country music singer-songwriter Dolly Parton"s "Coat of numerous Colors" was written by the star and released in 1971! examine it the end here!

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Country music icon Dolly Parton‘s “Coat of plenty of Colors” to be released in October 1971 together the second single and also title track from the album Coat of many Colors. This song has been mentioned to be the star’s favorite track that she has actually written. The actual coat described in the tune was placed on display in Dolly’s Chasing Rainbows Museum in ~ Dollywood. Watch the lyric video clip for “Coat of numerous Colors” and see the finish lyrics below.

Dolly Parton “Coat of numerous Colors” – Official Lyric Video

“Coat Of countless Colors” Lyrics

Back through the yearsI go wonderin’ when againBack come the seasons of mine youthI recall a crate of rags that someone gave usAnd exactly how my momma put the rags come useThere to be rags of countless colorsEvery piece was smallAnd ns didn’t have a coatAnd it was method down in the fallMomma sewed the rags togetherSewin’ every item with loveShe made my coat of countless colorsThat i was for this reason proud ofAs she sewed, she told a storyFrom the bible, she had actually readAbout a coat of countless colorsJoseph wore and then she saidPerhaps this coat will bring youGood luck and happinessAnd I simply couldn’t wait come wear itAnd momma blessed it through a kiss

My coat of countless colorsThat my momma produced meMade only from ragsBut i wore the so proudlyAlthough we had actually no moneyI was well-off as I can beIn my coat of numerous colorsMy momma produced me

So v patches on mine britchesHoles in both mine shoesIn mine coat of numerous colorsI hurried off to schoolJust to discover the others laughingAnd making fun of meIn my coat of numerous colorsMy momma produced me

And oh i couldn’t recognize itFor ns felt i was richAnd i told castle of the loveMy momma sewed in every stitchAnd i told ’em all the storyMomma said me while she sewedAnd just how my cloak of numerous colorsWas worth much more than all your clothes

But they didn’t understand itAnd i tried to do them seeThat one is just poorOnly if they select to beNow I recognize we had no moneyBut i was well-off as I could beIn my coat of numerous colorsMy momma produced meMade just for me

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