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Cobra Kai undoubtedly became the success that no one meant in 2020. The collection that continues the Karate boy saga premiered 2 years ago on YouTube Red, but it was thanks to its arrival on Netflix the the present starring Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) and also Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) has become the most followed of the moment.


The present has numbers to prove it. Follow to the recent audience report indigenous consulting for sure Nielsen , Cobra Kai surpassed the streaming audience for also highly suspect movies prefer Mulan .

Personally, ns adore this new installment that the Karate son saga therefore I chose to asking the Cobra Kai Latin America group what were your favorite phrases indigenous the series. Past the Cobra Kai dojo “Strike first, win hard, no mercy” mantra (which ns personally think will it is in modified in the comes seasons) we discover several company lessons native the show that girlfriend can apply in your day-to-day life.

(Spoilers for the first two seasons of the series)

1. Silence! - Johnny Lawrence

sometimes the noise the the human being makes us emphasis on the urgent and also let the vital pass. The wake-up contact from the true Cobra Kai sensei have the right to be a rallying cry that we deserve to make to organize our minds and even let out frustrations.

2. Ache does no exist in this dojo - Johnny Lawrence

This mantra that john Kreese teach his "cobras" deserve to be an extremely damaging if it is poorly focused. An business man knows the he should pay fist to the signals of his body (and his business) to know when to stop. However, this expression can also propel you as soon as you set a goal and need to take the extra action to fight back.

3. If I"m extra difficult on you, it"s due to the fact that you have actually the capacity to be much better than me - Johnny Lawrence to Miguel Díaz

one of the most amazing arcs in the series is how Sensei Lawrence realizes that he really doesn"t prefer that his peak student isn"t compassionate. In other words, Johnny make Miguel in his image, however he didn"t favor what he saw. A good human gift realizes his mistakes, the parts that he needs to improve and accepts that he needs to work to be much better for the world and also for himself.

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4. That"s simply black paint on a white wall - Johnny Lawrence

This is the moment when Johnny definitely breaks v Kreese"s dogma and also understands the it"s okay to display compassion from time come time.

I prefer this specific phrase because it shows that that is possible and totally valid to adjust your mind, also when girlfriend have thought something because that decades.

5. The doesn"t matter if you"re a loser, a nerd, or a freak. The only thing the matters is the you gain tough - Johnny Lawrence to his students.

i love this expression from Johnny due to the fact that it reflects that each human deserves to it is in the owner that their very own narrative and build your person beyond the opinion the the rest of the human being may have. If girlfriend didn"t need to respond to the idea the others have around you, that would you dare to be?

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6. It is not the haircut or the tattoo on the back, it is a means of life. You just need to feel the energy and live in the moment - Hawk

continuing with the previous point, there is no external modification that is worth if the is not born indigenous a readjust in attitude and perspective. If you desire to change what wake up to you, you must transform the points you carry out to get different results.

7. I might not always win, but I never quit a fight - Johnny Lawrence

also if the scenarios are against it, the only thing the is no acceptable is to let fear paralyze you (as Mr. Miyagi likewise said in ~ the time).

8. Us were opponents one day, Cobra Kai is for life - hawk to Miguel

I choose this phrase because it mirrors that personal differences execute not matter, as soon as you have a common goal, the team come first. The is why that is important to have a mission and also vision so that team members recognize what and also why they are working for.

9. When an unfavorable feelings overwhelm you, look for the great within yourself - Daniel LaRusso come Robby Keene

This phrase around finding balance within oneself in the middle of adverse circumstances seems incredibly pertinent come me in a year favor 2020 whereby it seems that the poor news walk not stop arriving. The is the obligation of each one to discover what motivates him and also to take treatment of his mental and also spiritual wellness to be able to fight one an ext day.

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10. You have something much more important, friend: Time - Tommy to Johnny

numerous times we despair due to the fact that the past haunts united state or we feel that we have actually not accomplished what anyone expects the us when we still have actually the most essential resource: time. Over there is no money, no connections, and also no ingenuity to go against the power of experience and also dedication to make something go right.

11. Never ever mind your previous mistakes, don"t permit them identify your future - Carmen to Johnny

Redemption is a main theme of this series, specifically when it comes to Johnny"s story. I favor this expression from Carmen because it reminds us that plenty of times we ourselves have the right to be the harshest judges v our history and the if we carry out not let walk of the past, we will have our hands complete to get the future.

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12. Cobra Kai never ever dies - main phrase of the series

The finish is whereby we start over and nothing ends till we decide.