The benefits of Cocoa Butter because that stretch marks room many, but prior to we acquire into that, let’s dive right into stretch marks.

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Pregnancy, weight acquire or weight loss, steroid use, rapid development… stretch marks happen to the majority of females (…and guys are not exempt.) They are natural, common, and should be adopted as component of her life journey. Yet there’s naught wrong with wanting to lighten or avoid these tiger stripes. Have the right to cocoa butter help? You gambling it can!

What room stretch marks?

Let’s first get come talking about what large marks actually are. Large marks vary from human being to person, however generally speaking, they room long, small streaks top top the surface ar of the skin. They deserve to be raised and also red colored (Striae Rubrae) or flat and also paler/whiter in color (Striae Albae.)

Stretch marks can vary in color; native white to red come brown. This counts on the skin color and also whether the stretch marks are elevated or not.

Stretch point out can influence both men and women. They appear on the surface of the skin as soon as it’s been extended too quickly. It is a organic defense mechanism for the skin to tear in its center layer together a method to defend itself indigenous the suddenly growth.

The skin is comprised of three layers. The is the dermis layer that is influenced by stretch marks. This is the middle layer the in turn, affect the top layer. The upper layer is referred to as the epidermis.

At the very first signs the stretch point out forming, your skin may feel dry, tight, or also itchy. Stretch marks often type at a really slow pace, back many people think they simply “sprung increase overnight.” however really, this is not the case. The problem is that frequently we disregard the start symptoms the stretch point out in the very first place.

Stretch marks can fade end time. But it can take years. They frequently start by gradually fading in color. They space not a clinical concern, but many human being do no appreciate or desire the aesthetic of these marks.

How perform stretch marks form in the first place?

Let’s address how large marks pertained to fruition in the very first place.

As proclaimed above, castle usually start when your skin starts to feeling dry, tight, or itchy. They kind when the skin is extended too quickly. As soon as stretched also quickly, the middle layer (the dermis) tears together a defense mechanism. Unfortunately, this affects the upper layer the the skin as well.

Stretch point out typically form on the abdomen, breasts, and also hips. They can additionally occur on the thighs, calves, top arms and also buttocks.

Over 50% of occurrences are from during or after ~ pregnancy, but other causes are known as well. This includes growth spurts, quick weight gain or load loss, the use of steroid creams, and specific pharmaceuticals.

Why carry out stretch marks take it so lengthy to heal?

Simply put, it’s due to the fact that stretch marks form in the center layer.

Unlike a reduced or scrape, which happens on the peak layer (the epidermis), large marks take place in the middle layer (the dermis.) the is much less complicated to heal when it is only the peak layer of skin that is compromised.

What is Cocoa Butter?


Cocoa butter is organic based plant-derived fat. It originates from the bean of the cocoa tree. That is native to the tropical regions of the south and main Americas. As proclaimed in our article around cocoa butter,

“Cocoa butter is eliminated from the bean by the usage of one expeller, a hydraulic push or extrusion. These techniques of extraction execute not include any kind of solvents or hexane, and also this leaves the unrefined butter with your characteristic smell and color.”

Cocoa Butter is incredibly rich in vitamin A, E, and also stearic acid. It absorbs not only into the epidermis class of the skin (top layer) yet the dermis as well (middle layer.)

Cocoa butter starts off difficult as a rock, yet melts right into the skin. In numerous recipes, cocoa butter is very first melted then whipped. Together expected, this butter smells specifically like chocolate. The is delicious!

How go cocoa butter assist stretch marks?

Cocoa butter helps stretch clues by seeping right into the dermis (middle layer) and also not just the epidermis (top layer), and also cocoa is simply the one butter the can accomplish this. When the butter is absorbed into the dermis, that is maybe to retain even an ext moisture.

Shea Butter is likewise a peak solution for stretching skin, we have a much more in-depth post comparing the 2 butters here.

Cocoa butter helps to soften stretch marks and also even prevent them. In at an early stage pregnancy, the is encourage to begin applying cocoa butter come the areas that can be easily influenced by stretch point out on month one every the means up till delivery. As your human body goes earlier to that is pre-pregnancy state, it is likewise useful to proceed using the cocoa butter together the skin starts to shrink back.

Cocoa butter is also good for weight loss programs and during growth spurts for teens.

You will discover that cocoa butter is not just good for large marks, but for moisturizing all over the body. It has actually such a nutrient-rich profile, the benefits prolong far beyond preventing and treating currently stretch marks. It renders a great all-over body butter.

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Where to buy high-quality Cocoa Butter?


As declared previously, it is best to usage cocoa butter the is unrefined, pure, and organic! cream should have the highest concentration the cocoa butter in your formulation. Among your ideal bets is to use pure cocoa butter, straight from the source!

We would certainly love for you to try our cocoa butter! that is the highest quality you can find and we have actually thousands of testimonials talking around how impressive it is.

In regards to stretch marks, right here are a couple of of our reviews:

“Amazing! 9 months pregnant and have been using it 3 time a job since 3 months, I have actually NO large marks and also baby is coming any kind of day currently :)” -5-star customer

“….I have also noticed the my stretch point out have started to lighten and also shrink a lot. I didn’t expect that added bonus due to the fact that no various other product has actually done that for me. I have actually used everything from the deluxe creams to the basic Palmers without ever seeing any type of results. Ns wasted so much money end the year on fake miracle-in-a-bottle scams once I should have gone this organic route. Ns think the reason this product is functioning so fine on mine skin is due to the fact that it’s “pure” cocoa butter and also not blended with other additives prefer in the stores.” -KK

“I notified this product to make my very own stretch mark cream after my pregnancy and also it turned the end so luxurious! better than any type of over the counter cream i have ever before used.” -Laura

“Love his cocoa butter! It leaves my skin emotion soft and smooth without a greasy film. I use it at the very least 3x time a day and still no stretch marks.” -Alesia