CNN 10 Quiz answer January 2020, CNN 10 Weekly News Quiz, Cnn 10 Quiz Ans – CNN has announced the concerns of this week’s weekly news quiz to check your knowledge in the news events. CNN 10 offer the audience interested in con-demand news broadcasts right the classroom. The CNN 10 quiz beginning every Friday ~ above CNN 10. Here a total of 10 questions are shown related to recent international significance.

Here in this article, we space going to offer you all the answers of the CNN 10 Quiz.

CNN 10 Quiz answers January 2020 – Weekly News Quiz

1. What two countries gave differing account of a near-collision of your warships that occurred last week in the Arabian Sea?

Ans – Russian & US

2. What type of “Quadrantid” event was recently captured in picture from the International space Station and by viewers on Earth?

Ans – Quadrantid Meteor Shower

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3. What is between 40% and also 60% effective in staying clear of the flu in many cases, follow to the U.S. Centers for condition Control?

Ans – The Flu Vaccine

4. In what nation did the Taal Volcano freshly erupt, spewing ash right into the air and leading to fear of a enlarge eruption in the days ahead?

Ans – Philippines

5. What state that Australia has actually been characterized as the “hardest-hit” by wildfires that continue to threaten land, homes and businesses?

Ans – brand-new South Wales

6. What significant League Baseball team has actually been approve a variety of penalties for a sign-stealing plan that it made use of in that is 2017 championship season?

Ans – Houston Astros

7. Which chamber of the U.S. Government formally submitted its short articles of impeachment versus the president on Wednesday?

Ans – The House

8. Which chamber of the U.S. Government will organize a attempt to recognize whether the president is guilty or no guilty of the charges versus him?

Ans – The Senate chamber

9. In what country did the federal government resign top top Wednesday, perhaps paving the way for its president to enact significant changes come the country’s constitution?

Ans – Russia

10. What occasion is it was observed in the United claims on the third Monday in January?

Ans – young name Luther King Jr. Day 

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