Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze didn’t acquire along nearly as well together their on-screen chemistry in ‘Dirty Dancing’ would suggest. But they’re far from the only actors come seethe in ~ each various other while the cameras weren’t rolling.

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2020’s summer blockbuster season has been placed on hold since of the pandemic, however that doesn’t average we can’t celebrate the movies from the past that we flocked out of the sun and into air air conditioning for. Welcome come The Ringer’s return to Summer Blockbuster Season, where we’ll feature various summer classics each week.

You might reasonably claim that Dirty Dancing is the horniest PG-13 movie ever made. The film had actually to go through number of rounds through the Motion snapshot Association of America to get knocked down from an R rating; it seems there were some reservations around the camera lingering on gyrating hips and also sweaty muscles an ext than a house workout video. But as tantalizing as Dirty Dancing’s setup may be—a well-off girl falling because that the hunky run instructor at a it s as beautiful as picture summer will in the Catskills—what really renders things click is the palpable chemistry in between Jennifer Grey and also the so late Patrick Swayze. I mean, c’mon.

But while Baby and Johnny had actually the time of their life, the very same can’t be stated for the actors. Rather infamously, it appears Grey and also Swayze absolutely go not vibe top top the Dirty Dancing set. “We did have a couple of moments of friction,” Swayze created in his memoir. “She seemed particularly emotional, sometimes bursting right into tears if who criticized her.” Ouch! (They did make up over the years, and Grey fondly reminisced around working with Swayze on Red Dawn and also Dirty Dancing a few years ago.)


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Whatever problems Grey and Swayze had actually with one an additional on the Dirty Dancing collection did not reflect in their on-screen performances—if nothing else, their stress and anxiety enhanced them. For behind-the-scenes feuds between costars, Dirty to dance is the best-case scenario—although periodically actors dislike each various other so much that they’ll basically refuse to be in the exact same scenes together. (Looking at you, Vin Diesel and also Dwayne Johnson.) and also so, come celebrate the time-honored heritage of gibbs not obtaining along, let’s revisit some of the biggest (alleged!) on-set feuds.

A couple of notes: because that the benefits of brevity we’re going to incorporate only post–Dirty Dancing feuds, but we formally identify shade king Marlon Brando and also the feud in between Joan Crawford and also Bette Davis the was spicy sufficient to turn into an FX miniseries. We’re likewise limiting ours scope to events on the set of movies, no TV shows, however let the record display Sex and also the City stars buy it Jessica Parker and also Kim Cattrall’s hatreds are palpable enough to get an honorable mention. Let’s jump in.

Tommy Lee Jones and Jim Carrey, Batman Forever

Tommy Lee Jones’s default expression can be described only as “curmudgeon-y,” which stands in stark contrast to Jim Carrey’s totality “I just had four cups that cold brew” energy that brought him with the ’90s. (The Mask forever.) their on-screen presences couldn’t be more different, yet hey, sometimes opposites attract? In 1995, both actors play villains in Joel Schumacher’s campy masterpiece Batman Forever; Jones together Two-Face and also Carrey as the Riddler.

Though the 2 didn’t pertained to blows on set, Carrey recounted how he ran into Jones at a restaurant, and, well, it seems his costar had to get something off his chest. “I go over and I said, ‘Hey Tommy, just how are girlfriend doing?’ and also the blood simply drained native his face,” Carrey claimed on Norm macdonald Live in 2017. “And he acquired up shaking—he should have remained in mid death me fantasy or something choose that. And also he checked out hug me and also he said, ‘I hate you. Ns really don’t favor you.’ and also I said, ‘What’s the problem?’ and also pulled up a chair, which most likely wasn’t smart. And he said, ‘I can not sanction your buffoonery.’”

I can not sanction her buffoonery. If the wasn’t something that supposedly come from the mouth the Tommy Lee Jones, the wouldn’t even sound like a actual quote. But I believe it, and also while Carrey didn’t do anything to deserve that treatment, this is incredible content. Jim Carrey, don’t worry, the American public quiet loves and sanctions your buffoonery.

Bill Murray and also Lucy Liu, Charlie’s Angels

In instance you ever wondered why bill Murray’s man Bosley was replaced with Bernie Mac’s Jimmy Bosley, John’s “adoptive brother,” in Charlie’s Angels: full Throttle, the might have something to execute with the actor hating manager McG so lot that he wants him to be “pierced v a lance.” McG claims that Murray, at one point, was so boil on the Charlie’s Angels set that at some point the actor headbutted him. And also somehow, things between Murray and also costar Lucy Liu might’ve been even worse.

The 2 figuratively butted top on set, which apparently stemmed from Murray not being a fan of Liu’s acting talents. It acquired so negative that—allegedly!—Murray claimed “You can’t act!” in the direction of Liu, that was was standing with attracted Barrymore and Cameron Diaz; Liu then proceeded to punch him repeatedly. This is one of those juicy tidbits that neither actor has actually addressed head-on (no pun intended), but Murray had this come say about his costar: “I will certainly dismiss you fully if you are unprofessional and working v me.”

Counterpoint: it’s unprofessional come (allegedly!) headbutt a director, also if he’s no that talented, and the very same goes for telling your costars castle aren’t great at acting. It’s likewise probably not a an excellent idea to piss turn off Lucy Liu: have you checked out Kill Bill?!

Josh Hartnett and also Harrison Ford, Hollywood Homicide

Harrison Ford gift grumpy? I recognize it’s tough to believe, however on the set of Hollywood Homicide, mockery Hartnett didn’t have the ideal experience with his (in)famous costar. (Maybe it had actually something to do with Hollywood Homicide being the optimal of Ford phoning that in for a check.) In one aspiring buddy-cop comedy whereby the command detectives really dislike one another, the hatred part of Ford and also Hartnett’s on-screen dynamic supposedly didn’t require much in the method of acting.

As Hartnett put it: “There to be times us would finish up just sitting in the auto when us were claimed to it is in doing a scene and also neither of us would speak anything for choose an hour.” sounds fun. Over there are likewise less-substantiated insurance claims that Ford dubbed Hartnett a “punk,” when Hartnett’s rebuttal had calling Indiana Jones an “old fart.” <Extreme X-Files voice> I desire to believe.

Wesley Snipes and the World(?), Blade: Trinity

What ns would provide to have been on the set of Blade: Trinity and also witnessed Wesley Snipes’s personal vendetta against, for some reason, every solitary person affiliated with the movie. As costar Patton Oswalt recounted for The A.V. Club, Snipes “wouldn’t come the end of his trailer, and also he would certainly smoke weed every day.” (You can acquire paid to do that?!)

It only gets wilder indigenous there. Snipes appeared only because that close-ups—the remainder of the time his stand-in to be performing the scenes—and tried come strangle(!!) director David Goyer because that being a “racist motherfucker” due to the fact that a black color extra in a scene had actually a T-shirt that said “Garbage” on the front. Goyer then paid a bunch that bikers come pretend to it is in his protection for a day, which freaked Snipes out: because that the remainder of the shoot, the 2 only connected through Post-it notes the the gibbs signed “from Blade.”

Snipes also greeted Oswalt and also other costars by introduce to himself only as “Blade,” and got an extremely uncomfortable as soon as Natasha Lyonne tried come touch his face in a scene. (“He just recoiled,” Oswalt said.) If even half the ingredient Oswalt is speak about Blade: Trinity is true, Snipes’s antics worthy to it is in a component of On-Set Meltdown mount Rushmore. Ns honestly think around Wesley Snipes ~ above the collection of Blade: Trinity every day.

Ryan Gosling and also Rachel McAdams, The Notebook

The movie that <check notes> practically everyone’s high school companion has required them to watch—not complaining, it’s good!—The Notebook’s production was not nearly as romantic together its on-screen product. While its two stars would go top top to have a real-life romance of their own, director Nick Cassavetes said VH1 in 2014 that, during filming, Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams’s common disdain almost derailed the whole movie.

“Maybe ns not supposed to call this story,” Cassavetes said, i m sorry always way you just have to tell this story, “but lock were really not acquiring along someday on set. Really not. And also Ryan came to me, and there’s 150 civilization standing in this large scene, and he says, ‘Nick, come here.’ and also he’s act a scene with Rachel and he says, ‘Would you take it her out of here and also bring in an additional actress to read off camera through me?’ i said, ‘What?’ he says, ‘I can’t. I can’t do it through her. I’m simply not acquiring anything from this.’”

Cassavetes included that an instant shouting match between Gosling and also McAdams helped to clean the air, and put The Notebook ago on track. Offered how both actors will forever be associated with one of the great romantic television series of the 21st century—and then Gosling and McAdams dated for three years—not gift able come kiss (heh) and also make increase could’ve been among Hollywood’s biggest what-ifs.

Tom Hardy and Shia LaBeouf, Lawless

Full disclosure: i love both Tom Hardy and Shia LaBeouf. Lock both weird as hell and more than ready to overcommit come a role, even if it’s because that a trashy movie. (Lest we forget LaBeouf tatted increase his entire chest in a straight-to-video David Ayer movie; durable deserved one Oscar nomination for his sweaty work in Venom.) however I can likewise see how these two actors might not vibe: placing them together in the same room seems like staging the pointing Spider-Man meme.