Coco Austin and Ice-T both love their condo in Edgewater, new Jersey, yet have an extremely different favorite spaces.

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“My favorite room the the house is the to wash room,” Austin, tells as she, together with her husband, gave world an exclusive tour of their home. “We have our own huge, red washer and dryer and when he’s downstairs playing an Xbox, usually you’ll find me act the laundry.”

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And Ice-T’s go-to spot? your bedroom. “I obtained an 80-inch tv ,” claims the Law and Order: unique Victims Unit star the the red and black decorated space. “When I acquire home from work-related I go up to the bedroom, watch all my TV shows, chill out and also are usually in bed v us too.”



The new mom, that cradled Chanel transparent the video, likewise shared another interesting feature of the condo. “One of the highlights the this home is this cursed fish,” Austin states of a fiberglass marlin sculpture on screen in one of the rooms – motivation from Ice-T’s an initial fishing exploration in Florida.



The major wow factor may just be “Coco’s Cave,” i beg your pardon the star affectionately calls her closet. The self-described “leggings freak,” showed off her favourite stretchy pants, racks of colorful clothes, designer duds, and amazing stash the sunglasses.

But the accessory the gets the most love (and has actually its very own closet) are the shoes. Rows and also rows that sandals, boots and also mostly stilettos (including numerous Christian Louboutins) have a unique space. Claims Austin, “This is my heaven.”

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