George Noory, host of the nationally syndicated program coast to shore AM, says if he no a national radio talk show host, he’d be in politics. Heard by countless listeners, coast To coast AM airs on much more than 570 train station in north America.

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While hosting The Nighthawk, a wildly successful, late-night routine on KTRS in St. Louis, Noory to be recruited by Premiere Networks to guest hold on coast to shore AM through Art Bell. He came to be the permanent host of the phenomenally effective overnight regimen on January 1, 2003, adhering to Bell’s retirement. Due to the fact that then, Noory’s audience has continued to grow.

Noory captivates program listeners with his discussions the paranormal phenomena, time travel, extraterrestrial abductions, conspiracies and also all points curious and also unexplained. That is driven, he has actually said, through the desire to fix the good mysteries of our time. Indigenous his an initial days as a radio broadcaster he says, “I’ve wanted to cover stories that the tendency media never ever touch—the unusual, the paranormal and also things like that. Ns learned the broadcast is the best business for trying out these issues, and I’ve been doing it for years.”

He dates his interest in these matters to a book by Walter Sullivan, We room Not Alone, that his mother offered him when he was 13. He to be hooked.

Prior come his late-night present on KTRS, Noory had considerable broadcast career. He started in radio at WCAR-AM in Detroit, where his first-ever interview was with nuclear physicist and also UFO experienced Stanton Friedman. Native 1974-1978, he served as news producer and executive news producer in ~ WJBK-TV. At age 28, he became the youngest significant market news manager in the country at KMSP-TV in Minneapolis. Noory was likewise the manager of news planning and development at KSTP-TV in Minneapolis, was news director in ~ KSDK-TV in St. Louis and also the receiver of 3 Emmy Awards when a news executive.

Noory released his first book in 2006. Worker In The Light: Unlock Your five Senses and also Liberate Your limitless Potential, co-written through best-selling writer William J. Birnes, is Noory’s revolutionary overview to spirituality enlightenment, human empowerment, ultimate productivity and also absolute happiness. Noory and Birnes co-authored a follow up in 2009 entitled trip to the Light, in i beg your pardon they present amazing first-hand accounts of exactly how ordinary people adjusted their very own lives, transcended your doubts and fears, and unlocked the secrets to your spiritual growth. In October 2011, Noory exit his third book, talk To The Dead. Co-written through Rosemary Ellen Guiley, a leading experienced on the paranormal and also supernatural, the book explores the colorful background and personalities behind heart communications, weaving together spirituality, metaphysics, science and technology. Noory, together with Richard Belzer and David Wayne, released “Someone is Hiding Something: What taken place to Malaysia Airlines flight 370?” in February 2015. Scrutinizing the theory the media and also politicians claim are the “most likely” factors the airplane crashed, castle argue that if a year after a substantial Boeing 777 has actually gone missing, and also there’s tho no authorize of that whatsoever, that time to think external the box.

In December 2012, GAIAM TV released Beyond id with George Noory, a brand-new TV display exploring the unknown and also mysteries that the universe. The one-hour, weekly collection features Noory’s informative, investigative and also dynamic conversations, and some the his favourite guests native the radio program. Taped in prior of a live audience at GAIAM studios in Boulder, Colo., Beyond id with George Noory is obtainable exclusively top top http://www.beyondbelief.com/.

Noory to be born, raised and also educated in Detroit. He has actually three children and six grandchildren. He served nine years in the U.S. Navy Reserve.

Coast to shore AM is the most listened come overnight radio regime in the country and also is broadcast live, Monday-Sunday from 1-5 a.m. ET.

Upon his retirement in 2007, arts Bell proceeds to be connected with coast to shore AM, the country syndicated overnight radio regime he created, as organize of the archived program Somewhere with time with arts Bell. Recognized for his spontaneous and compelling conversations around all points unexplained, Bell has actually a crawl intellect and also an unpretentious curiosity because that the bizarre. With his style that reflects the calm attributes of the night, Bell once had actually a caller who claimed he to be “the six-fingered alien hybrid.” Bell’s response to him to be “cool.”

As a child, Bell experienced a gypsy lifestyle since his dad was a marine colonel and his mother was a drill sergeant. Adhering to their footsteps, he sought a job in the armed forces that permitted him the possibility to develop an on-base pirate radio station. ~ the military, he worked as a rock jock and also chief engineer at 25 various radio stations about the world. KSBK/Okinawa, the only English-language terminal in Asia, was whereby he deserve a Guinness world Record for continuing to be on air for 116 hours and 15 minutes. And also while in ~ KENI/Anchorage, he organized a fundraiser and also chartered a DC-8 come rescue 130 Vietnamese orphans stranded in Saigon in ~ the finish of the war. American households eventually adopted each child.

Bell then moved on to television in the early 1980s whereby in ras Vegas the helped develop “Time mirror Cable” i beg your pardon is currently “Cox Cable.” However, his enthusiasm for radio eventually lead him to KDWN/Las vegas in 1985 whereby he held an overnight talk routine that can be heard in 13 west states.

In 1993, shore to shore AM to be born and the Chancellor Broadcasting agency began syndicating the show out the KDWN. Around a year later, a home studio was built in Pahrump, Nevada where the show originated. In 1998, Premiere Networks purchased the Chancellor Broadcasting firm with Bell’s show on about 400 stations.

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Plagued v ongoing ago problems, Bell determined to retire and also named George Noory together his successor who took over in January 2003. The program proceeds to be organized by Noory today, and also can be heard by millions of listeners on nearly 570 train station in the U.S., Canada, Australia and Guam.

Bell has actually been profiled top top Today and Larry King Live and has additionally been featured over time Newsweek, People, Maxim, Los Angeles Times, brand-new York Times, and also Washington Post. In addition, he made a guest illustration on NBC’s Millennium. In 1997 and also 1999, Bell’s peers at the national Association of broadcasters nominated him because that the Marconi Radio compensation in the “Network/Syndicated Personality that the Year” category. In 2007, Bell to be honored v the “2007 r & r News/Talk Radio Lifetime accomplishment Award.”