I"m no a large fan the antiques in general, yet there room times when certain items do catch my interest. After my wife and also I moved right into our new house, I determined that I wanted to mount a stationary party opener what in our kitchen.

After researching these because that a while, i remembered every one of the old, standard Coca Cola party openers the I provided to see placed in stores near the coolers --- ns remember them from the 1980s while farming up and would view in a keep whenever i would acquire a glass coke party to drink. Maybe this is a southern thing -- I have no idea if this was prevelant elsewhere. Anyway, I decided I wanted one.

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Having excellent a small research, i came across this post at Coca Cola Collectors, a blog around what girlfriend think it"s about.

An initial Coca-Cola bottle opener would have actually the “STARR X” logo design with “Brown Co” composed on the front. According to Brown manufacturing Company, producer of the bottle openers, the first ‘Drink Coca-Cola’ STARR “X” bottle openers began to appear around 1929. Approximately this time, the ‘Coca-Cola’ STARR bottle opener developed to the Starr “X” design.

Thomas C. Hamilton, a citizen of Boston, Massachusetts, filed for a patent on September 18, 1924 because that a party Cap Puller. The patent, 1,534,211, to be issued on April 21, 1925. In 1943, particular modifications to be made come the patent allowing a new patent for #2,333,088 to be issued come Raymond Brown, the owner of Brown Mfg. Company. Before the early 1970’s, all bottle openers were cast in miscellaneous foundries transparent the USA. Since then and also until December 31, 2006, every ‘Drink Coca-Cola’ STARR “X” party openers have actually been cast at the Brown foundry in Germany.

The website goes on come say there space two version of this opener. Both version look like this on the front:


All Starr "X" openers look favor this ~ above the front, through the only distinction being the patent number the lists. Every openers do after 1943 will have the newer patent number.

The other difference is top top the back. Any type of opener made in between 1929 - the early 1970s would say "Made in the USA". This intended it was molded at any of the foundries transparent the USA the the Brown Co. Used. Beginning in the 70"s, the Brown Manufacturing agency shifted their foundry come West Germany. Any kind of openers make from the early 1970s - 1991 say "Made in W. Germany". Finally, any that say "Made in Germany" were developed from 1991 - 2006.

As finest I have the right to tell, the Brown Manufacturing agency stopped make these party openers in-house in 2006 and now outsources their construction to assorted other companies, largely in China. From digital reviews, their high quality doesn"t to compare to the vintage openers.

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After scouring Ebay because that a few days critical Novemeber, I managed to victory an auction for a vintage Starr "X" opener that was made in West Germany (so in between 1970 - 1991) quiet in the original box through the initial screws. Tonight ns finally determined where in ours kitchen I wanted to mountain it and also did so. I"m quite happy with how well it an installed -- that feels an extremely sturdy.