Join coffee roaster Dean Cycon and also food lover Judith Jones to check out America’s love affair with the red bean that landed on American shores not long after the Pilgrim Fathers themselves. “Coffee: The Drink That changed America” explores the brew’s remarkable story, indigenous its origins in the Middle east to the 21st century coffee palaces in America.

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Mystery of the Screaming Man

Over 100 years back an unidentified mummy was found lying alongside several of the most famous pharaohs in Egyptian history but his challenge is locked in an eternal scream.In 1881, a bizarre mummy was unwrapped by a team of victor Egyptologists. Recognized today together the Screaming male or man E, the was an extremely different native previously uncovered royal mummies. What caused this man haunting expression? Why wasn't the mummified follow to custom? uncover out what provides him different: Unknown male E is nameless and, according to Egyptian beliefs, unable to move on come the immortality because his body, wrapping, and also coffin to be left totally unmarked.

Part 7 •Egypt Unwrapped •2008 •History



Mankind embarks ~ above a brand-new age that exploration, and tames the wilderness. In phibìc America, Siberia and Australia, ancient traditions room swept far in the surname of commerce and science. In ~ a hundreds years, the irrational fear that produced a witch attempt in Salem gives way to a very rational cry because that freedom. American revolutionaries challenge a mighty empire. The fight for the modern-day world begins.

9/12 •Mankind: The Story of all of Us •2012 •History



Historian Bettany Hughes investigates the concepts of old philosophers, starting with the Indian nobleman Siddhartha Gautama, much more popularly known as Buddha. Believed to have been lived and also tought in between the sixth and also fourth century BC, the sage and also holy man inspired a diverse belief system that influences the resides of millions of civilization to this day. She travel to India, whereby Buddha competent the daunting ideas and also extreme techniques of hike `truth seekers', after he had actually abandoned his family and also homeland in the Himalayas to embark on his philosophical quest to find a systems to person suffering.

Part 1 •Genius that the old World •2015 •History


The Vikings: adversary or Friend?

On June 8th 793 Europe changed, forever. The famous monastery at Lindisfarne top top the Northumbrian coast was all of sudden attacked and also looted by seafaring Scandinavians. The Viking age had begun.Professor Alice Roberts examines how considerably the story that the Vikings has readjusted on TV due to the fact that the 1960s. She investigates just how our focus has shifted from city hall them as brutal, pagan barbarians come pioneering traders, able to integrate into multiple cultures. We also discover that without your naval technology we would never have heard of the Vikings, exactly how their vast trading empire spread, and their surprising tradition in the modern world.

A Timewatch overview •2017 •History


The Kingdom the Forgetting

Second component is looking in ~ Czechoslovakia's do the efforts to revolutionary communism, which were brutally crushed in an intrusion by Warsaw Pact allies in 1968. What followed was the reimposition the hardline communist dominion known as 'Normalisation' - under i beg your pardon the reformers to be removed, the reforms reversed and background rewritten, leave the country known together 'the Kingdom of Forgetting'.

2/3 •The Lost human being of communist •History

People the the Clouds

He begins with an epic journey right into the remote Peruvian Andes searching for the mysterious Chachapoya people. When numbering fifty percent a million, castle were recognized as the 'People of the Clouds'. Dr Cooper reveals just how they developed advanced methods of recording stories, traded in exotic goods discovered hundreds of mile from your territory, and also had funeral legacies that challenge assumptions around ancient human being behaviour. His search for proof takes him come astonishing cliff burial places untouched for 500 years and one the the many spectacular fortresses in south America, wherein the fate of the Chachapoya is revealed.

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1/4 •Lost Kingdoms of southern America •2013 •History

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