It’s Beautiful — Coca-Cola’s 2014 Super bowl commercial featuring a culturally and also linguistically diverse America — to be coordinated v social media outreach come 87 million people. The commercial to be the #1 trending subject on Facebook during the supervisor Bowl and for the 2 work after.

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It’s the at sight Bowl: an American sporting activities institution, arguably the best day the the year for TV advertising.

In a sea of huge production budgets and huge brand promises, exactly how does Coca-Cola become more than simply Coca-Cola? Tell their story around the real America and also the world in it, the diverse, welcoming America that belongs to every person who calls she home.

A advertisement airs throughout the supervisor Bowl, a advertising that’s beautiful come many, yet controversial come some. The noise begins, yet then a optimistic conversation begins, cancelling out all the noise and also everyone is over there to witness the readjust in the palm of their hand.

Using selects from the film, us crafted individual pertinent messages to especially targeted tradition audiences on Facebook, inviting them to take part in our story.

An experience so personal and at such significant scale has never to be done before. We even took unused behind-the-scenes footage informing the stories of the real people and families in the film and shared the with key audience segments, keeping the hopeful conversation cultivation even ~ the advertisement aired.

LGBT: 22 millionMexican/USH: 8.2 millionAsian Americans: 2.5 millionIsraeli Americans: 2 millionParents Ntl Parks: 500,000Interracial Parents: 132,000Cowboys and Ranchers: 1.4 millionArab Americans: 11.2 millionService guys & Women: 8.8 millionIndian Americans: 1.8 millionNative Americans: 1.6 millionDancers: 800,000Surfers: 2 million

Coca-Cola readjusted a nation’s late of what provides our soil beautiful, giving the chance for the real America to speak on on facebook for anyone hear.

Average engagement per post:

18,447 likes2,443 comments5,604 shares

The wall surface Street Journal: “Budweiser, Cheerios & Coca-Cola won the brand battle by creating sustained brand impact.”

Inspiring a an ext Beautiful America come share the voice.>

Coca Cola has talked and they’ve said, “America is beautiful.”

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Coca-Cola’s #AmericaIsBeautiful Super bowl Commercial

According to Ad Age: Coca Cola’s #AmericaIsBeautiful advertisement ranked a modest 17th ~ above USA Today’s 2014 supervisor Bowl ad Meter, scoring a 6.06, likely reflecting the commercial’s polarizing effects. (The winner, Budweiser’s “Puppy Love,” score 8.29.)

Coca-Cola’s #AmericaIsBeautiful Earned Media

Coca-Cola’s #AmericaIsBeautiful Behind-the-Scenes

Coca-Cola’s response to the Controversy

Presenting America The Beautiful in many languages surrendered responses on society media ranging from proud to outrage. 

Coca-Cola responded: “America is beautiful and Coca-Cola is for everyone. It’s Beautiful was produced to memory Coke moments amongst all Americans who together gain ice cold, refreshing Coke. Because that centuries America has actually opened its eight to civilization of numerous countries who have actually helped to build this good nation. It’s Beautiful offers a snapshot of the real lives of american representing varied ethnicities, religions, races and also families, all discovered in the unified States. Every those featured in the advertisement are Americans and America The Beautiful to be sung by bilingual American young women. We believe It’s Beautiful is a an excellent example the the magic that renders our country so special, and a an effective message that spreads optimism, disclosure inclusion and celebrates mankind – worths that space core come Coca-Cola.”

Follow-Up Ads

Despite the controversy, Coca-Cola must have been satisfied through the an answer because a longer, 90-second version of the ad ran throughout the opened ceremonies that the 2014 Sochi Olympics.

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Two year later, in 2016, Coca-Cola ran a re-cut variation of the commercial, with a brand-new tagline: “Together is Beautiful.” The updated tagline appears responsive come anti-immigration and anti-Muslim sentiment.


Embracing diversity and multiculturalism is not brand-new to Coca-Cola, which produced one that the most memorable cause marketing ads of every time, Hilltop, v the classic line: “I’d favor to teach the people to song in perfect harmony.”

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