I to be shocked the this to be being displayed to mine 11 and also 12 year old. We don't watch offensive news in ~ home. Children should get to it is in kids and also not it is in instilled with fear if we can defend them against it. My kid came home and said mother I learned around ISIS cutting turn off a 14 year old guys hand. That was really sad. Walk CNN think it's a great idea to highlight exactly how other children their period are murdered? ours schools should be a safe and peaceful haven for children to attain an education,. CNN must stay out of schools.

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VERY little content for children here. CNN simply slaps a disclaimer top top the front therefore you're on her own. In the 3 weeks that I've been previewing the illustration (incredibly, this is component of mine child's sixth grade "geography" curriculum), I've viewed graphic footage of: Syrian polite War, Nairobi mall massacre, marine Yard shooting, 9-11, bullying-induced suicide, etc. What isn't violent is often political, basically teaching youngsters that US federal government doesn't work and that our nation is run by angry, disenfranchised and also accusatory children.Yes, there space some worthwhile stories yet they are few and sandwiched between killings, suicide and war. In summary: It's not for me and also certainly not for mine child.
I have been showing this routine to my 7th and 8th great Social research studies classroom because that the last few years, because Channel One go defunct.At an initial I was cynical to show the program since it has "CNN" in the title, and also I live in the middle of the holy bible Belt. I have to say I'm a conservative Christian, and I'm an extremely sensitive to contents inappropriate because that kids. I have three children of mine own, and my wife and I are an extremely careful about what our youngsters are exposed to. I will say this, without any reservations, that CNN10 is the many kid ideal true news regime out there the is truly unbiased. After ~ watching countless episodes of CNN10, i realized that it's content and also commentary is much much less liberal 보다 Channel One was. CNN10 literally has no agenda, conservative or liberal, which is truly refreshing. I have caught some flack from part parents because the surname of the program consists of "CNN". I recognize their concerns, as CNN is very liberal. Yet not CNN10. I have asked mine complaining parents if they have ever before watched any episodes of CNN10, and they mumble around and say other like, "If it originates from CNN, that can't be any kind of good." I suspect the exact same from the reviewers on this website who offer it one star and say things like, "It's full of violence and also has a for free agenda.

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" Nothing can be additional from the truth. CNN10 is truly the best unbiased news program accessible for students.