Dandruff is worsened by dried skin, i m sorry coconut oil masks deserve to address. Coconut oil additionally has antifungal properties that may assist combat a yeast-like fungus that’s one of the main reasons of dandruff.

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There are couple of things we humans fear an ext than leaving a social event only to discover that something to be going on with us from the head increase that people may have actually been staring at. One errand salad environment-friendly in the teeth, a dribble of mustard on the next of the mouth, or visible dandruff flakes in our hairline room all perfectly normal things to occur to us, and yet it have the right to make also some the the most confident civilization want to rewind the tape of the entire night. We can’t speak to the stats of how often world get food top top their challenge (but, you know, that common), but we do recognize that up to fifty percent of the world’s population post-puberty experiences dandruff (Turner, 2012).


Up to half of the world’s population experiences dandruff after puberty.This common condition is led to by excess herbal oil top top the scalp, which leader to redness, itching, and flakes.Dandruff is worsened by dried skin, which coconut oil masks deserve to address.Coconut oil likewise has antifungal properties the may help combat a yeast-like fungus that’s one of the main causes of dandruff.

We’re all familiar with those itchy white flakes, but there’s some general confusion about what dandruff is exactly. Dandruff is easily perplexed for a dried scalp—unless you recognize what those pesky flakes are telling you. Although over there are much more subtle differences, flakes indigenous dandruff are usually larger pieces of skin, have the right to be white or yellowish, and are oily. Flaking as result of dry skin on the scalp is usually seen as tiny piece that space white.

What causes dandruff?

The yeast-like fungus Malassezia is a common cause of dandruff. This fungus is attractive to the oil glands on your scalp, face, and also upper trunk. It can reason dandruff yet may likewise make various other existing skin conditions worse. Since Malassezia likes oils, that takes up fatty acids from your oil glands and also breaches the scalp skin barrier, leading to water loss that can cause the dryness and flakiness we associate with dandruff. But even despite it’s infamous for resulting in those painful and irritating symptoms of dandruff such as redness, itching, and flaking, they often tend to be less severe than when this skin condition is caused by seborrheic dermatitis (Wuthi-udomlert, 2011).

The most common cause of dandruff is, as you most likely guessed, seborrheic dermatitis. This skin condition, despite it can and often does affect the scalp, may additionally cause symptoms anywhere you have actually oil glands, favor your eyebrows, groin, armpits, and even together the political parties of your nose. This kind of dermatitis reasons your skin to become oily, red, and scaly, and also the flakes it reasons can be either yellow or white. Even babies obtain seborrheic dermatitis, and also in infants, it’s dubbed cradle cap.

Dandruff may additionally be due to other forms of dermatitis such together eczema or psoriasis, diet, or an allergy reaction to hair products—though these causes are much less common. If you’re enduring from dandruff, it might be worth gaining a blood test to check for nutrient deficiencies together low levels of riboflavin (vitamin B2), niacin (vitamin B3), zinc, and also pyridoxine (vitamin B6) are linked with seborrheic dermatitis (Borda, 2015).


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How to usage coconut oil to treat dandruff

There yes, really isn’t a wrong means to include coconut oil to her hair care routine as lengthy as you’re acquiring to the root of the problem (the scalp) and also cleaning that out when you’re excellent conditioning due to the fact that extra oil no going to aid the situation. Utilizing one or 2 tablespoons that coconut oil, work right into your scalp, and let the sit for approximately an hour for an easy, at-home dandruff remedy. As soon as you’ve offered this dandruff treatment time come soak in, rinse it out with gentle shampooing. Repeat this procedure twice a week.

You may additionally want to shot mixing vital oils into your coconut oil, which have the right to act together a carrier, transporting the necessary oils to your skin in the appropriate concentration. Some of these oils—such together eucalyptus oil (Selvakumar, 2012), lemongrass oil (Chaisripipat, 2015), and also tea tree oil (Satchell, 2002)—show promise in treating dandruff. Several of them may help by moisturizing flaky skin, while rather boast antibacterial or antifungal properties that can deal with the root problem. By mixing them with coconut oil in your biweekly treatment, you will do it get more powerful effects.

Risks and considerations

You must avoid making use of coconut oil in your hair if you have tree nut allergies. If you carry out not, over there are few risks connected with utilizing coconut oil as a mask for your scalp. There is a opportunity that your hair will certainly feel greasy, especially if you nothing get all of the coconut oil out once you shampoo. Because dandruff is associated with overabundance oil, this might potentially make her dandruff worse. Yet as lengthy as girlfriend gently however effectively wash out the coconut oil, this do not do it be an issue. If used and rinsed the end correctly, coconut oil may even act together a deep conditioner, leaving friend with healthy and balanced hair.

How reliable is coconut oil for dandruff?

Mild cases of dandruff might be successfully treated v coconut oil, though some people may need over-the-counter dandruff shampoos. In part rare cases, dandruff demands the attention of a board-certified dermatologist who can deal with an basic skin problem that may be the cause. But there are cases in i beg your pardon coconut oil deserve to help.

Dry skin can make dandruff worse, though again, dry scalp is various from dandruff. One study discovered that coconut oil was simply as efficient at dealing with dry skin as mineral oil (Agero, 2004). Dandruff may likewise be exacerbated by eczema. Applying coconut oil because that eight weeks diminished symptoms of atopic dermatitis, a type of eczema, by 68% in one study (Evangelista, 2014). So coconut oil might at least reduce the severity of her dandruff symptoms, especially the itchiness. There is additionally some proof that this dry oil has antimicrobial and antifungal properties. Back a examine tested its ability on Candida, coconut oil may be may be to help counter one overgrowth of the yeast-like fungus Malassezia that’s behind part people’s dandruff thanks to this properties (Ogbolu, 2007).

Other remedies because that dandruff

Over-the-counter (OTC) anti-dandruff shampoo is the most renowned solution. Yet there are other alternatives for human being hoping to clear your scalp through another route. Because that those who want to usage something an ext natural, over there are house remedies for dandruff that have actually scientific backing, such together baking soda, aloe vera, apologize cider vinegar, and also the necessary oils already mentioned. Few of these organic remedies likewise have anti-inflammatory properties the can attend to the redness that some world experience through dandruff.

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Many dandruff shampoos use an antifungal agent such as zinc pyrithione (also referred to as pyrithione zinc), selenium sulfide, or ketoconazole as their active ingredient. Friend may likewise see salicylic acid, which can help strip overfill scaling from her scalp prior to it gets the possibility to turn into dandruff flakes. But you may want come test your reaction come salicylic acid prior to committing come a bottle, due to the fact that it might dry the skin and also cause excess molting in part people. If did you do it tried OTC options before and haven’t seen results, talk to her dermatologist. Stronger anti-dandruff shampoos are also obtainable as a prescription.