Is it just putting poop in coffee? (Short answer: No). Is poop also involved, or is it simply a color thing? (Short answer: Yes, poop is involved).

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Yuck…and yet there’s a part of you, perhaps hidden deep down, the really wants to try some. However it’s difficult to take the leap, specifically when friend don’t recognize what the heck the stuff even is!In this post we’ll go over what poop coffee is, few of the scientific research behind it, what different kinds over there are, and why it repeatedly reflects up as few of the ideal coffee come buy (despite the insane price tag)!

The science Behind ‘Coffee bean From Poop’

There are numerous strange type of coffee out there, however by much one the the oddest has gained to it is in coffee made from poop. What makes pet poop coffee therefore special? The process aside (more on the below), coffee poop from animals has typically gone v a unique, and also scientific procedure that provides it singularly different from any kind of other processes available.

Most human being are conscious of at least some of the scientific health benefits the coffee, but when it come to pet poop coffee, there is even much more science thrown into the mix. In regards to coffee thats processed in this way: there is distinct fermentation procedure that takes place when a coffee bean is exposed come an animal’s digestive street (saliva, cradle fluids, etc.).

The coffee bean is damaged down and also physically changed, which reduces the acidity and bitterness and makes the coffee simpler on united state in the lengthy run. While this may be reliable in producing some grotesquely delicious coffee, that does restrict the production circulation quite a bit, which has actually led part to experiment withalte​​​​rnative choices that give us similar results (1).

In fact, the results that command to pet poop coffee are already being recreated to some extent through clinical processes, which could assist give us the coffee odor we desire at a lower cost… and without the scarring mental damage of learning that you’re drinking something that passed v an animal’s sphincter.

NOTE: fine be talking a many in this article about coffee cherries, which room the whole fruit, not just the coffee beans. A coffee cherry is composed of the outer skin, an inner pulpy layer, and then 2 coffee beans extended in a slim layer or parchment. Check out the video below because that a great visual!

Cruelty: deserve to You Live v Yourself?

when poop coffee, particularlyKopi Luwakwas found by the Western world a pair hundred year ago, it was a rarity – a specialty item – other that few people had and even fewer people knew about.

Since climate it has actually taken the coffee-drinking people by storm, simultaneously bringing a sense of awe and also disgust come everyone that learns that this fascinating beverage.

This suddenly spike in popularity, however, has had actually somepretty nasty next effects.Many animals are retained in caged captivity. Granted,some of this creatures space treated humanely, but they are captive nonetheless.


What go Monkey Coffee taste like?

You can prepare monkey coffee like any type of typical coffee, but you definitely don’t want to waste your sugar or cream ~ above this one. The taste is uniquely one-of-a-kind.

“Heavy-bodied v a pleasant, rounded mountain (3),” this coffee has little to no bitterness. This is partly due to the enzyme in the beans, which are broken down by the saliva, moving the bean’s odor in the process.A whole array of tastes can be found in this coffee bean: native citrus come nuts, cacao to vanilla.

Where to obtain Monkey Coffee

This one is a toughy to find, together it is quiet a fairly brand-new option. It no regularly obtainable and has to be snatched up as soon as it access time the market.If you have actually the opportunity to drink some monkey coffee, grab it!

3. Black cream color / Elephant Poop Coffee

Commonly recognized as Black ivory Coffee, this p isnaturally polished through a ten-year procedure involving none other than Thai elephantsin ban Taklang, Surin, Thailand.

And when the procedure is comparable to the of Kopi Luwak in that it is consumed, digested, and then pooped out,it is not abusive to the animals!

How is Elephant Shit Coffee created?

This one is a really controlled, yetethically-conscious process(4) that should put also the most careworn coffee drinker at ease.The procedure begins v Thai Arabica cherries get an impressive in ideal problems of 1500 meters over sea level.The cherries space then picked and brought come well-cared-for elephants – each preserved in their own home – and also carefully combined in with their other food, including things favor bananas and rice to ensure a well balanced diet.

once the coffee runs its course v the elephant (which deserve to take almost everywhere from fifty percent a job to 3 days),the leftovers space pooped out and also farmers go through the feces by hand, harvesting the undigested beans.

The process “eats up” 36 totality pounds the coffee cherries because that every one kilogram the coffee produced!

From over there they room washed, raked, and then dried in the sunlight naturally before being hulled and sorted to ensure just the even, bigger beans remain.

What go Elephant Coffee taste like?

The flavor profile for this one has malt, chocolate, floral, cherry, tobacco, leather, and even a note of grass!It is a breakable cup without also a hint of bitterness.

Check the end this video clip to check out someone taste-testing Black cream color coffee because that the first time!

Our next specialty coffee is none other than bat poop coffee.

Bat poop coffee bean come native the Artibeus Jamaicensis, a varieties of bat that inhabits the forests approximately theCoffea Diversa Coffee Garden(6) in the southerly Brunca region of Costa Rica.

Once again, however, we should stop accurate calling it bat “poop” coffee.

While the bats perform consume the coffee cherries, the bats room so little that they have the right to only nibble on them, kickstarting a process that leader to yet one more kick-ass animal coffee.

How is Wild Bat Poop created?

The bats patiently chew off the exterior the the riper coffee cherries while they space still ~ above the plant.They usage their small, sharp teeth to tear in ~ the external skin and lick at the inside pulp in an initiative to get some the the street it contains.This starts a procedure in i beg your pardon the half-eaten cherries (where the beans are left partially exposed and also interacting through the bat’s cradle acid) room left on the plant to dry normally for as long as possible.Eventually, just the best beans are harvested off the plant, and also the drying procedure is carefully completed, turning the beans right into this important one-of-a-kind coffee.

What walk Wild Bat Coffee taste like?

Coffee created in this means makes a distinctive cup that is both fruity and also floral, with a irradiate acidity that enhances its fragile flavor profile.

A cup the wild bat coffee deserve to be both smooth and sweet, with a pleasant aftertaste.

Where to gain Wild Bat Coffee

​While quiet quite an overwhelming to get, as soon as you can uncover it, the price the bat poop coffee is a tiny bit an ext affordable.

5. Bird Poop Coffee

Bird poop coffee(8) involves birds eating, digesting, and also then pooping the end coffee beans.

It was originally harvested from Henrique Sloper’s farm yard in Camocim, Brazil. The family-owned farm yard is a model for environmentally-sensitive coffee farming, however Sloper didn’t collection out come revolutionize coffee with poop… he just wanted to develop some high-quality, organic, holistically-grown coffee.

Partway into the process, however, his vision took a turn.

How is Bird Shit Coffee created?

When Henrique Sloper wake up one morning in 2009 to an intrusion of Jacu birds on his coffee plantation, that sat and also watched dejectedly together they gorged themselves on his delicious, ripe red coffee cherries.Other ranches weren’t influenced in this way, which led him to think that his holistic, biodynamic farming methods (based top top the work ofRudolph Steiner (9)) were illustration the birds to his coffee cherries over the others.And as it turn out, these birds were specifically picking the absolute ideal cherriesto eat. Compounded by the Jacu birds’ fast digestion and exclusively vegetarian diet, this make them taste an ext refined as soon as they emerged out the…other finish (yes, we’re talking about refined coffee shit here).

What walk Bird shit Coffee taste like?

Like all of these coffees, Wild Jacu coffee is exclusive. Yes nothing choose it. It has a complete body and also a mild and also pleasant taste.

It has actually a nutty, dusty sweetness, reminiscent ofhoney processed coffee (10), with clues of brown bread, molasses, milk chocolate, and also anise.

Where to get Bird Poop Coffee

If you need to shot this one the end for yourself, girlfriend can discover ithere (11)!

Just be mindful that bird poop coffee sells because that over a whopping 7 times the price of the (still organic) original.

The large Question: Why Is this Shit so Dang Expensive?

As you can imagine native the number we’ve to be throwing the end there, animal poop coffee have the right to be amongst the many expensive coffees in the world.

Not surprisingly, the cost of this sort of coffee originates from the an approach it bring away to make it.

And that no wonder! ns mean, animals don’t punch in to work. Lock not very cooperative.

The only method to drop the price is to produce the stuff in mass by catching the animals and forcing them to produce.But when the procedure istainted by cruelty, the quality is simultaneously impacted by tampering with the herbal process.

These are just some of the factors that bring about an pet poop coffee price allude roughly twice as high together silver, ~ above average.

It’s no necessarily gold, but it isn’t much off.

Wrapping (wiping) Up

Alright. We’ve had actually a an excellent chance to walk over the origin, benefits, costs, and also ethics of animal poop coffee. We’ve also looked in ~ several different kinds of coffee, from pooping civets, elephants, and Jacus come nibbling bats and chewing monkeys.

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What range grabs your attention the most? Do any of them? Or did us convince you once and for all that this option just isn’t for you? If the sounds like you, here’s an additional list of amazing coffee beansto discover minus the faeces.


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