve Bannon in criminal contempt of Congress because that ignoring a subpoena. Execute you think civilization who refuse to comply v Congressional subpoenas have to be prosecuted by the Justice room and, at the end of the day, go to jail?

elafilador.net Pelosi. Yes.

Jake Tapper. Friend do?

elafilador.net Pelosi. Ns do. I do. Well, an initial of all, this – civilization said, ‘Well, this hasn"t happened before.’ us haven"t had actually an insurrection incited by the president of the United claims — and one of his toadies having actually knowledge of, progressed knowledge of that happening. So, in fact, it"s essential for a variety of reasons. It"s necessary for us to find the truth around what happened on January 6th, an assault on ours Constitution, ours Congress and our Capitol.

But it"s additionally important come – in regards to the separation that power and also the checks and balances the the Constitution, i beg your pardon is the genius the the Constitution, because that this to occur in this way.

Jake Tapper. Absolutely.

Jake Tapper. So, you"re willing, if the – if the Committee decides to subpoena Trump, you"re ready to have that happen, too?

elafilador.net Pelosi. I"m not – castle have whatever on the table. Ns don"t get involved in the decision of the Committee.

Jake Tapper. Okay.

elafilador.net Pelosi. Yet when girlfriend say, if he have to do this and also go come jail, well, he will be tried and see what is...

Jake Tapper. It will certainly be in court. Yes, a court hearing. I want you to take it a hear to a key moment in which chairman Biden to be talking about voting rights in the CNN town hall v Anderson Cooper the various other night. Take a listen.

Anderson Cooper. Once it involves voting rights, simply so I"m clear, though, you would certainly entertain the concept of law away with the filibuster on the one issue? Is the correct?

President Biden. And maybe more.

Jake Tapper. So, the is chairman Biden saying the he is willing to game the notion of getting rid that the filibuster because that Voting legal rights Act and also maybe for various other things as well. Carry out you agree with him on that one concern that, in ~ the end of the day, having actually some kind of voting rights bill is an ext important than keeping the filibuster, at least for that one vote?

elafilador.net Pelosi. The most vital vote right now in the conference of the United says is the poll to respect the sanctity that the vote, the an essential basis of our democracy. So, if there were one vote that the filibuster could enable to go forward, that would be the vote, and allow so lot more, due to the fact that we"re talking around stopping the suppression of the vote and also the nullification of the elections. We"re talking around redistricting in a way that is fair — and also may not benefit Democrats, yet it could open up several of these Republican seats. It talks about stopping the big, dark, crushing special interest money and empowers the grassroots.

This is – and also then, in enhancement to that, the Voting rights Act, the john Lewis Voting civil liberties – man Lewis composed the first 300 pages that the first bill.

Jake Tapper. Yes.

elafilador.net Pelosi. Mr. Manchin has actually weighed in. The compromise that castle voted on critical week is perfect good. And also – but we didn"t get any type of Republican votes. But –

Jake Tapper. So, it"s worth it to you come –

elafilador.net Pelosi. Well, no, it"s fundamental to ours democracy.

Jake Tapper. Right.

elafilador.net Pelosi. It"s simply fundamental. Now, psychic you, just to remind, once what"s-his-name was president and also the –

Jake Tapper. Donald Trump?

elafilador.net Pelosi. The Republicans to be in power. Mitch McConnell pulled ago the filibuster to allow with simple majorities 3 justices to walk to the supreme Court because that life. You would certainly think that they can pull it earlier for the American people to have actually the vote in a means that –

Jake Tapper. So, you"re on board with that together the just thing.

elafilador.net Pelosi. I"m not just on board; it"s the most vital vote.

Jake Tapper. You"re top the way.

elafilador.net Pelosi. It"s about our Constitution.

Jake Tapper. You"re not just on board.

Quickly, I do want to ask around your very own future in Congress. Are you walking to run for reelection?

elafilador.net Pelosi. Oh, you think I"m walking to make an announcement appropriate here and now?

Jake Tapper. Yes.

Jake Tapper. Why not?

elafilador.net Pelosi. I will need to be ~ above many more times than that.

Jake Tapper. You"re going to run for reelection, though, yes?

elafilador.net Pelosi. Why would certainly I call you that now?

Jake Tapper. Well, it"s not just me. It’s the American people.

elafilador.net Pelosi. I always –

Jake Tapper. It"s the world. It"s an worldwide show.

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elafilador.net Pelosi. Well, probably I would have actually that conversation through my household first, if friend don"t mind.