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This page consists of a running perform of issues that have actually been established or report in contact of Duty: WWII that are either under investigation or scheduled to it is in fixed.

Check out recent updates for speak to of Duty: WWII ~ above PlayStation 4 and also Xbox One or PC because that a complete list of the recent features, fixes, and also issues addressed.

Resolved Issues

The following issues were resolved or are taken into consideration closed.




I"m having troubles making purchases. – all platforms

Some players were either unable to acquisition COD point out or Liberty Strike bundles in game, or purchase them however didn"t receive them. Please note: purchase made during this worry have to be granted to players.

I keep acquiring an error as soon as trying come play online. – PC/Steam We resolved an problem that was providing some football player Error code 26 on steam and was preventing them from updating the game or play online.

I didn"t obtain a it is provided Drop because that leveling up mine Soldier. – every platforms

We addressed an worry where part players weren"t getting Supply fall earned because that ranking up your Soldier.

I got a it is provided Drop ~ a match, but I don"t check out it together an accessible Supply Drop. – all platforms

We resolved an problem where some players weren"t may be to accessibility Supply fall they"ve earned after ~ matches.

Headquarters keeps freezing on me. – every platforms

We solved an concern in Headquarters the was leading to the game to freeze. If this proceeds to happen to you, you’ll have to restart the game.

I keep acquiring a message saying "Unable to attach to host." – all platforms

Some players space being presented with multiple pop-up display screens stating "Unable to affix to host."

Workaround top top PC: If you suffer this, hit Enter and also Escape to leave the game, then try playing again.

If the messages continue, please call us.

I obtained locked from play in Ranked Play. – every platforms

We resolved instances where players were getting suspended native Ranked pat while in the lobby or appropriate after a complement is completed.

My rank dropped after winning a Ranked play match. – all platforms

We addressed an problem that was leading to some players" location to autumn after win a Ranked pat match.

I’m acquiring a post saying “There is no content” in the in-game store. – game stations 4

We addressed an issue that was avoiding content indigenous populating in the in-game store.

I"ve been acquiring a the majority of lag ever since I hit master Prestige lvl 1000. – all platforms

We solved an issue that was leading to lag because that players who"ve hit level 1000.

I keep obtaining a "Lost connection to host" error blog post on the V2 map. – playstations 4

Players must no much longer experience host connection errors throughout matches top top the V2 map.

I don"t listen the Announcer calling out Scorestreaks. – every platforms

The Announcer in Multiplayer matches must now report once Scorestreaks are acquired and when lock are supplied by team members or enemies.

I keep obtaining a DirectX error. – PC

We addressed an worry that was resulting in some pc players to conference DirectX errors, typically including DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG.

I acquired an error stating mine data is corrupt and that I have to reset my rank and also unlocks. – PC

We solved an issue that was resulting in some computer players come reset their rank and also unlocks in stimulate to continue playing.

I keep obtaining memory errors. – every platforms

We fixed several memory errors the were developing in both Multiplayer and Zombies, consisting of error codes 1 1213, 15 633, and 0 2878.

I’m acquiring a "Requested a command not received" error message. – every platforms

We solved an concern that"s caused some football player to get kicked indigenous Nazi zombies while in splitscreen.

My Twitch rewards room stuck in the letter vendor. – every platforms

We solved an problem where Twitch rewards appeared to be grounding in your Mail slots. This to be a graphical error; the contents was delivered.

I can"t choose a Division. – every platforms

We resolved an worry where some players brand-new to call of Duty: WWII to be unable to choose their first division in Multiplayer.

I"m seeing a environment-friendly star in mine Dossier but I don"t view any new items. – every platforms

Players should no longer see a eco-friendly Star beside Dossier and Calling Cards also though there room no new Calling Cards to view.

Some the the order I want to pick up say give up Orders also though ns haven"t accepted them. – every platforms

We"ve addressed an worry where some players were seeing an abandon Orders prompt because that orders they want to Accept.

I can"t expropriate an invitation. – every platforms

Some players are unable come join one more player through an invite and also receive a blog post stating "You need to pick a division first."

What need to I do? Be certain that the human being inviting you has Party Privacy collection to Open. To readjust Party Privacy, go to the PARTY filter in the social tab, then open the Party choices menu on the ideal and collection Party Privacy to Open.

We"ve found that part players who get this blog post played their an initial Multiplayer together the second player in splitscreen. Join a non-splitscreen Multiplayer match where you are the primary player and also you should have the ability to select a Division.

I"m getting a black display screen when a complement starts even though i still hear audio. – all platforms

We"ve fixed an issue that gift a black screen to football player while loading right into a multiplayer match.

I"m getting stuck in Spectator mode when ns load right into a match. – all platforms

We’ve resolved issues that were resulting in some players to gain stuck together a Spectator once loading into a brand-new match.

My leaderboard status isn"t updating. – all platforms

We"ve resolved problems with data populating into leaderboards.

I"m gaining a "Disc check out error common_mp" error message. – PC

If you receive a "Disc read error common_mp" error message, you will should verify the truth of her game documents through Steam.

Restart your computer and launch Steam. Native the Library section, right-click on speak to of Duty: WWII and select Properties. Pick the Local files tab and click the Verify integrity of video game files… button. Steam will verify the game"s files. This process may take several minutes.

I opened a it is provided Drop and nothing happened. – all platforms

We"ve fixed an worry where nothing appeared when opening a it is provided Drop also though you received your it is provided Drop items.


I"m not obtaining rewards for leveling increase my social Rank. – all platforms

We"ve resolved an issue where football player weren"t receiving rewards for leveling up your Social Rank.

I got an error that states "Explosive bullets space not sustained for entities of type "Invisible entity"." – all platforms

We"ve resolved an problem that to be kicking football player from matches and lobbies.

I have a bonus contents item stuck in the mail vendor. – every platforms

We"ve resolved a graphical error that where content items built up from the Mail merchant appeared come be stuck in your Mail slots.

My classes fully reset. – every platforms

We"ve resolved the worry that to be resetting classes ~ players equipped a weapon variant.

I"m getting Error code 5 and also I"m unable to play.– every platforms

We"re solved recent worries causing football player to obtain Error password 5.

I opened up a it is provided Drop and also got an "Unable to acquire inventory" error. – every platforms

You have to no much longer experience errors once opening supply Drops. However, her inventory may not immediately allude to new items being included and some items can take part time to appear in inventory.

For an ext information about Supply Drops, inspect out Call the Duty: WWII supply Drops and Collection Items.


I"m enduring long load times as soon as going to Headquarters. – every platforms

We"ve released enhancements that should alleviate the time the takes to load into Headquarters.

PC players have actually the choice of loading the video game without entering Headquarters. To execute this, monitor the procedures in the Call of Duty: WWII computer Troubleshooting Guide.


I"ve lost ranks and also stats. – every platforms

We"ve addressed an concern that was causing some of you to shed ranks or stats.


I"m gaining stuck at the end of matches. – every platforms

You should no much longer experience freezes at the finish of matches. If a post-match freeze does occur, you"ll require to fully restart the game.

I can"t choose up or redeem Orders/Contracts. – every platforms

Issues surrounding Orders and also Contracts have been resolved.

I keep gaining disconnected from the server. – all platforms

We"ve addressed an issue that was resulting in disconnections during matches or automatically after matches.

If you obtain disconnected indigenous a match, you can simply re-enter the Multiplayer lobby and play again. Be sure to additionally check out our guide to Connecting come a speak to of Duty: WWII Game.


I redeemed a code however haven"t received the contents in game. – Xbox One

Xbox One players that did not obtain digital pre-order bonus contents after redeeming a code deserve to now choose up these items from the Mail vendor in Headquarters.

For much more information around how to accessibility digital content, check out Call the Duty: WWII Bonus Content and also Code


Don"t watch an concern you"re experiencing? Let us know.

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Please note: Reporting an worry does not develop a case, and you will certainly not it is in contacted if you send a report.