15 TV Actors who Married your Co-Stars periodically when working through someone ~ above a TV present for a long time, the sparks will begin to fly in actual life together well!

from Tom Cruise and also Nicole Kidman to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, there"s nothing better than co-stars married in genuine life. The idea of actors falling in love v one another and getting married after working on a movie or TV show together is nothing new. Sometimes, it has been scandalous, especially when one (or both) persons were already with someone rather at the time. Yet the heart desires what the heart wants, as they say.

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And when many TV co-stars who acquired married were married long before they started working with each other on a show or movie, some actually met, or at least dropped in love, on collection while they were co-stars.

Updated ~ above July 31st, 2021, through Lynn Gibbs: There"s nothing that makes a PR agency happier than as soon as a movie or TV show they"re functioning on has actually two stars that fall in love with each other. Viewers and also fans become obsessed with the idea of a voluntarily romance and watching their love for each other kind onscreen. Plus, married TV actors develop an immediate buzz. Orange Is the brand-new Black"s Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli is a great example of two women who fell for each other on collection and obtained married afterward. The beauty, beauty of TV actors who room married is hope they show up in future tasks together and watching the transformation of their relationship. 

Promotional picture for the cast of Empire
Trai Byers and also Grace Byers to be both originally cast in the fight series Empire ago in 2015 when they an initial met. Castle were two of the ideal characters in the series, and also it proved off-screen. However, Grace was in a severe relationship as soon as she met Trai, but their link was so strong she had actually no selection but to end that relationship and follow she heart. Top top the talk show FABLife, elegant admitted she wasn"t a pan of dating people she worked with but Trai to be the exception.

According come All Vip, Trai proposed come Grace and also the pair got married a year later. This days the couple is tho going strong.

David Tennant and also Georgia Moffett on medical professional Who
David Tennant and Georgia Moffett met on set of Doctor Who in season 4. She had a guest-starring duty in the episode "The Doctor’s Daughter," where she played her future husband’s daughter. The two dropped for each various other on set and began dating soon afterward. 

In 2011, the couple had their an initial child together before getting married a year later. This days, both actors room still in film and also currently have five children together

Johanna Braddy and Freddie on collection of Lifetime's UnREAL
Johanna Braddy and Freddie Stroma an initial met each other in 2015 on the set of Lifetime’s UnREAL. The display took target at The Bachelor and had Freddie as the bachelor, Adam Cromwell, and Johanna, Anna Martin, as the contestant. The couple didn’t job-related on-screen, however their love was imminent off set. 

A year after the show was released, the pair became engaged and also married in the same year. This do viewers certain fawn ~ the gibbs in genuine life since there to be so lot chemistry ~ above screen.

12 Adam Brody and Leighton Meester

Adam Brody and Leighton Meester in a promo because that The Oranges
TV fans" psychic exploded when Adam Brody as Seth Cohen of The OC fame and Leighton Meester as Blair Waldorf the Gossip Girl fame started dating. They were two of the best stars at the time of their corresponding shows and were the many wanted civilization in display business. Them dating only seemed right. 

The two met briefly once Leighton was filming Gossip Girl but didn’t obtain a chance to affix until working together on the movie The Oranges, per us Magazine. When Brody was dating someone rather at the time, he and Leighton reconnected when he was single and the rest is history. The pair now have two kids together. 

The pair met while filming the pilot for True Blood in 2007 and also immediately dropped in love. They announced lock were engaged in 2009 when the present was quiet on the air and also officially married in 2010.

The pair continue to be married, currently with twins along with Moyer"s two youngsters from a vault marriage. True Blood remained on the air v 2014. And also to think that various other actors were practically cast as their personalities Bill and Sookie!

10 Mila Kunis and also Ashton Kutcher (That "70s Show)

Technically, Kunis and Kutcher did not get married when they were co-stars. The actually came many, many years later. The pair played high college loves on the late "90s/early "00s sitcom That "70s Show. Once the collection ended and also the actors went their separate ways, Kunis and Kutcher"s girlfriend and also boyfriend standing only ever existed top top screen.

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Kunis went on to day Home Alone son actor macauleay Culkin from 2002 to 2011 while Kutcher married Demi Moore in 2005, however they also split in 2011. Contact it fate yet by 2012, Kunis and also Kutcher had reunited and also fans to be delighted as soon as their long-time on-screen romance became the genuine thing. Lock married in 2015 and now share two youngsters together.

Bledel is finest known because that her function as Rory Gilmore ~ above Gilmore Girls, as well as the Netflix reunion miniseries, and also for playing Emily in The Handmaid"s Tale. Yet in in between those projects, she had a tiny guest role on Mad Men together Beth, a love attention for Pete Campbell, the sleazy, too many ambitious account executive that cheated top top his wife, repeatedly.

It seems the on-screen chemistry was actual as Bledel walk on come date and then marry Vincent Kartheiser, who played Pete. Lock announced their engagement the following year and also now have a child together.

8 Alyson Hannigan and Alexis Denisof (Buffy The Vampire Slayer)

In 1999, gibbs Alyson Hannigan and also Alexis met each other on the collection of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the rest was history. Alyson played willow from season 1 come season 7, if Alexis play Wesley. Once the display ended, the pair quickly married in 2003. These days, they are among Hollywood’s longest-lasting couples. The pair has two daughters together and renewed your vows in 2013 ~ 10 year together.

According to Fabiosa, the secret to their marriage is being ideal friends and also not going longer than three weeks without seeing each other.

known for his duty of Sam Winchester on Supernatural, Padalecki got involved to Cortese, his co-star ~ above the series, ago in 2010. Cortese was cast in a recurring function as the demon Ruby, and that to be that.

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The pair remains together today, currently with three kids. And also their love story was significant with a really romantic moment when Padalecki proposed in prior of Cortese"s favourite painting, "Joan that Arc" by Jules Bastien-Lepage in ~ the MOMA in new York.

6 mark Consuelos and also Kelly Ripa (All my Children)

While everyone knows Kelly Ripa these days as co-host of Live! through Kelly and Ryan, it"s simple to forget that, back in the "90s, she was a soap star. Ripa showed up in the daytime soap opera All mine Children, one the the best modern-day soap operas. While there, she met a handsome male that would go top top to come to be her husband, mark Consuelos, who was also appearing on the show.

The pair wasted no time and also eloped the year after lock met. More than two years later, lock remain an extremely much in love, with three children, the eldest of who is currently in his 20"s.

prior to Jennifer was one-half of "Bennifer" after ~ working through Ben Affleck on the set of Daredevil and beginning a romance, she to be married come someone else she met top top set. Garner and also Scott Foley met ~ above the set of the TV present Felicity in 1998 and sparks flew. They obtained married two years later however separated 3 years later.

Garner apparently has actually a point for dating co-stars due to the fact that from 2003 come 2004, she dated another co-star, Michael Vartan, through whom she was working on among her finest shows, Alias.

4 Chad Michael Murray and Sophia bush (One Tree Hill)

many recently appearing in the CW collection Riverdale, Murray obtained recognition for his role as Lucas in One Tree Hill in the early 2000s. Interestingly, while Murray fell hard because that his co-star Sophia Bush, their marriage only lasted a few months. Bush even filed for an annulment citing fraud, though that was denied. The couple was, however, granted a divorce.

Murray is currently married to an additional co-star, buy it Roemer, native Chosen, through whom that shares two children. Bush, meanwhile, stays single, her last reported connection being through Dan Fredinburg, a regimen manager because that Google. They ended things in 2014, and also sadly, Fredinburg passed away a year later, the an outcome of head injuries from an avalanche at mount Everest.

Olson rose to fame as soon as she snagged the starring function in the sitcom The Mick, but she also concurrently starred top top the FX comedy It"s always Sunny in Philadelphia, the last of which proceeds to air.

Interestingly, McElhenny is not only her co-star ~ above the show, play the hilarious Mac, yet he is likewise co-creator and also producer the the series who rental her! They began dating secretly throughout the second season, then lastly made your romance public. Castle now have two youngsters together. Yet they"re no the just ones, Mary Elizabeth Ellis, who plays The Waitress, and also Charlie work are likewise married in actual life in a heartwarming comparison to your characters" dynamic ~ above the show.

2 Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman (Will & Grace)

Technically, Mullally and also Offerman were dating long prior to Offerman had actually a tiny guest function on the Thanksgiving illustration of the 4th season the Will & Grace. Lock were date by that time, having first met while acting in a play.

After officially tying the knot, the pair go on come co-star in countless other jobs together, consisting of movies like The monarchs of Summer and series like Parks and Recreation. His role as Ron Swanson had some of the best underrated moments in the series. The pair has also done voice roles together for shows like Bob"s Burgers and also movies choose Hotel Transylvania 2.

Who could have ever before thought that the woman that spoke the heat "You know nothing Jon Snow" would catch actor Kit Harington"s heart in real life. Harington and Leslie, who played Ygritte, Snow"s very first love, began dating in 2011 when filming Game the Thrones, and being lover on display screen as well.

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They dated for fairly some time before marrying in 2018. Leslie posed for a newspaper shoot in September 2020, clearly pregnant v the couple"s child, and they space still going strong today.

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