Parkland shooting survivor Colton Haab cases CNN tried to manipulate his words throughout a city hall on gun violence. But is that true?


Parkland shoot survivor Colton Haab insurance claims CNN tried come manipulate his words throughout a city hall on total violence this week.Read moreCBS Miami

A week after ~ a institution shooting in Florida left 17 people dead, CNN aired a riveting town-hall event moderated through Philly indigenous Jake Tapper the featured members the the Parkland community confronting politicians and also stakeholders about what can be excellent to defend schools native future attacks.

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But there was a survivor missing from the occasion — 17-year-old Colton Haab, who told WPLG-TV Wednesday night, "CNN had originally request me to compose a speech and questions, and it ended up being all scripted." top top Thursday night, Haab appeared on Fox News, telling host Tucker Carlson the he made decision to skip the city hall after ~ a CNN producer rewrote one of his it is registered questions.

"Originally I had actually thought that it was going to be an ext of my own question and my own say, and then it turned out to be much more of just a script," Haab said. "And she had actually said that over the phone that I required to stick come the script."

CNN has actually vehemently refuse Haab"s claims. Emails between the Haab family and also the network, obtained by the and also Daily News, show that CNN"s actions have been mischaracterized through right-wing media outlets and also President Trump, who used the conflict to once again label CNN "fake news." The emails expose a producer attempting to help Haab center his question roughly the topic of letting trained teachers carry guns, no trying to readjust his point of view.

Haab, a junior ROTC member that was hailed as a hero for shielding his classmates making use of kevlar sheets, to be contacted by CNN to take part in the city hall after appearing in numerous television interviews, including one on Fox & Friends in which that said, "If Coach Feis had actually had his firearm in college that day, I think that the could"ve most likely stopped the threat." Feis passed away in the attack.

Haab listed CNN through a list of four questions he wanted to ask during the town hall. A producer claimed the list necessary to be pared down to just one because of time constraints and the style of the event, according to the emails. Haab"s father additionally emailed the producer a three-page, 700-word decided he want his child to give, which additionally didn"t fit through the constraints of CNN"s broadcast.

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Ultimately, the producer argued Haab "stick" through a inquiry the two had disputed on the phone, i m sorry simply included comments the student made ~ above Fox & Friends to one of his suggest questions. The wording because that that question would have actually been: "Senator Nelson, if Coach Feis had had his firearm in institution that day, I think that he could have most most likely stopped the threat. Have we thought around having a course for teacher who space willing come be armed trained to bring on campus?"

The suggestion prompted a strong response from Haab"s father, who pulled his child out that the town call and also told CNN in one email, "We space not gibbs nor execute we check out from a script."

"Colton"s father withdrew his surname from participation prior to the forum began, which us regretted yet respected," CNN claimed in a explain on Thursday. "We welcome Colton to join us on CNN now to talk about his views on school safety."

But the takeaway because that many conservative news outlets and pundits showed up to be the CNN tried to change Haab"s inquiry in an effort to promote a gun-control agenda, miscellaneous the emails show didn"t happen. "Parkland student: CNN provided me "scripted" concerns on guns" is the title the Washington Examiner go with, while the right-wing news website Breitbart published, "Parkland Student"s Father states CNN just Interested in "Certain Narrative." " Gateway Pundit, which has actually been noted White house credentials despite regularly peddling baseless conspiracy theories, used, "CNN refuse to enable Florida shoot Hero Colton Haab to Ask questions at town Hall the Didn"t Fit their Narrative."

According come Fox News, Carlson is meant to current "shocking new evidence" about Haab"s allegations against CNN top top his display Friday night.