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Huey P. Newton, a co-founder the the black color Panther Party and also a leader of a generation the blacks in the 1960's, was shot to fatality early this particular day in the ar where he began his organizing.

His body was found lying in a swimming pool of blood top top a street in one Oakland neighborhood where residents say they fear they are shedding the fight against drug dealing and also poverty.

Dr. Newton, who earned a Ph.D. In social viewpoint from the college of California at Santa Cruz in 1980, was shot numerous times, at the very least once in the head, claimed Officer terry Foley of the Oakland Police Department.

The shooting was reported to the police at 5:29 A.M. The 47-year-old Dr. Newton was required to Highland Hospital, where he to be pronounced dead much less than an hour later.

At a news conference this afternoon, Lieut. Mike Sims said there to be no suspects and no apparent motive.

Dr. Newton, who started the black color Panther Party through Bobby Seale, became one that the most charismatic icons of black anger in the late 1960's. After ~ his conviction in 1967 in the fatality of one Oakland police officer, radicals and many university students took up the rallying cry ''Free Huey.'' in ~ the exact same time, Dr. Newton and the black color Panthers were accused the being controlled by the Communist Party and were investigated by the commonwealth Bureau that Investigation. < Obituary, web page B7. > In recent years Dr. Newton continued to challenge numerous legit charges, served time in jail and fought come rehabilitate himself from alcohol and also drug abuse.

Police investigators stated today the there was no evidence that his killing was pertained to drugs. Where His job-related Began

Residents of the ar where Dr. Newton was eliminated said he started his work-related with the black Panthers in the very same area, working through churches to serve cost-free breakfasts come youngsters.

One man, that spoke ~ above the condition that he no be identified, said: ''He knew everybody down here. This area is part of his roots. This area is whereby he come up.''

Mr. DePalm's sister, Audrey, said she known news photographs the Dr. Newton as a guy she had actually seen recently in the neighborhood, i m sorry is two blocks indigenous the west Oakland subway station and is marked by abandoned buildings and also rundown dwellings with damaged windows.

Charles Garry, who was Dr. Newton's lawyer for countless years and also who protected him in the situation of the slain Oakland officer, compliment Dr. Newton together the founder that ''the renaissance that the black color liberation movement.''

Mr. Garry claimed he never saw a violent next to Newton. A adjust in Personality

''I witnessed a an extremely sweet side, a humane side, a dignified side, a male who was theoretically in donate of a far better world.''

But Mr. Garry stated that Dr. Newton became paranoid and that his personality adjusted years ago when he became a target the the F.B.I., whose agents tried to infiltrate and disrupt the black Panthers.

''They ruined him end 10 years ago,'' Mr. Garry said. ''To me, Huey passed away 10 year ago.''

But law-enforcement officers said they observed a much more lawless side. Dr. Newton was convicted of voluntarily manslaughter in the fatality of the Oakland officer and also served 2 years in prison before the situation was i rejected on appeal. The 2nd and third trials in the case ended in hung juries.

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In 1987, he served nine month in san Quentin prison on a handgun possession fee dating native the so late 1970's. And also in March the pleaded no contest to misappropriating $15,000 in public funds earmarked because that a community school the party ran in the early 1980's. After gift granted special amnesty on the weapons conviction, he returned to prison twice on special amnesty violatons.