We prospered up reasoning that coconut oil is the it is in all and also end every one of beauty elixirs, together though it is the one-stop systems for every skin and hair malady imaginable. As previous lovers of this item, we too thought that it is a great product for our skin. But, it’s not what it seems, and also that as well by a mile. So, today, us demystify what this popular, exceptionally overhyped ingredient yes, really does, and if that has any kind of murky features which you should be vigilant about, especially with regard to your face.


Not all coconut oils space made equal 

You can"t usage Parachute or Vatika coconut hair oil on your face. Hair oils are meant for a component of the human body which doesn"t suffer from the exact same sensitivity together your facial skin, so hair oil manufacturers don"t have to worry about what they put in it. Plus, many drugstore coconut oils, even the ones girlfriend can chef with, could be full of fillers which are bad for the skin even if they room safe to eat. 

Granted, food-grade, extra virgin coconut oil--derived by cold-pressing coconut flesh--preserves the purity of the good chemicals in coconut oil, making that a lot safer. This renders it far better for straight application on your skin. But, if you desire to apply coconut oil on your face, you will certainly not find many assets formulated because that facial skin containing this oil because, even at that is purest, it"s not supposed for the face. 

The truth about coconut oil as a assembly remover


Using coconut oil together a makeup remover isn’t straightforward. ~ above one hand, that does loosen stubborn pigments, such as waterproof mascara and matte lipsticks. So, many civilization use coconut oil as an oil cleanser come dissolve various kinds of waterproof makeup, or to pre-cleanse prior to a confront wash. That assumed the coconut oil breaks down all the various other oils on her skin’s surface. 

This would occupational if every all of that coconut oil is removed from every nook and also cranny, and also pore that your confront with a follow-up gelatin or foaming cleanser. However, that is not often the case. This method that the remnants that this oil proceed to sit on her pores and attract grime. So, it could seem to visibly remove makeup, but it can’t suck the end impurities in ~ a depths level, choose cleansing oil which are formulated for this details purpose and also aren"t nearly as difficult to to wash off.

That"s not all. Utilizing a thick oil such as coconut can create a movie of residue top top the skin that prevents your skin care products, used after washing the face, native penetrating into the skin. Our advice? usage it approximately the eye area if you must, but don"t let it touch any other part of your confront where there are open up pores and sebaceous glands. 

Coconut oil is not intended to be provided as confront moisturiser


If you have dry skin and also are making use of coconut oil to moisturise, we have an uncomfortable reality check for you. Coconut oil is a thick oil which doesn"t seep into the deeper class of skin or draws moisture to it, so that doesn"t hydrate skin. Because that that, you require a humectant--products the retain or preserve moisture. Many people who only use coconut oil come moisturise their face miss the end on this. 

Oils are not humectants. Every an oil does is coat skin as an occlusive and also somewhat soften it. That does nothing come moisturise that from within, so her skin"s dullness and dryness are not remedied by utilizing it. Plus, if you have actually dry skin with huge pores, coconut oil deserve to clog the pores and break girlfriend out, proving to it is in a lose-lose scenario. 

Do the an alleged scar-healing services of coconut oil make it worth applying on oily skin?


Coconut oil has heavy molecule weight, which reasons it come seep into your pores and also sit there.

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Meaning: the is a comedogenic or pore-clogging product. If you have actually remotely acne-prone or blackhead-prone skin, this oil is no something you should put everywhere near your pores because it just attracts dirt. 

In conclusion, there"s no justifiable factor to use coconut oil on your face, and there"s no scientific proof supporting it"s superiority to various other oils.