The actor has actually revealed who was responsible for the takeaway drink that went viral during the last season that the HBO hit


Emilia Clarke has actually revealed the culprit behind the errant coffee cup which do a viral cameo in the last season of game of Thrones: co–star Conleth Hill. The British actor made the claim on Tonight v Jimmy Fallon top top Wednesday, informing the late-night hold that the actor that played mr Varys in the HBO hit to be responsible for the blunder.

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The white takeaway cup do headlines approximately the world earlier this year, after being spotted throughout a feast step in Winterfell castle in the illustration The critical of the Starks. Clarke’s personality Daenerys Targaryen to be seated in ~ a table nearby by, bring about a wire of virtual memes about the mom of dragons’s fondness because that caffeinated drinks. While it was later on edited out, even HBO acknowledged the gaffe, v the official game of Thrones Twitter account tweeting the the real mistake was that Daenerys had actually actually notified a herbal tea and also not a coffee.


A tho from The critical of the Starks shows the cup in front of Clarke’s character Daenerys. Photograph: HBOFellow video game of Thrones star Sophie Turner previously put the blame on Clarke for the error on Fallon’s show earlier in May, but Clarke called Fallon that Hill had all however come clean in ~ a pre-Emmys party: “He said, ‘I think it to be , i am sorry, darling. I didn’t want to say anything because it seemed the warm was really much top top you.’”

Cupgate was a significant talking allude during the eighth and final season the the fantasy saga, with numerous outlets originally reporting it was a Starbucks cup, before it was identified as gift from a local outlet close come where much of the series was filmed. V each illustration costing in the an ar of $15m, you might have been forgiven for reasoning such anachronisms would be few and much between, but a plastic party was also spotted in a later on episode.

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As well as its fair share of gaffes, the show’s finishing was mostly deemed a disappointed by fans and critics, with over a million viewers signing a petition calling because that its finishing to be remade. Meanwhile, news the a spin-off collection starring Naomi Watts had actually been canned emerged on Tuesday, only for an additional prequel – home of the Dragon – to it is in announced just hours later.

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