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“Coca-Cola has lost $4 bil in industry value as world are boycotting Coke for their ‘try come be less White’ statement.”


Coca-Cola’s market value dropped by$4 billion on June 14, the work that worldwide soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo was moved two bottles of Coke come the side in favor of water throughout a europe Football Championship press conference.

An experienced said it’s an overwhelming to prove causation regarded stock price movements, however that it’s not most likely the June drop was prompted by criticism the flared months earlier in February after ~ news broke that Coke’s employee diversity training consisted of a post telling people to“try to be less white.”

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After Coca-Cola’s industry value dropped $4 exchange rate in mid-June, one Facebook article claimed that the loss was as result of a boycott versus the company in solution to news that its employee diversity training had a blog post telling human being to "try come be much less white." 

"Coca-Cola has actually lost $4 bil in sector value as civilization are boycotting Coke for their ‘try to be much less White’ statement," the write-up reads. 

The article was flagged as part of Facebook’s efforts to combat false news and also misinformation top top its News Feed. (Read an ext about our partnership with Facebook.)

In late February, a whistleblower shared images of a diversity and inclusion training course for Coca-Cola’s employees, accessible via LinkedIn, which had a module encouraging civilization to "try to be less white." The agency has because removed links to the content, yet not prior to doctored pictures of the expression emblazoned on Coke cans were widely shared online. 

As a result of the "try come be much less white" cultivate module, calls come boycott the firm circulated on society media under hashtags favor #boycottcoke and #boycottcocacola. 

But yes no clear evidence that calls to boycott Coke in February triggered market pressure months later. 

Stephen Foerster, a professor that finance in ~ the university of western Ontario, defined that it’s generally challenging to prove causation related to stock price movements. 

"Stock price are propelled by every kinds of information, part which may impact the in its entirety market, like economic news, and some the is certain to a details firm," Foerster said.