1:34 p.m. ET, November 23, 2020

Key moments from the final presidential debate in between Trump and also Biden

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President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden participate in the final presidential controversy at Belmont college on Thursday in Nashville. Jim Bourg/Pool via AP

President Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden confronted off tonight during the last 2020 presidential debate, wherein they discussed the coronavirus pandemic, foreign interference in united state elections, immigration and more.

If friend are simply tuning in, right here are some vital lines and moments from the night:

Living under the coronavirus pandemic

“It will certainly go away and as i say, we’re rounding the turn, we’re rounding the corner. The going away,” trump card said. " says, we"re learning to live through it. People are finding out to dice with it," Biden said.
“People worthy to have actually affordable health and wellness care, period. Period, period, period,” Biden said. “And the Bidencare proposal will carry out for that.” Trump has actually long stated he would unveil a arrangement to change Obamacare that would continue to safeguard those with pre-existing conditions. However, he has yet to do so.
“They will certainly pay a price if i’m elected,” Biden said, specifically referring come interference by China, Russia and also Iran. “They’re interfering through American sovereignty. That’s what’s walk on.”
"The kids are carried here by coyotes and lots the bad people, cartels, and also they"re brought here and also they used to use them to obtain into our country. We now have a strong a border as we"ve ever before had. We"re end 400 mile of brand-new wall. You watch the numbers. We let human being in but they have to come in legally," trump said. In terms of reuniting these children with their families, Trump claimed his management has a plan and also "we"re working on it very — we"re trying really hard.""Five hundred plus children came with parents. They be separated them in ~ the border to make it a disincentive to come to start with. We"re tough. We"re yes, really strong. And assumption: v what. They cannot — it"s no coyotes didn"t carry them over. Their parental were through them. They got separated from their parents. And it renders us a laughing stock and violates every id of who we are as a nation," Biden said. "Their children were ripped from your arms and separated. And now they cannot discover over 500 to adjust of those parents and those youngsters are alone. Nowhere to go. Nowhere come go. It"s criminal. It"s criminal."
“I have actually a very an excellent relationship through him. Different kind of a guy, yet he probably thinks the same thing about me. We have actually a different kind that a relationship. We have a very great relationship. And also there"s no war,” trumped said.“He"s talked around his an excellent buddy who"s a thug, a thug, and he talks about how we"re better off. And they have actually much an ext capable missiles, maybe to reach US region much an ext easily than they ever before did before,” Biden said. He claimed he would certainly only accomplish with the North korean leader “on the condition that he would agree that he would certainly be drawing down his nuclear capacity.”
Trump called brand-new York City "a ghost town," whereby restaurants "are dying" as result of shutdowns and its Democratic-led government. "If you go and look at what"s happened to new York, it"s a ghost town. It"s a ghost town. And when you speak about Plexiglas, these are restaurants that room dying. These are businesses v no money," the chairman said. Biden championed brand-new York state for stemming the number of Covid-19 infections and also deaths. "Take a look in ~ what brand-new York has done in terms of transforming the curve down in terms of the number of civilization dying. And ns don"t look in ~ this in the terms the he does, blue states and red states. They"re every the united States," Biden said.

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“We can’t close ours nation,” trump said. “We can not lock ourselves increase in a basement choose Joe does.”Biden, meanwhile, supplied a new line arguing his goal was no to keep the nation locked down. "Shut down the virus, not the country,” he said.